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Show Us The Proof!

By Jim Kirwan

Pipedreams & Promises

Since the days of the violence erupted in the Maidan in Kiev and people died: People the world over have been demanding that Ukraine’s stolen government provide PROOF of any Russian involvement inside the current state of Ukraine.

But just like what happened with the GW Bush attack upon Saddam, the Bush Junior preemptive nuke attack upon Iraq and all the following false-flag attacks: NO PROOF ever existed that would have warranted anything like the Blitzkrieg American attacks on any other nation. It’s been that way since WWII ended. Time after time and always with NO PROOF whatsoever of any reason for our bloodlust: But this time Russia is demanding PROOF POSITIVE of any Russian involvement.

So far nothing has been forthcoming from any verifiable source.

Is the world really ready for another unjustifiable war,

Especially when this time it will be a worldwide conflict?

Make no mistake, this time there will not be any traditional battle lines, no safe area for either side to retreat into. USI has always depended upon the oceans to protect this place. But this time the oceans around this continent are filled with Chinese, Russian and ships from other foreign countries ­ just waiting for USI to do what they are trying to do by baiting Russia to attack us openly ­ so that we can attack Russia directly, because we are out of options.

This “war” is “necessary” according to USI, because we have nothing else to stop people from discovering that USI and their bankers are nothing but a paper-construct that will go up in flames, unless they are able to distract the planet with yet another global war.

This is being launched on the borders of Russia. This began as a war-game today. Imagine if the circumstances were reversed and this kind of continuous war game were being held across a single line that might separate us from war games on this scale: How would Americans react?

Tanks, troop’s jets launch full scale war games in the Baltic

This time there will be no front lines, because the war-zone will be everywhere that planes or missiles can reach. That means that what is happening as we speak inside Ukraine will be happening in LA, New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston and dozens of US cities, if this massive criminal action is not halted immediately.

Nothing should be considered “acceptable” now when it comes to yet another pre-emptive strike. This is especially true since we’ve lost all the major wars that we used this first strike capability in: This began in Viet Nam and went right to Afghanistan and Iraq all three of which we lost and yet we have not paid for the consequences that we definitely earned, with each of those massive war crimes against the planet.

Maybe this time we will no longer be able to prevent paying for all that we’ve been doing to this world since we first began to practice “American Exceptionalism” on a global scale…

This time the entire world needs to see irrefutable proof of actual Russian involvement BEFORE we can launch another pre-emptive nuclear attack, where none can be justified.


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