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Part 2 -You Might Be A Stupid
American Sheeple If…


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


The first lesson in life that the citizens of the United States of America need to learn is this: “If Washington DC says so, they are probably lying to you.”

Old Joke: How can you tell that a politician is lying? The lips are moving!

On the Domestic USA front, this is my Part 2 version of “You might be a Stupid American Sheeple if”:

  1. You believe the DC and Wall Street touts that the US is in “a robust economic recovery”. If you believe the shills you need to read about the meltdown happening to American retailers. Every indication is the USA is in collapse mode right now. This is now way past the false DC message and the American Consumers are not able to consume enough to satisfy “Wall Street expectations” or even keep stores from going bankrupt. Malls and strip centers are seeing major decline in same store sales, revenues and closings as the Shopper Meccas. Even the “Recession Indicator” WalMart, where even the moderately wealthy Upper Middle Class have to shop when things are bad, is taking major downturns. Things are not hunky dory in USA, so please wake your stupid American ass up. The USS Titanic is sinking!!!

[Hint: You need to remember the same touts by the George W Bush Administration and that “robust housing boom” turned out to be a $4 trillion subprime mortgage fraud scam that DC and Wall Street put over on the world. A lot of that money former Fed Chairman Bernanke refused to disclose where it went ($2 trillion plus much of the QE money) was to buy off angry foreigners that were bringing criminal action against DC and Wall Street. I know because the foreign plaintiffs asked me to show them how to bring a RICO action against the USA government and make it stick like super ugly. That is a ‘been there, done that’ matter for me.]

[Hint: The correct economic terminology is RECESSION and has every indication that it will soon be a DEPRESSION and major financial hits on the USA.]

[Hint 2: That is not the “R” and “D” you American Sheeple voters are accustomed to, right?]

[Hint 3: Get out of the USD and stock market if you can!]

  1. You think the USA is the most Christian nation in the world led by the most Christian government in the entire world because DC and MSM tells you so. Hmm… first off, that is merely the packaging and marketing of bullshit. Christians are not supposed to lie and Washington DC is wall-to-wall liars, bullshit artists and adulterers.

According to what hackers have posted on the Internet about the Ashley Madison adultery website, Washington DC is a cesspool of adulterers, including White House staff, Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, State Department, etc., etc. and etc.


Army - 6788

Navy - 1665

United States Marine Corp - 809

Veterans Association - 104

Bureau of Prisons - 88

Navy Medicine - 62

Army - 55

US Postal Service - 52

US Coast Guard - 46

Department of Homeland Security - 45

White House - 44

Social Security Administration - 42

State Department - 33

NASA - 28

Federal Aviation Administration - 17

Read it and weep Sheeple! (Of course, JPMorgan banksters and the NY & NJ Port Authority made the list in the adulterers expose, too.)

  1. You think the US stock market highs are a sign of economic health of the USA. Those prices are manipulated by the Federal Reserve offshore funds and hedge funds that collaborate with Wall Street to create the illusion of demand and is an artificial way to prop up capitalization in an ‘anemic to dead recessionary market’. My analysis says US stock prices are 50% to 60% overpriced. That is called a bubble and it will blow up very soon like an economic nuclear bomb. The Federal Reserve is so damned broke they are printing Funny Money and doing “Pump and Dump Schemes” on the stock markets to make money. GET IT?

[Hint: When the Fed and hedge funds are doing this to lure you into the stock market it is an ‘almost’ legal way for them to steal from you. You are probably worried about your IRA and 401(k) retirement account balance; they are more concerned about plucking you like a pigeon and using smoke and mirrors tricks to accomplish the illusion that everything is hunky dory.]

[Hint 2: One of the reasons the Fed does this is to create an artificial market capitalization of the ‘dead too big to fail banks’ in the USA. Maybe you did not hear that Citigroup convinced Congress to pass a law so that YOUR DEPOSITS are what is the guarantee to the approximately $1.5 quadrillion high risk derivative investors, so when the banks implode… so do you. If any of the major US banks collapse, Americans might finally know the meaning of ‘moral hazard’ when it comes to the US banks gambling with money that is not theirs. That moral hazard definition extends to the Federal Reserve, Congress and the US government, too. This was not a bail-in; this was a knife in your back from Wall Street and DC if you happen to bank with the Big Banksters.]

[Hint 3: If the Fed did not undertake such deceit many of the USA banks would fail the Stress Test under the new Basel 3 capitalization rules and the US dollar would be ‘marked to market’ as it should be. That would pretty well be the Requiem for the Already Dead American Dream. With China now having 4 of the Top 5 banks in the world, Wall Street sort of has egg on their face and ‘you know what’ on their shoes. No US bank is in the Top 5 and JPMorgan Chase barely made the Top 10 at #9. As you read on you will find out more about how fraudulent that #9 position is.]

[Hint 4: The Department of Homeland Security has helped NY banks hijack legitimate wire transfers through SWIFT and has parked that illegally seized money in US banks to help shore them up. Much of that was underhanded and petty actions toward certain BRIC members and the pretense of ‘seizing terrorism funding’ was the excuse. I know of 2 such wire transfers totaling $400 million that were literally stolen from a BRIC nation. When the Malaysian and Singapore parties wire transferred an additional $400 million, DHS and JPMorgan Chase stole that, too. A lot of the money sitting in JPMorgan Chase is what some call ‘ill-gotten gain’ up to and including deceit and some unethical and criminal activity. That a US government agency is involved should better define for you that there are some in the US government without morals, scruples or any regard for the law whatsoever.]

[Hint 5: I asked naval personnel from Russia and China why their governments would even consider wasting capital on an arms race with Washington DC. The governments of Russia and China are convinced that if push comes to shove, the US Navy will be used as pirates for these Neocon idiots in DC. DHS already is via SWIFT as ‘electronic wire transfer piracy’.]

[Hint 6: There is also the matter of the Currency Revaluation of certain foreign currencies. That has apparently happened and the NY banks are sitting on that money, too. I know several people that took positions in what is referred to as “RV” and not $1 has been released from any of the banks. I sort of suspected this was yet another smoke and mirrors trick to line the right pockets of government insiders and then sit on the funds of everyone else to make sure the US Dead Banks appear to be cash rich... but as usual it is OPM… Other People’s Money. With an Iraqi dinar of 1170 to $1 suddenly being around $3.91 to 1 dinar, big numbers and no funds released to those that are not insiders. FYI, before Daddy Bush lied to create Desert Storm in 1991 the Iraqi dinar was $3.26 to 1 dinar but that Bad Guy Saddam Hussein was pegging the oil to Euros, not US dollars. He had to be destroyed… just like Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and his attempts to implement a gold backed dinar.]

  1. You think the USA is the biggest economy in the world. Very Dead Wrong!!! According to the latest World Bank report China has overtaken the USA and now Russia has overtaken Germany. Can any of you Stupid American Sheeple connect those dots on why the USA and Germany are so adamant for the sanctions against Russia, on the basis of 100% lies out of Washington DC?

The BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) represent almost half of the people living on Earth. The new BRIC Development Bank is operational and the new China sponsored AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) is, too.

China does not have to play such games. They are cash rich because they produce goods and export them with huge trade surpluses. The USA is just the opposite, huge trade deficits every month for as long as I can remember. July 2015 set a record for negative USA trade balance, i.e. deficit. The correct phrase is ‘trade imbalance’ since the biggest product of the USA is the packaging, marketing and distribution of bullshit and smart people do not buy off on bullshit.

(FYI, USA is also importing record amounts of Russian oil. See if you can figure that one out as to why. The correct answer is after the USA blasted the Russian ruble on the basis of Washington DC lies and decreased its value and Russia is trading its oil in rubles, the USA is trying to profiteer from the chaos they created. Get it?)

I predict that the blowback against EU and USA for the lies and the sanctions against Russia is going to be somewhat like a tsunami or F5 hurricane headed straight at DC and Wall Street. We might even see a Global BDS [boycott, divestiture and sanctions] from the Emerging Market nations against EU and USA. That would be a well-deserved slap in the face for sanctions based on nothing but US and EU lies.

  1. You think it is OK for the banksters in NYC, London and ECB to manipulate currency valuations because they are protecting your crashing US dollar. There are quite a few BRIC members and soon to be members that are suffering right now because the USA, UK and ECB are waging economic war on their currencies. Why? Because they can no longer compete with the BRIC and other emerging economies that will probably join the BRIC. The USA lost the capability to compete a long time ago. It cannot be fixed until Washington DC is fixed. Even the Almighty Germany Economy has been surpassed by Russia and the Germans are literally turning on Chancellor Angela Merkel for siding with the USA on stupid policies and sanctions based on DC LIES. [Hint: That is part of why Washington DC lies every time they open their mouths.]

Hint: What has DC’s panties in a wad is many of the BRIC and other nations are starting to conduct trade in their own currencies rather than the US Petrodollar standard. Many are tired of being hammered on the one side (their domestic currency) and have the USA artificially propping up the true value of the US dollar. That creates losses and economic disparities for those conducting business in the USD rather than their own currencies. Some have rightfully reached the conclusion called ‘enough is enough’.

  1. You think Congress should kill the Iran Nuclear Deal because Iran is a threat to Poor Little Israel and the Poor Little USA because the GOP, Tea Party, MSM, AIPAC and ADL tell you so. Iran has no nuclear weapons program and is not a threat to any nation. Both the CIA and Mossad have spied and know there is no nuclear weapons program. That has been publicly announced by both intelligence agencies if you have not been paying attention. The IAEA monitors Iran; no nuclear weapons program. Iran has not invaded another nation in over 300 years; Israel and USA are the aggressors and regularly attack other nations and peoples, Iran does not stoop to that level. [Hint: This is all about more weapons sales for US defense contractors, for weapons that are not needed. Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel is not and Israel will not let the USA or IAEA monitor their nuclear weapons program. Israel is a scofflaw. If you do not know what that word means look it up.]

[Hint 2: IRAN will probably join the BRIC.] If you note the Turkish Lira above, they are getting hammered because Putin and President Erdogan of Turkey are doing the South Stream pipeline that the USA and EU tried to kill. Would not surprise me if Turkey sees the light that BRIC will bury EU over time and apply to join, too.]

  1. You think Russia or the people of Donbas shot down Malaysia Air MH-17, 298 lives wasted for nothing but a USA agenda and then lie, lie and lie some more from the DC Photo Ops. You believe that because Obama, Congress, the US State Department and MSM told you so. [Hint: Now the Dutch investigators are saying they cannot release their findings because it might disclose “Western nation involvement”. Get it???? Can you name any Western nations? How about the Lying USA!!!]

  1. You think the ‘real unemployment rate’ in the USA is only 5.3% as Washington DC claims. The sharp drops in shopping, the 46 million citizens and counting on government assistance for housing, unemployment and food to eat, and the dramatic rise of people who have been pushed under the Poverty Line says otherwise. [Hint: the real unemployment rate is about 18% to 20% and if factored for underemployed (people with college degrees up to and including MBA and PhD working at WalMart and still living with Mommy and Daddy because they cannot afford a place of their own), there is about 30% of the US workforce either unemployed or under-employed. Any US government employee calling that ‘robust economic recovery’ has to be either brain dead, using illegal drugs, is a US government Ritalin victim employee, or seriously detached from reality. But I digress, Washington DC is not remotely attached to any reality except what abject failures they are as leaders. Apparently they have told so many lies they now believe their own bullshit lies. Smile for the cameras you Washington DC Frauds!!!]

  1. You think having over 45 million people in the US living in poverty is a sign of a healthy nation. Since September 11, 2001 the number of US people being forced under the poverty line has steadily grown with only minor improvements for some around 2010. Of course, the Bush Subprime Mortgage Scam did nothing but increase the number of homeless people in America. They should count all of the homeless Americans, too, but that number would be too revealing as to how broken the USA truly is. I doubt the tent cities have a mailing address under US Census Bureau standards to be accurately counted.

  1. You think there was nothing wrong with the CIA torturing people, on the basis of a completely fabricated Global War on Terror.

[Hint: if you were not such a cellulite ass Big Mac munching lard ass you should have gotten out of the TV recliner and been out in the streets in the tens of million in OUTRAGE. Many people that they kidnapped (special rendition) and have held for years were then and still are innocent.]

  1. You think forfeiting all of your freedom and liberties for the Biggest American Global War on Terror Lie in the history of America is perfectly OK.

[Hint: Enjoy that Big Mac Super-sized Meal burger or do you prefer the 49 cent Taco Bell special?]

[Hint 2: DHS is not protecting you from terrorists. They are total waste of taxpayer dollars to protect the Elite and these morons in DC from Americans, if and when they ever wake up. I digress, have yet to see that that “Land of the Brave, Home of the Free’ even registers in American brain cells anymore. The anthem should be changed to “Land of the Cowards, Home of the Slave Sheeple” until the outrage is sufficient for real change.]

  1. You think it is OK for the Defense Department to spend $500 million training just 60 TERRORISTS in Syria because you are so damned stupid you think that is protecting your Right to Shop and protecting you from terrorists! Even the new Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter cannot explain this stupidity to Congress. Ashton Carter is a Neocon if you did not know.

[Hint: Syria’s President Assad was re-elected in internationally monitored elections during 2014 with an 82% affirmation by the Syrian people. Washington DC does not like that, but frankly it is none of Washington DC’s business. The right of self-determination that the USA says it stands for does not apply in Syria, Libya, the breakaway regions of Georgia, and the eastern part of Ukraine where the USA has aided and abetted the genocide of over 6,000 people. That is not to mention the 298 dead due to Malaysia Air MH-17 being shot down and now the Dutch investigators are under pressure to not release the findings due to ‘might disclose Western nation involvement’. GET IT?]

[Hint 2: The USA and EU want a pipeline across Syria, from Iraq to EU. That is what is wrong with Syria and their President Assad that is disliked by the US and EU.]

  1. You think George H W Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Obama are great world leaders, rather than correctly seeing them as wanton liars and war criminals.

  1. You have no problem with John McCain aiding and abetting the funding and training of terrorists in Syria because you think he is helping to protect you. McCain, Lindsay Graham and many others are shills for the US Defense Contractors; get used to the reality of that.

  1. You believe everything Benyamin Netanyahu, AIPAC and ADL say because you have yet to grasp what ‘war criminal’ or ‘racist apartheid nation’ means. [Hint: The UK Parliament website has a current poll for UK citizens demanding the arrest of Benyamin Netanyahu if he sets foot in the UK again, with immediate referral to the ICC to face war crimes charges.]

The figure is now much higher than 42,000 that think Benyamin Netanyahu should swing from the gallows pole. Unfortunately only UK citizens can sign the petition. Once it reaches 100,000, the UK Parliament has to hear the matter and vote on it. If the UK would open the petition to the world, they might top 100 million that have had enough of Netanyahu and Israel.

My bet is unless you stay abreast of the alternative and foreign media, you are a Stupid American Sheeple that does not have a clue what is really going on in this world. You will believe anything, especially the Lies of Washington DC and the mind-numbing vapid crap on the MSM in the USA.

The US Congress already knows there are many that want them and Netanyahu prosecuted for war crimes. Consider the standing ovations the US Congress gave to a war criminal leader of Israel. As they say about thieves, it takes one to know one.

There is still discussion in the UK about sending Tony Blair before the ICC for war crimes. That might illuminate for Americans what George Bush and Dick Cheney, Obama, Vicky Nuland, et al, are.

And the beat goes on in America. Hillary wants everyone to ignore her felonies and unethical, illegal conduct so she can focus on running for President. (If you cannot see the flashing red lights… wash the bullshit out of your eyes.)

Jeb Bush thinks Americans need more NSA spying, keep those Sheeple in a tight and controlled herd. [Hint: Jeb has surrounded himself with war criminal advisors from the GHWB and GWB administrations because that Tony Blair / ICC war crimes matter can hit their family like an asteroid!!! Frankly, that would be a good thing for America and the world.]

Huckabee is still as clueless as he was as Governor of Arkansas. Troops surrounding abortion clinics? Abortion is a moral issue; not a political issue or worthy of deploying troops on US soil in violation of the Constitution and the law.

Yep, the lunacy marches on in America while everything is crashing and will continue to crash.

Americans are soon to learn a very harsh lesson. They are not ‘the indispensable nation’ nor is there anything ‘exceptional’ about Washington DC except the mountains of lies and bullshit they stand for and utter every minute of every day.


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