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Showing Your I.D.

By Jim Kirwan


Let’s start at the Beginning

Because I.D. is a two-way street

If an officer or an official shows up at your door wearing one of these on their uniform, they are not authorized to be there. That’s because the gold fringe indicates that Martial Law is in effect—and unless that order has been officially and publicly announced then that’s a lie.

Wearing the US flag with the stars on the right hand side violates the rules for wearing the American Flag, in all cases, including cops and the military. This is being done because those wearing this symbol are not Americans, they are part of the illegal stealth-force that is trying to take-over the USA ­ and most of them have no idea what that symbol is telling the rest of world.

When a member of the public is approached at home by masked thugs without clearly legible name tags, without a warrant, they are nothing but thugs seeking to illegally gain entry into your home without probable cause. Call 911, report them and do not open the door. If they break into your home they can be shot as armed intruders without proper ID or legal standing. If the individuals arrived in “police-vehicles’ without license plates ­ that is also indicative of illegal intruders, since all police vehicles are required to have a clearly visible license plate.

I say this because United States Citizens are now the most spied upon people on the planet. The armed official branches in this illegal government know far more about you than you probably do: Because they tape every word you write, every phone call you make and they track every transaction you were ever involved in—and they’ve been doing this since February of 2001: So they KNOW who you are.

What remains unclear is who those men with guns at your door really are? No one wants to die, but on the other hand, neither are people willing to be arrested, tasered, tortured or shot just to meet some quota that the thugs might be there to fulfill.

Beyond that everyone in the government has to be able to clearly-prove that they are working for a legitimate government of Americans ­ and that they are not just a bunch of wanta-be Israeli troops that have come to intimidate or terrorize people that have done nothing wrong.

The reason a warrant is required, is that it can only be issued upon showing probable-cause to a judge, that some kind of crime has been committed. When you are served with such a warrant then you call a lawyer, and follow the procedures outlined, unless the so-called law-enforcement type has no proof and only makes illegal demands to open the door to him or her. You are not required to open your door, unless all the legal processes have clearly been done.

You don’t need to answer any questions until you are satisfied that the uniformed creature is an American, working for the American government and not just another Zionist-imposter pretending to be an American. This country has virtually no laws anymore—at least not any that were signed into law by Americans. What we have instead are creatures masquerading as police on the authority of a court that is probably not legal, from a government or an agency which has not conformed to basic-American-law. Israeli-laws are not legal in the USA.

You have the right to demand to see the warrant. And you have the right to demand that the “officers” explain why they are at your door.

The officers do not have the right to draw their weapons, just because “it’s what they do” ­ there has to be a reason for that. (1)

Every agency and person in the particular chain of command must produce PROOF that they are who they say they are and that they are sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. If this cannot be clearly proven ­ then turn them away and WARN THEM that they should not return without the proper I.D and all the PROOF that they have the right to do what they say they want to do - because we are at WAR with a secretly-criminal-population who is impersonating American citizens. And these imposters are carrying out the orders of Zionist-Israel and not the legal orders of the United States.

The same thing is true of written notices that come in the mail. If the ORDERS make demands that are unreasonable, then do not respond. There are reasons why the government at all levels must obey the laws that were written to protect the innocent, as well as to prosecute the criminals. Law Enforcement has no right to make an assumption about your guilt or innocence, based on the fact that they might have been ordered to search or interrogate anyone, without probable cause. There is no national emergency in place, regardless of what the propaganda arm of Israel wants you to believe.

If you resist and survive, you can sue everyone in that chain of command for illegal-procedure and everything else they might have done in the course of any illegal actions which took place. Document everything, videotape it if you can. Once upon a time proof of allegations was always necessary before finding anyone guilty of anything—especially before any person is threatened with death or bodily harm just because some idiot in uniform felt like making an example of anyone—regardless of the facts.

When you are out-in-public, officers do not have the right to come up to you and demand to see I.D., unless you’re doing something that might cause a reasonable person to want to know who you are. Just walking and talking with friends is not a reason to make ID demands of those people. If this happens reverse the process, immediately. Demand to see formal legal ID, along with a badge number and his or her driver’s license ­ he wants to know “who” you are ­ so you have every right to know who they are exactly, and where they live.

If the uniforms refuse to produce the ID as requested then tell them why and just walk away. If they persist call 911 and report the fact that you were approached by someone pretending to be an officer, and you want to press charges.

Meanwhile study the upper echelon of your police Department, the Judges in your town, your local government and your representatives and see how many of them appear to be Zionists or Americans ­ this is something that everyone can do, provided that the official-information needed is not blocked.

When this was just America, people trusted the government and the cops to not kill them for any reason at all. But after we became

THE HOMELAND” that all changed and Americans became targets in a FREE-FIRE-ZONE with no limits on the uniformed-thugs. Meanwhile the public gets interrogated, beaten, raped, mugged, tortured and killed, far more often than if they were just questioned and released.


We need to withdraw our trust from every officer and every government official, including the president, until they can each PROVE they are worthy of our trust—just having a position or a badge is no longer proof of anything. Americans need to reassess and begin to carry concealed weapons legally—if for no other reason then just do it to even up the odds!

This is our country and the government in all its many costumes actually work for us—or they did until they began to take over our politics, our businesses and our entire society with fake Americans who are in reality just agents working for or with the Zionistas.

On public transportation, or in a public space, forget whatever the hell is being broadcast “at you” because that has become just more propaganda to intimidate and to produce absolute fear of authority—do not respond just continue on your way. Instead of assuming that government at any level has a right to exist ­ challenge them at each and every turn:






They do this to us routinely. It’s time we forced

This issue and made them



Ironically most of the time they DO NOT have the right to give orders or to make demands on ordinary people just going about their business normally. The US belongs to American citizens, not to the fake cops, the crooked judges, the bribed DA’s, the filthy politicians or the appointed or illegally selected officials - any longer!

DHS is an illegal construct ­ it is not an American Agency

It was not created to protect anyone from anything.

It was created by Zionists for Zionist Control

Over the American Public

It was approved by a Dictator

Who was never the legal president of the USA!

These creatures will not back-off unless we push them back, each and every day, in every way, until they get the message that they are NOT welcome here. And that if this continues we will reverse the playing-field completely and it will be the public that takes matters into their own hands, against all of them, which they will have to begin to fear, if they want to survive!

This is long overdue, twelve years overdue in particular.

Think about it!

1) Nameless And Shameless: Masked DEA Agents Raid Innocent Women, Refuse To Reveal Their Identities



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