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Sharing With Immigrants

By Jim Kirwan


In order to create a more acceptable arrangement, between ordinary Americans and the millions of 'refugees' that have been pouring into this nation since Reagan shut down the Southern Border in the 1980's, which has seen 60 to 80 million entering the US illegally: Maybe this might work?

Obama began adding to the nightmare with his eight years of Muslim illegals-crossing into the US. They begin by flooding into small towns and villages before moving on into larger cities nationwide. It is this illegal tide of criminals, masquerading as “immigrants” that's what has caused the currently outrageous and now violent confrontations throughout the USA.

This violence is totally unnecessary. America must just stop feeding and supplying the savages with healthcare, clothing and cash, and every one of the currently “placed-migrants” must be rounded up: To be formally assigned to a government worker.

All America needs to do - is return to the old way of “sponsorship” for unregistered asylum seekers ­ whereby American Citizens must now sponsor every one of the “migrants” currently being smuggled in by the US government and by other means as well.

It's really simple:

What America must do now is to begin with everyone employed by city, county, state or especially the federal government.

Everyone employed by government must now accept their responsibility to pay for these illegals from their own pockets, just as all those powder-puffs in the streets demanding “sanctuary” for

these criminal animals, must each take home their very own

number of murdering savages, so that their own families can face the chance of repeated rape they want to inflict on everyone else.

Every person employed by any form of government, must be the first to accept their FAIR SHARE OF THE MIGRANTS, INTO THEIR OWN HOMES AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE ­ WITHOUT GETTING ANY HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT AT ALL.

Once every member of the government from the President on down and from all members of the ngo's and churches have accepted their “fair-share” of these savages, into their own lives and their own homes, at their own expense ­ Then & only then can the government begin forcing these diseased creatures onto the public, at the expense to the whole nation.

If these 'refugees' cannot find a sponsor ­ then they will be deported back to the region they left to come here, and clearly marked
so they can never return.

But the best part of this is that those creatures who accepted 'the migrants' must not only provide for all their needs at their own cost ­ but if the barbarian's are deported while under their “CARE” then their Sponsors will have their wealth seized and be deported as well. That way America will have the benefit of getting rid of both the problem-creatures and those that wanted them here in the first place ­ simultaneously.

Any American who meets the requirements but who refuses to take in the migrants that he or she wants to host in this country, can also be prosecuted if they refuse to carry their share of the burden.

Plus given that we're talking about the entire political class of this broken nation ­ just imagine how much better off we'll all be without all those politicians on our backs ­ because if these city, state and federal employees refuse to feed, shelter and house the Barbarians, they must be fired.

If, on the other hand they “take them in” just how much more everyone will get to see about how they will manage the health and welfare of their own families when they have the requisite number of savages living in their homes and raping their sons and daughters ­ while having to give them money, food, transportation and shelter in the bargain?

In fact until every city, county, state or federal employee has taken in their proscribed number of “immigrants” and been recorded as their legal sponsors ­ then no Americans will have to put up with even one of these assholes, for one more second.

Maybe a variant of this ought to be applied in the EU, if they are ever going to have any of their own countries back again...

PS - Given how many rooms that this President owns, as well as his own large family, how many floors of Trump Tower will be devoted to Immigrants? And given that he wants to bring in 50 Thousand more muslim creatures - over the strong objections of real-Americans - his personal sacrifice in this matter should be very, very generous.

The same is true of governors, mayors, and prominent members of the courts and the congress all across the land. And what about cops and teachers? In fact, everyone who likes this muslim free-ride program so much ought to volunteer immediately. Sign up right away to get your share of these Christian-hating, Christian-killing rapist savages. Bring some home with you...and surprise the wife and daughters!

This way, no one can say muslim-loving Americans haven't done their part in this (treasonous) government policy to invade and destroy this country by government edict !