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Rebuttal To Pro-Nuclear French Media

From Yoichi Shimatsu

To: TV5Monde Asie
Re: Documentary programs on Livtinenko and Fukushima contamination of the Pacific
Date:  9-23-17

From: Yoichi Shimatsu, forensic journalist, environmental researcher and former editor with The Japan Times group, and founding faculty member of the journalism schools at University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University in Beijing

Your reporting is terribly flawed by factual omissions.

'Putin and the Teapot' -  On the death of Alexander Livtinenko in London by polonium poisoning: Your program omits the key fact of his longtime support fr the Chechen jihadist movement and his conversion to Salafist Islam. In light of this crucial link, his role in at least two polonium shipments by his Russian business partners was obviously to supply (at great profit) Russian-made polonium for the trigger of a terrorist nuclear strike against a Russian city (to be falsely blamed of course on the Kremlin). His contact with polonium was voluntary in pursuit of the major jihadist terrorist objective. If a similar nuclear arrangement were to done against the U.S. by an American citizen or by a Frenchman, there is no doubt that the White House or Elysee Palace would authorize the targeted killing of the terrorist supplier and his death would be presented to the world public as a justifiable and necessary preemptive strike, even one of the biggest victories ever in war against terrorism. Based on your fool's logic, if a Frenchman were to obtain French-produced nuclear material for an attack on Paris, the terrorist should be hailed as a champion of human rights. Based on your reporting biases, why doesn't TV5Monde do a documentary in defense of the Cannes truck driver?

Fukushima and the Pacific -  Your sole source is Ken Buessler with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), which was created by and administered by the U.S. Navy Office of Research, whose main interest is to maintain public support for ballistic nuclear weapons, especially submarine-launched nukes. As I have often pointed out in my research articles on radioactive contamination of the sea (in Japan and the US), direct measurement of seawater is the least helpful way of determining the radioactivity threat to humans and wildlife. Measurements of kelp and tidal pool organisms, which I have done in California, indicate bioaccumulation at levels high enough to exterminate the majority of marine species, as visible along the shores. Since April 2011, I have conducted relief work and environmental research inside the Fukushima Exclusion Zone on 12 research visits. I know the issue by direct measurements and observations in the field and I do not work for a nuclear-armed Navy, which is a level of credibility far higher and ethically superior to a shameless and deceitful state-funded apologist like Buessler, who has zero concern for public health and the survival of future generations. For your own media moral integrity, TV5Monde should launch an investigation into your high-level connections with AREVA, EDF and the French military's nuclear program.

Conclusion -  Your channel is a media arm of a major nuclear state with the highest level of nuclear energy per capita, and only in 2014 has a French regulatory agency ordered an investigation into the shoddy steel in 400 key types of equipment in nuclear plants supplied by AREVA and Le Cruesot Forge over the past 22 years! Why don't you investigate the Flamaville flawed steel scandal instead of fronting propaganda for the Japanese nuclear industry, which is closely connected with AREVA?




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