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How To Shut Up A Darwinist Or Atheist

By Ted Twietmeyer

Humans are the ONLY species that must build shelter and make clothing to survive throughout the year. Living in a cave makes no sense. It is a very unhealthy environment for humans and a threat to their existence due to bacteria, mold and spores. We cannot live with any of these internally in our bodies (except E-coli which is normally in the large intestine.)

Requirement for making clothing and shelter is exactly the opposite of what evolution would do. Look at all the mammals and primates; they all survive in the wild just fine without building any shelter or making clothing.

Logically, our absolute clothing and shelter needs makes humans the UN-fittest to survive. Humans can only live within a vary narrow temperature range, making us highly susceptible to temperatures and weather.

This proves humans did not E-volve but have DE-volved into a weaker species, far weaker than our so-called primate "relatives." Darwin theory claims only the fittest can survive. If so, humans should have completely died out and disappeared under Darwinism theory many millennia ago. Just because we share similarities to other primates internally is not proof we evolved from primates.

Clothing and shelter requirements and our skin proves human beings are a complete contradiction of Darwinism. If our hairless, hide-less "evolved" condition is so superior - then why are there no hairless apes, chimps, monkeys or other primates like us? How many animals or primates have skin with very little hair like human males, or almost no hair on their skin like human females? Why don't these animals exist if our condition is so superior?

I submit that Darwin never thought about these obvious questions. If he did, he ignored these facts because they did not fit in with his evolution theory.