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Sending The Message

By Professor Doom


The Twenty-first Century is proud of our new and far more highly “sophisticated” global-communications systems. The price for this breakthrough is that “messages” can now only be heard when they come from Tomahawk Missiles, which also kill thousands of the same people that “our” messages are intended to protect.

That’s what happens when we let our owners reduce language and political demands to surgical-terms: Terms that always end in the near total implementation of massively destructive-force. The problem with what USI is about to unleash on Saturday, despite demands for the needed-delays; that will be overridden to give the “GO” order for war! 400 Tomahawk missiles just to make the world’s owners “look strong.” That doesn’t mean the owners are strong; only that they want to appear to look strong.

Once any war begins then “Shit Happens”, because there are NO SURGICAL STRIKES nor is SURGICAL WARFARE even remotely possible. There will be only more chaos & death for millions of civilians ­ the same people that the supposed message is being “sent” to save? Everything that wars are supposed to change always fails when we send violent messages that kill more of the weak and defenseless while increasing the problems and death tolls everywhere else as well.

Americans are getting the message from Washington, London & the Vatican. For decades the world has been trying to communicate using laws and language to get OUTLAWS to stop killing the planet. Around the world our demands have been met by gangsters, gassing, prisons, torture, rape and murder. It’s clear, there is only one message that we “understand”. The owners have decided to:


If we want to send-a-message to

government it’s clear that we

need to send Tomahawk-missiles

to Washington, with diversionary

strikes sent to the most

intransigent state-houses and

some Governor’s mansions ­

because if government persists

in sending missiles to answer

every problem they encounter

then: This is the only

message government sends to

Americans’ and the world.

We need to listen and respond accordingly, in every town, city, state and of course nationally, against the traitors that are trying

to murder us and the entire planet. How does this cast the rest of us when it comes to being technologically advanced enough to live in 2013? Image above from Crescent & Cross

Tomahawk missiles cost at least $2 million apiece. Each destroyer supposedly has 100 on board. We are determined to throwaway $800 million dollars just to “send a message” ­ is there not some more economical way to make the same point—without slaughtering more of the same people we are using to justify this expense?

As far as the defenseless being murdered goes, our DRONES, our MERCENARIES and OUR DEATH SQUADS are doing that in dozens of places around the world, where we have not drawn “RED-LINES: in anyone else’s sands—yet this is never mentioned.

What Israel has done to the Palestinians by way of slaughtering the defenseless in GAZA, has killed far more women children and civilians than have died in Syria and Libya. But has the world demanded that we send 400 Tomahawk Missiles into Tel Aviv? We should ~


Instead Israel is probably calling the shots on Syria. They’ve been caught sending Zionist weapons, troops, missiles and supplies to the same fake-rebels that gassed the Syrian civilians. Hell ­ Israel and USI probably did the gas-attacks themselves, inside Syria, to provide the excuse for “Amerikans” to launch mini-nukes to turn Syria into another global-ruin to match the one we so proudly-created in Libya!

Women & children, along with innocent civilians are what make up the body-counts we leave around the world—from Central and South America, from Vietnam, Indonesia, Bosnia and Africa we have murdered millions of civilians because “THAT’S WHAT WE DO”. These slaughters have nothing to do with THEIR freedoms. (1)



Who are the exact opposite

Of what the Constitution once said we stood for

Before we became the Global Enemy of the Free World!

Of course the sarcasm of sending Tomahawks to wipe-out D.C. was said to provoke an image in the mind’s eye—to more clearly define what is both at stake and who has created the latest problem that according to the madman in Israel and the Imposter in D.C. have decided is “The only way to appear strong in a dangerous world”. Of course everyone seems to forget that we started this war over two and half years ago, and over a hundred thousand have died so far.

As far as using internationally banned weapons the US is the global prime-example since we refuse to ban land-mines and we recently purchased millions upon millions of hollow-point bullets which have been banned for military use the world over - by international law. Yet we have announced that these illegal weapons of war will be used against American citizens. Israel has used illegal weapons of war against civilians as a preference over conventional means. Israel attacked both the Headquarters of the UN and hospitals in GAZA with phosphorus bombs ­ where there were no soldiers present. In several cities inside Iraq we used all kinds of weapons that had the world community known about them would have been banned. Whatever it is that melts flesh and leaves the clothing intact is one such weapon ­ and of course there are many other nightmare weapons that both the US & Israel continually experiment with, under color of war, to perfect these new versions of the current Inquisition.

Once Russia, Iran and China decided not to back down: Now the wimps in DC London and Paris want to start a wider and more deadly war. But there is no proof for anything we have ever said (about anything) that has continued to happen since the end of WWII. The Disunited States is not credible on anything military or financial.

They” as “we” - have been total losers for the last 68 years.

Almost exactly as long as the criminal-apartheid-barbaric-state of Israel has been officially in existence! If you don’t believe that then just look around and ask yourself how much longer will your money be worth anything? Your job is not secure, your house is not yours, and your retirement funds are not yours. You have no voice, no future and even your thoughts are not allowed to exist without government permission ­ yet too many still claim that they are “free” ­ HAH!

Some believe that all of what is happening now is about the Bankers and the money-lenders making evermore profits, or the global-war-machine getting evermore contracts, or the centralization of power putting the final touches on their world of only one of everything and with most of us dead. But that’s mostly crap on nearly every front…

We’ supposedly took Iraq for the oil. But after seven years of war only 11% of the Iraqi oil was even salvageable. The riches of that once powerful nation all lie in ruins and it will stay that way for decades—where’s the profit in that?

The number of riches that outlaws destroyed when we stormed Libya cannot even be enumerated. From the man-made river, to the pristine water supply from the last ice-age that was destroyed, to the gold that was to be used to back the Libya Dinar, that would have revolutionized money problems across the whole of Africa ­ all of it gone! Its cities totally destroyed to pacify American wet-dreams of hegemony in a one-world-order that will contain virtually no individuals, only POW’s and slaves.

Both Iraq and Libya now have Rothschilds banks, but look at the global-price the world paid to make that so. Strategic Global-Positioning for our military bases was the fallback we then claimed. But with the end of the Green-Zone, all of that also went straight to hell. (2)

Here’s a video overview of what has been going on with Syria, and the war-crimes against humanity which Israel & USI have pursued

for the last two and half years… (3)

So now we’re finally down to creating a super-state from Syria, Iran & Iraq, so that USI can give it to Israel—because Israel has not been able to militarily win anything more since they broke into the global community of nations, in 1948. The world should metaphorically leave that corpse of Israel to the jackals and hyenas in the rest of the wounded-world - to devour forever so that Israel can never again be part of anything on the planet.

This is what happens when we have been reduced to “Sending Messages” instead of actually reaching agreements between peoples and other nations. Tomahawk Missiles signify nothing but a military-monument to the slaughter of our own native people ­ and whether it’s Apache Helicopters or any of the other over-amped weapons that we continuously threaten the entire world with—we need to end this empire or die trying…

1) The Gangster State

2) Death of the Green Zone

3) US’ war plan for Syria is part of Greater Israel Project ­ Ken O’Keefe 24min 26 sec VIDEO



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