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Shaheen & Fake Allegations

By Jim Kirwan


The anti-Russia tirades going on in parts of the US government and media are aimed at weakening or hurting the Trump presidency. Experts say the Democrats are not happy with the election result and are trying to pin the loss on Russia.”

k ­ the losers of the last election need to get over their loss and just get on with it, before the occupants of 'the other white house are arrested'.

US Senator Jeanne Shaheen on Tuesday singled out Russian news sources RT and Sputnik comparing them to Nazi propaganda.

Shaheen was speaking in the Senate to lobby for the bill she is proposing in response to Russia’s alleged meddling in last year's US presidential election.

Our bill will give the Department of Justice new and necessary authority to investigate potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by RT America,” Shaheen said. “This act was passed in the late 1930s in response to concerns about Nazi propaganda being disseminated in the United States without people knowing what it was. Well, this, I think, is absolutely appropriate today for us to take a look at what Russia and other countries may be doing to our news

Poignant in its irony’

According to Karen Kwiatkowski, retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Senator Jeanne Shaheen “is clearly not very well informed at all about news in general, Nazis in general, or RT.”

It is amazing that she would publicly embarrass herself in the way she has. What I can tell from her motivation is she is a strong Hillary Clinton supporter. In fact in 2007, when Clinton ran against Barack Obama in the primaries, her husband was one of Hillary’s campaign managers. So they go way back with the Clintons. She’s probably very upset that Hillary Clinton is not the President, perhaps continuing the campaign against Trump. Certainly part of the anti-Russia tirades that are going on in various parts of our government and our media is really aimed at weakening or hurting the Trump presidency. So that is probably why she’s doing it,” she said.

And the way Shaheen is doing it is “very ignorant,” Kwiatkowski said.

Jeanne Shaheen was part of the Superdelegate group in New Hampshire. When Bernie Sanders won the popular vote in New Hampshire back in the spring, when they were having their Democratic primary, he was to have received 2/3 of the electoral votes. In fact, he only received half, and Hillary Clinton received half. She received half of these electoral votes, because of the Superdelegates of which Shaheen’s husband and herself were Superdelegates. So for her to specifically complain that RT, Sputnik news, and others were undermining American democracy ­ is very, very rich; it is almost poignant in its irony,” she added.”

'US Senator comparing RT, Sputnik to Nazi propaganda is absurd smear campaign'

New Hampshire's former female Governor and State Senator from New Hampshire, has just disgraced herself and her congressional position for the people of New Hampshire ­ by publicly disgracing herself with total ignorance about how global politics and actual news actually function in the world today.

RT News - April 05, 2017 (17:00 MSK)

Beginning @ 18min 36sec

She speaks about The Foreign Agents Registration Act from the 1930's, from which she's deduced that Russia and RT have broken laws in relation to foreign government controls over national news events inside the United States.

However, the esteemed ex-governor and current Senator from New Hampshire has shown her ignorance about the real crimes being committed throughout the US government.

If Sheena had done her homework she would have easily discovered that Israel has broken all the laws associated with giving massive amounts of money to foreign corporations, that Israel has been both giving and receiving, since that “fake country” became a nation in 1948.

If the issue is foreign influence peddling or interference with any American elections then the target subject has to be Israel ­ First! The billions upon billions funneled illegally to ISRAEL has always been a national-outrage since the day that these criminal programs began.

No other nation in the world has gotten away with this kind of international influence peddling ­ which has never been investigated or prosecuted.

In the current attempted-flap, being reported on by Shaheen, she lacks proof of any kind: Whereas the proof against Israel and her continuing crimes is copious; and has always been officially covered up, each and every time that it continues to happen.

There was the bombing and attempt to sink the USS Liberty, during the 1967 War that killed 34 American crew members, which was covered up by Senator McCain's father who was then the Admiral in-charge of the American fleet during that entire event - which was concluded when LBJ sent word that he wanted the Liberty sent to the bottom, as he refused to allow American fighter planes to go to the aid of the USS Liberty ­ that WAS THE FIRST TIME IN U.S.NAVY HISTORY THAT THE U. S. NAVY REFUSED TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR TROOPS UNDER SIEGE..

And later on, Israel did indeed attack the military of the United States when the Barracks in Beirut were bombed, by ISRAEL, killing 241 unarmed American Peace-Keepers on October 23, 1983. Reagan ran away RATHER THAN TO CHALLENGE ISRAEL FOR THE SLAUGHTER OF 305 PEOPLE, FRENCH PEACKEEPERS AND CIVILIANS among them, AS WELL AS THE UNARMED U.S. MARINES.

And of course there was the attack on 911 which was prepared-for and carried out by Mossad in tandem with the same U.S. dark-forces that tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967.

In the case's against Israel the evidence has always been overwhelming ­ even as most Americans have remained “in the dark” when it comes to all things Israeli: The time has come to divorce this nation totally from everything to do with Apartheid Israel ­ and hyphenated Israel-Americans forever.

And as for the former governor of New Hampshire, she should not be allowed to speak until she's clear about what she's trying to say.