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Shakespeare Got It Right

By Jim Kirwan


First we kill all the lawyers”

When you look at the way things are going for the people who live in this place, we need to take a totally new look at California and the nation.

Given what’s been going hot & heavy for the last ten to fifteen years in California, if we had any testosterone, we would come together here and hold a publicly counted referendum: On paper ballots, to block any chance of corruption by computer voting.

We could recreate the California Republic, print our own money backed by gold and evict the United States Incorporated from every inch of this revitalized republic.

Given the state of affairs in this state, we need to start over, completely: Especially given what’s been happening since Bush Jr. took over the Oval Office illegally on 12-12-2000.

From the state of decay outlined in “One Million to One” it’s clear that most of the victims of the crimes in this state are not protected by anyone from the grossly out-of-control Disunited States. The only people that ever get any compensation herein have to have video-tape of whatever the hell happened to them at the filthy hands of the state.

First you need some money and a connection to something that calls itself a lawyer, then with evidence and patience you must take the city the state and the nation to court for damages. Of course after you get a settlement you’ll probably lose half of that to lawyers’ fees. You might get something, but only if you can matter to someone much bigger than yourself?

In my case my “representatives” in California consist of Feinstein, Pelosi, & Boxer at the state level, plus three time loser Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris the AG who’s been busy fleshing out her resume while she’s done absolutely nothing about any of the massive crimes which this state is known for now. The mayor of this city isn’t even a fly-speck on any issue and besides San Francisco is so far beyond broke that he isn’t even worth mentioning.

The same kinds of horrific legal malfeasance will have to be faced by people in every other state as well ­ but then most of them don’t have the same kinds of advantages that the California Republic has always had: All we ever lacked was the guts to break the totally unnecessary umbilical cord and find ourselves some real people to remake California into a place where people can actually live their lives again.

I’ve been kicking around various Departments of Just-Us, politicians, prosecutors, judges, cops and officially elected thieves for over thirty years, and I can tell you first hand that over 90% of all the ‘sitting official’s’ anywhere here, aren’t worth shooting: And yes they are that bad, all of them.

What no one ever tells you in this nation is that there is no longer any “justice” any more: There hasn’t been for the last forty years or so. There are some spots where something real can occasionally get through but those opportunities are few and very far between. That’s why we need to start with Shakespeare’s caveat if we are serious about changing anything at all in this rotten and dying place.

The United States is dead. Politics in this place is finished, all that’s missing is the formal burial. Everything that once made this place viable has been murdered very long ago and the public still has absolutely no clue of the extent of the damage done to this once possible place: The current series of crimes against the people of this country should be enough to break the backs of every bank, every corporation and every criminal banking scheme that we’ve managed to create since we methodically almost escaped from the crash of ‘29.

The latest veneration and elevation of our very own criminal army of global-thugs, that we allowed the owners to create, to protect them from us, is not really exceptional as the whole thing is totally transparent and destined to end soon in another major disaster.

We have to come together now and spit on all that fake terror that has been built for us over the last fifteen years and get down to core issues: Until we’re willing to do that, we’re all going to be at the mercy of the global-mafia and their war-machines that we’ve allowed to take us all over the coals, until now there is nowhere left to go…

And of course we’ll have to pay for what they’ve done to the world, but it would be worth it, given what we’ve been doing to the world for almost the entire length of our illegal-occupations around the planet.

Amerika is in the sewer and the only way out is to flush the whole thing we ended with, if we want to ever have a shot at reconstructing a real world again, anywhere… Please take a look at the first article from earlier today.

One Million to One


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