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Seven Days In September

By Jim Kiwan


Freedom isn’t Free at all

It Comes with the Highest Price of All

The Cost of Blood!’

Quoted from the film “300”

This particular 7 days in September began when I was 3 days away from my twentieth birthday. It was 1959. My old-man had been murdered by a small-time-lawyer and his twist. Together they smashed his skull while my father and the woman were in bed; he could not have seen it coming. He survived those blows and they tried to cut his throat, but failed. Then they panicked. Together they dressed him cleaned up the apartment and called the cops. It was front page news in Oklahoma City for a time, while their story changed three times in that first week.

I was recalled by the Red Cross from Guam, for ‘a family emergency’ that I could not get more information on until I arrived. That was the beginning of my first Master’s Degree from the University of the Streets. He died the day before I got there. I decided to find out what happened. It was my first self-designated assignment. I’d seen death many times before, but this was different. I needed to know who did that murder. It took a week and during that time I “interviewed” the parties to that event. My dad was a big-man, an ex-prize-fighter, a former club-owner during the War. At the time of his death he was an accountant specializing in fighting the IRS for his clients. The bastard that killed him was a client. My old man told him to clean up his act, or he’d put him in jail. My dad’s problem was that he wasn’t afraid of the club-footed freak that killed him. I didn’t find out about this until I got back to Guam when I opened the letter he’d written, just before he was attacked.

The Air Force had given me a 30-day emergency leave. After I had the answers I sought, I was basically out of it for about three days. I had driven to Tulsa to see a friend. When I came-to we walked the grounds of Benedictine Heights College together while she quietly talked me out of what I so obviously wanted to do. I needed the rest and conversation. I went back to the city and paid an unannounced late-night call on the “lawyer”. I explained to him that I was not my father. I bluntly told him that his day was coming, but that he would never be certain about when that day or night would arrive. A few days later I was confronted by OKC police detectives.

The emergency leave was canceled. I was to report back to the West Coast for military-transport back to Guam. They gave me a nice little speech about “if that man falls off a curb, we’ll be back to arrest you wherever you are.”

The lessons were clear. If I’d killed either or both of them, “my life” would have been over. But there was another way. I haunted that man for many, many years after; until he could no longer even remember anything about the past. What I did, because of that extended conversation with my friend, lifted me out of the blind-anger so I could have the life I’d always wanted to live and still be able to live with myself as well. It wasn’t perfect but most things seldom are.

A few years after the service, I gave myself a second assignment: This political-project took me almost two years to complete. This was modeled on the work that Francisco Goya had done on the Spanish Inquisition, with his etchings. His work “The Disaster’s of War” helped to end the power of the Spanish Crown that the Spanish Inquisition created which caused the fall of Spain from continuing as a world power. In my youth I thought “maybe” if Americans could see what was happening to the U.S. in 1964, and could see the similarities we shared with the Inquisition: Then what ended the Spanish global-power could also end the Amerikan-Inquisition here? At the time I thought it was just here, that this problem existed ­ hah!

I needed to find out what was really going on in the USA, from the inside out. While I could see the lies in everything LBJ proposed, because Oklahoma was already a third-generation welfare-state: I began there and then tracked LBJ & “Ladybird” “Leadership Lady Is by Example” back to their roots to find the confirmations needed to contradict his every word. Ladybird actually owned share-cropper-slaves at the time, before she began to invest in the private-prison-systems that are still growing today.

The result became The State of the Nation. The irony was that what I

did then took-place two years before the public here had any idea that this nation had already been hijacked and was being blackmailed by criminal-powers from the Rothschilds to Israel—most of which was not clear to me at that time.

In 1963 when Kennedy was murdered I was 24 years old. But the raw files I was able to amass about the criminality of LBJ and government were condemnatory enough on their own to have the traitor’s lynched. Yet because of the times and the absolute backwardness of Oklahoma I lived in then: There was no way to get that project published at that time.

The situation for me was the exact opposite of what it had been when I had been a self-appointed hunter. This time I was in the crosshairs of a government that was not happy about this three-part visual-tirade that was taking place at the worst possible time for LBJ’s political-career.

My weapon had by then been magically disabled. When I tried to get a replacement, I got instead, some real help from some old friends who had just retired from NSIA. My commercial studio was forced to close after constant informal walk-in’s by government agents that emptied the studio of any patrons. My apartment a few blocks away was next. Windows were shot out in obscure places. Burglaries were attempted weekly, in the middle of the night. I couldn’t work, so I read non-stop for months, but there was help available just 30 seconds away. I had not backed down, but I was effectively silenced. The cops stopped responding to the break-ins or the gunfire, claiming that “these were just the results of some jealous husband somewhere ­ nothing to worry about.” The Oklahoma City police department still had their files on my old-man and me. We were still unpopular even though he was dead and I was no threat to anyone, period. They smiled when they came to “investigate” my “problems”. More lessons learned about the general-price of freedom in what was then already a mostly silent-place. That back & forth in OKC lasted fourteen months.

By 1968 the criminal-government made everything visible to the world on national television at the Democratic convention; when the Chicago PD beat up Dan Rather on Camera while the whole world watched—yet nothing was ever done to punish those who killed “Freedom of Political Speech” for this entire nation. Since we did not complain ­ you and I are living in the direct result of our failure to challenge the first of many publicly-committed-crimes against the public. This has continued to get worse in the last 45 years…

How do you like your status now?

You have to know that they’re not finished yet!

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the dumbing-down of America, and no doubt some of that is true. But none of those who choose to embrace this new excuse have bothered to look for all the other-causes for Amerikan-cowardice that has flooded this land for decades now.

I tend to think that this national-criminal-lapse of-notice about what continues to try to strangle the public, may well have come from a different source entirely. In 1988 San Francisco was not yet dead and buried, as it has become today…

High Tech Barbarians at the Gates
The Plunder of the San Francisco Public Library
Reprinted from San Francisco Frontlines of June 1997

This is about a War that was waged by a small group of people, nine years ago, that refused to allow the public library to become a corporate “proving ground” for ever-greater corporate profits at the public’s expense. We (the activists) actually succeeded in bringing this issue into the national spotlight. The article has been reprinted here as a reminder to everyone that individuals can and do make a major difference, on many fronts ~ if they will only try!

Brooks Hall- The People’s Library… there are a million books and periodicals in an abandoned convention center called Brooks Hall under San Francisco’s New Main Library at Civic Center. This is the result of a $200 million dollar scam the likes of which San Francisco has never seen before. When we voted for Proposition A in 1988, we approved a library “which would hold the expanding collection for the next twenty years.” Simply put, we were burned.

Maybe you don’t care if nearly half of the collections of the most important public library in the West are buried in a scene right out of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. They don’t want you to care. You are stupid, they think, and if their plan succeeds, you and your children will stay that way. A stupid customer is a good customer. If you disagree maybe this article might get you mad enough to save yourself and your children now, while there’s still time. The flood is coming baby. They are washing your world away. Cynical? Hell yes, wait until you hear the whole story.

This story thanks to the diligence of a handful of loud, expressive, media-oriented folks, is a national one now. Hell, international. New York Times, Newsweek, The New Yorker, Harper’s, The LA times, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, local affiliates of ABC, CBS, and NBC,CNN, BBC-these book lovers don’t play soft-ball. They are asking tough questions: Where are the books? Where is the money? This article will address these thorny issues.” (1)

In 1988 the city still had a vibrant nightlife, jammed coffee shops, from early in the morning until late in the evenings throughout the city. People here still gave a damn about a lot of very different kinds of things: Before we allowed the nanny-state to control the ways in which San Franciscan’s had chosen to live their own lives. Smokers and non-smokers once gathered wherever they were most comfortable and no one bothered to condemn anyone else for their own personal choices in the lives that each of us were privately and publicly living. People here were far too busy living to be focused on the habits of others.

Those who were fascinated with trying to monitor the lives of other-people were shunned, by popular acclaim, because they were seen for the narrowly-twisted freaks they’ve always been! Eventually, they too will be slaughtered because they’re cowards to the core and they will pay for that before they leave this place!

The “WAR” on SFPL and the criminals that stole from the public throughout was only possible because of the freedoms enjoyed by ordinary people. Those of us who fought AT&T, the city and the criminal-administrations of both the city and the library were able to do so because we were able to come together publicly for those special kinds of conversations that ended up producing actions that slammed the organized thieves that were trying to steal not just the library but our whole-existence as people living in the City of San Francisco.

We talked and wrote about our problems in public. Everyone was welcomed into the fray. No one cared much about who did what because we knew that if we were to succeed it would take all of us to overthrow the criminals behind this war. That was one of the very special-something’s that no longer exists—thanks to the political-segregation of every person from every other-person that might’ve been able to share their thoughts and thus combine the effects of the power we exercised: To at least stall the crimes that cost this city it’s library and ultimately the ownership of the city itself much later on: Eventually San Francisco was literally taken over by the Jews and the techies that have never had a soul in any form. Most of us who fought that fight have now been scattered to the four winds.

The public battle that we lived lasted four long years. Ultimately we lost. But during that time we managed to defeat a great many of the opposition, in ways they understood the best. The librarian that started it all didn’t make it through his first year at the library. Downtown Willie Brown who had planned to run for President was turned into a laughing stock, in public, on the east-cost when he tried to cash in on his position. At every stop on his ‘agenda’ wherever he got off a plane he was met with headlines in the local papers about the crimes being committed at SFPL. As mayor he was technically in charge of maintaining the library instead of allowing the budget to be stolen while perverting its public-purposes.

Some of us spent up to three days faxing facts and drawings to San Diego that had requested a duplicate library from the architects who designed SFPL. That cost the architects over $11 million, when they lost the contract based on facts. The city of San Francisco lost millions as well and the global-reputation of this city suffered from the global-black-eye we gave SFPL, which lasted for years afterward. Yes we lost that war, but we fought for what we believed in.

Then ZERO-TOLERANCE moved in to stay, and you’re living in the ruins that has created, wherever you are, each and every day - today! (2)

That kind of resistance is no longer possible because government recognized how dangerous societies are when people are allowed to simply talk “with” each other instead of talking “at” each other. Today they have mostly succeeded in their shutdown of conversations thanks to the fear and terror they’ve managed to create: To keep people from even talking with each other while they finish the creation of Amerika’s own “Killing-Fields” in imitation of Pol Pot in Cambodia.

If you think that’s too extreme ­ just look a little deeper!

Yesterday, more proof surfaced about the murder of Seal Team Six and Barry’s role in all of that. And that’s just one of the hundreds of crimes this imposter has committed in his short-political-existence. He will be killed you know, it’s only a matter of time. (3)

Too many live in terror of the murder they envision when it comes to their own lives. But so long as people have values and they live according to those values, then their lives can remain their own.

I’ve lived almost three-quarters of a hundred years. In that time I’ve learned about the value in direct confrontations. Over the years “contracts” have been issued against me: None of them succeeded. I’ve been lucky, but I’m not bullet-proof. I’ve had a great deal of help along the way as well, but I can’t explain why I’m still here while many better people have been taken-out.

What I’ve continued to do from an early age is to confront those who threaten me: Personally when I can, indirectly when that’s not possible. There is no better way to live your life than that, regardless of your chosen course in life. When you confront your enemies, so that they can see what they’re dealing with: Then that fact has a way of changing what takes place where you’re concerned. But when you fail yourself and refuse to confront the TSA or the IRS or any of the other fake-powers that will erase your life if you let them ­ that unexpected alteration in their status-quo, can make the difference between you staying alive and you becoming a permanent slave to someone else’s agenda.

What we must do about all these crimes that “must be talked about” is that “there are answers that are required” and they must be literally be done by our individual actions—if there is to be any resolution of whatever the problems are that keep on coming, with every passing minute of each and every day!

The Constitution was created to work for a maximum of two million people ­ no more! Today we have over 320 million people but the government is totally divorced from anything that could serve the population they were elected to “serve”. We have more than 2 million prisoners now; that still leaves 318 million people that the Constitution is totally-incapable of dealing with. The Just-Us system is a colossal failure. The Constitution promises the right to “a speedy trial”—yet people can wait years just to get to trial—is that “just” or is that too, criminal? Especially when the rich stay home to wait, while the others have to spend their time in jail, waiting for their seldom-announced day in court to come. A separate crime on top of whatever they were charged with. The “laws” can’t work in this place because the nation is far too big to be governed by just the members of the 545 Club. Think about it people! The state has been perverted; the laws are there to keep you locked-down and were never intended to set anyone free!

Your freedom has always been your responsibility it cannot be inherited or given to anyone else. It is either yours because you will fight to keep it ­ or you will lose it forever ­ because you refuse to defend yourself or those you love. Conversations and just trading emails is never enough! Each of us needs to do something about everything that’s already been done to each of us: And these physical-reactions have to start NOW!

So ultimately it all comes back to this:

Freedom isn’t Free at all

It Comes with the Highest Price of All

The Cost of Blood!’

1) San Francisco: The Plunder of the San Francisco Public Library

2) When is Enough ­ Enough

3) Seal Team Six was murdered ­ 7min 40sec VIDEO



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