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'September' Shattered the Hammer Lock

By Jim Kiran


The 'Spirit of Resistance' takes Many Forms


I told my readers that 'September of 2017' would bring changes—but I had no idea of how that might occur. September came and what has happened to not just America but to the world, has finally begun to change what the Deep State thought they had total control over.

September's Gone, but the public has begun to act on their“ANGER”

and now they've found the way to force this lawless-state

to change or die, and they did this on their own.

They've forcefully told the world, that we will no longer be roadkill

for the filthy-rich & their criminality of being politically-correct!



This bloodless rebellion is spontaneous and is the determined

response to this national insult, delivered by the lawless government

and the ego-centered NFL, that's only just begun.

We will not be watching or listening to NFL games in solidarity with Veterans around the country, as football players have continued to disrespect the National Anthem, the American Flag, and everything our nation stands for.” Reads the Facebook post for a Facebook group called

Boycott the NFL”...

Movement to Boycott NFL Is Growing

NFL Favorability Ratings Cut in Half ­ IN ONE WEEK

As the responses to this boycott continues to roll in, more and more individuals have begun to understand where the weaknesses are in the supposedly impregnable Dark-State Hammerlock, that millions thought was abut to crush the American Republic ­ only to have all their tyranny of decades now threatened: Because 'this time they finally went too far'!

All the crap over North Korea, the duplicity throughout the illegal American participation in Syria, and everywhere else, plus the two-faced. forked-tongue lies, all over the planet ­ which were all designed to hide this final chapter for the take down of the last shreds of the Republic ­ that was all just-about to come crashing down!

Congratulations America, now that so many have clearly awakened

to the smell of burning freedoms and the clear non-choices that

almost ended our way of life...

The things that happened, “This September”

will no doubt change a lot more than just the NFL,

now that the formula for real RESISTANCE

has been so clearly spelled out.