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Shutting Down The Circus


By Jim Kiwan


There is something that the American public can do, to end the financial and military political-circus that must finally be smashed now.

So many Americans believe that there’s nothing that can be done about any of what passes for ‘political events’ in the broken U.S. of A, or the wider world: But those people are dead wrong. We must use their own propaganda system to utterly gut the entirely fake process of the fake-elections that are due to be held next year in November of 2016.

If the public would simply STOP-FEEDING the public shame of the Amerikan political process, by refusing to participate in anything to do with the coming presidential race ­ or politics in any area ­ then everything that is trying to kill us would be forced to run from the public that they’ve been trying to own for centuries.

If ordinary people refused to show up for political rallies, then actual progress toward shutting down the system could begin. Then very person running for public office should be charged with treason—because as everyone knows by now: None of these creatures will ever represent the public, in any capacity ­ ever.

America has two political-dynasties, the Bush’s & the Clinton’s, that are still running for the same corrupted offices’ which both of them have utterly used and abused like their private Houses of Prostitution; since even before WWII. Yet because the public chose not to notice their crimes, the public still refuses to “REJECT” any of these clearly criminal figures ­ and instead treats them all as if they were real people instead of the Global-Outlaws they’ve always been.

And of course all of this has been spoon fed to the public by the whores of corrupted media that’ve been raking in their illicit-profits from all their global lies since they became major players in the global-crimes when they were all bought off after the so-called end of the Vietnam War, That “WAR’ was never a declared war, any more than was any U.S. military action after WWII, including everything that’s happened since 911.

If the public were to publicly turned their backs on the obscenity of any coming election cycle ­ then all those who have taken part could and probably would be charged and prosecuted for their part in killing the formerly ‘settled world’ ­ along with the coming death of the United States.

All that’s keeping this from happening has to do with no one paying any attention at all, to anything political, beginning with ‘presidential or congressional politics ­ everywhere inside the now dead U.S.A.

US greatest threat to world peace, humanity: American author

If the public were to familiarize themselves with the information that is literally dripping from so many different sites on the internet it would become crystal clear: From the monetary rape of the planet to the slaughter of millions ­ that this entire circus needs to be obliterated. But ‘everybody knows’ that this will only happen if the public would take what they already ‘know’ and withdraw themselves from this carnival-midway show that runs 24-7 everywhere now.

Every day in every way the problems that the U.S. has, have only deepened because the public will NOT stand up to the creatures that continue to pretend that there is a United States with laws and freedoms ­ which everyone knows “NO LONGER EXIST”.


No one seems to bother with any of that anymore, when it comes to controlling the institutions that have made all these crimes against us possible: Much less the puppets who do the actual bidding for the Forces of Darkness that continue to tighten the noose that’s already been placed around all of our endangered necks…

So I have to ask again! Where the hell is the Rage or the Outrage that should have arisen already to wipe out these pretenders after 911 when 90% of the truth about all those events was already known about, in depth, by the end of 2002?

Rage and Outrage Are Waiting




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