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Trump Dossier Diverted The Public From Clinton-Holder
 Uranium Scandals In Russia & North Korea - Pt 3

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Here, Part 3 and last of a series analyzing the transcript of the Senate Judicial hearing of August 22, 2017, exposes how Barack Obama’s cronies who profited from the Uranium One deal with Russia aided in concert with the notorious Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and her bellhop Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS and front-man for the CIA forgery known as the Trump-Russia Dossier. Her objective of a fix on the federal complaint against Prevezon, a party to the Magnitsky’s arrest and murder, is shown to have been supported by Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Ron Dellums along with usual suspect Hillary Clinton. Also probed is how two Moldovan bank accounts set up for a “Mr. Kim”, probably for illegal nuclear and missile smuggling to North Korea, were used to launder the Prevezon funds, further implicating Obama’s team in nuclear treachery.
 Holes in the Hearing
 The extensive pattern of omissions in Simpson’s testimony to the Senate committee are here filled in with facts of the case, along with the background of collaboration with the Putin Kremlin by the Obama-Holder-Clinton cabal. In this new light, forgery known as the Trump-Russia Dossier was created to distract public attention from prosecutor Preet Bharara’s sabotage of the Prevezon money-laundering case in Manhattan federal court.  
 The phony Russiagate scandal is then shown to be an extension of the cover-up of the Uranium One shipments to the Russian nuclear industry. Intriguingly, Prevezon’s money-laundering, defended by its lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, was connected with Pyongyang’s clandestine payment for the smuggling of nuclear materials and missile technology from Ukraine to North Korea via Moldova.
 The shady international uranium dealings approved by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton account for why, even after his departure to California, Attorney General Eric Holder has cast a long shadow over the Department of Justice and FBI, keeping an eagle eye over the illicit production of the Trump-Russia Dossier and aiding the Kremlin’s femme fatale Veselnitskaya. Holder’s aim was to divert voter attention from the Clinton’s illegal collaboration with the Kremlin by smearing the Trump campaign team for its meeting with a mysterious Russian lawyer in June 2016, which proved to be a set-up all along by the Democrats.
 Lynch Law
 Holder’s successor Loretta Lynch personally authorized a special entry visa for Veselnitskaya and tolerated her overstay to defend Prevezon Holdings, the Moscow company implicated in the looting of Hermitage Capital as a part of a massive tax fraud. Hermitage CEO William Browder had retained auditor Sergei Magnitsky to probe the value-added tax (VAT) fraud at the Russian Federal taxation agency. Magnitsky’s uncovering of an “inside job” involving high-ranking revenue officials led to his imprisonment, beatings and death behind bars.
 The loot from the tax theft, more than $200 million, was laundered through a web of foreign banks, and some of that stolen money was used by Prevezon boss Denis Katsyn to purchase luxury apartments near Wall Street. Browder filed a lawsuit in New York for recovery of $30 million confiscated from Hermitage accounts in Moscow by “fake” tax officials. His complaint was delayed and finally settled in what now appears to be a further criminal plan to freeze the funds by Obama lackeys in league with the Kremlin to defraud Browder, who is castigated by the pro-Russian left as the grandson of a renegade. Involvement of Obama appontee Preet Bharara, the federal attorney who constantly tweet-taunted candidate then-president Trump, orchestrated this perversion of justice.
 In contrast with the harsh treatment of Browder, Lynch’s DOJ team rolled out the red carpet for Veselnitskaya, even covering her luxury hotel fees in New York over many months at taxpayers’ expense, to ensure the Kremlin’s silent cooperation over the Clintons’ uranium dealings with the Putin regime, as only partly disclosed so far in the Uranium One scandal.
 Retired congressman Ron Dellums (Oakland, CA) acted as Holder’s surrogate in guiding Veselnitskaya through Capitol Hill, introducing her to several ranking politicians. His Russia-friendly contacts included Rep. French Hill from Little Rock, Arkansas, the dynastic turf of the Stephens family of financiers, the patrons of the Clintons. Stepens Inc. is the financial adviser to Walmart, long seeking entry into the Russian consumer market, and Tyson Foods aiming to resume its meat exports, not the foul chicken rejected by Russians but beef for borscht, burgers and steak.
 The smuggling of cocaine through Mena airfield, at the edge of the Ozarks, the Stephens clan’s home turf, provided the massive funding from the start of Bill Clinton’s political career up to the Stop Trump movement. Their ability to evade justice for decades is due not only to the Clintons but also to their patronage of the “Dark Side” of the CIA. For the official record Dellums reported being paid $5,000 in consultant fees by Veselnitskaya, although logic says either Fusion GPS or Eric Holder’s slush fund forked over a lot more cash under the table for his liaison work.  
 The Kremlin’s Femme Fatale
 To divert potential fallout over his administration’s suspect Uranium One transfers to Russia, the sitting president ordered his Obama For America (aka Organizing For Action) campaign fund to issue $700,000 in payment to Simpson’s team at Fusion GPS for secret surveillance on Team Trump. This huge budget apparently also covered Velenitskaya’s free-spending junket, since she paid only $50,000 to Fusion GPS, while hosting nightly dinner parties in New York and assisting the HRAGI front-group to lobby for an end to sanctions to allow American adoption of Russian orphans, one of the lowest blows to come out of this affair resonating with Pizzagate. President Putin, sir, why not put some of those ill-gotten gains toward vocational education for orphans to work honestly in underpopulated Russia’s agricultural and industrial sector instead of pushing them onto known pedophile and child-porn rings?
 Her mission as a visiting lawyer, with aid from Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was to block a money-laundering lawsuit in federal court against Prevezon Holdings, the Russian company owned by Denis Katsyv involving in looting Hermitage Capital, client of auditor Sergei Magnitsky. The probe into Russia’s biggest-ever criminal overseas funds-transfer, was defused by Holder’s loyal henchmen at DOJ, which carried out the Kremlin’s wishes by settling the Prevezon Holding’s money-laundering case with a mere $6 million fine just the day before that case was to heard in court in a gross perversion of justice.
 Why did Browder settle? Because the deck was stacked against him. Velelitskaya had by then lined up all the testimony on Capital Hill, from the Obama White House and of course her own embassy to support Prevezon, thanks to the deceptive propaganda from Glenn Simpson and his media contacts at Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT and the rest.
 Moldovan Intoxication
 Below laid out as simply as possible is an outline of how the embezzled and stolen funds were routed by Katsyv’s mafia associates and dirty bankers through a Byzantine maze into British-run offshore tax havens (note the UK routing, in regard to MI-6 agent Christopher Steele) and to the New York property acquisition by Prevezon.
 The inter-bank transfers moved through Chisinau, Moldova, into dummy business accounts set up to receive funds from a “Mr. Kim”, likely the late Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il (who died in 2011), apparently for secret purchases of nuclear materials and missile technology from next-door Ukraine. In other words, Prevezon under the protection of Obama-Holder-Clinton was also engaged in supplying warheads and missile parts for the rapid upgrade of North Korea’s strategic warfare program aimed at the United States, including Hawaii. When Honolulu is nukded, the Waikiki beachboys can thank local hero Barry O’Bomber.
 An Ill-informed Supplier of Dirt
 Now, here’s a look at the skimpy admissions at the Senate Judicial hearing from Fusion GPS boss Glenn Simpson about his Russian client Denis Katsyv, the owner of Prevezon:
 - Glenn Simpson said to Senate counsel Patrick Davis: “My lane was records, discovery, William Browder’s business practices, his activities in Russia, his history of avoiding taxes.’ (p.33). Thus, his research materials to discredit his assigned target Browder were gathered from newspaper archives and “public” data such as bank records and tax reporting hacked by his collaborator Nellie Ohr’s Open Source Works, a cyber intercepts bureau at the CIA.
 - His source on the Russian crime and punishment is Edward Baumgartner, based on “his ability to interface with the court system in Russia”, which implies insider connections with Russian law enforcement and prosecutors. (p.39) Interface could also be used here as a polite term for computer hacking. “He runs a consulting company like me.” The unlisted Edward Austin company specializes in Ukrainian and Russian translation for litigation. In this context, the lack of public access could indicate that company to actually be a desk in Langley or down in the basement of the RFK building or FBI Hoover headquarters. Baum (tree) gartener: so evocative of John LeCarre’s “The Constant Gardener”, a perfect nom de plume in a work of fiction.
 - “The client’s (Prevezon) explanation for its response to the (U.S.) government’s original allegation (of looting and stealing corporate seals from Browder’s Hermitage Capital office) was that they originated with an organized crime figure in Russia who had been extorting them (Katsyv family of Prevezon) and who they had reported to the police and who had been convicted and jailed for blackmailing them (as stated in the Justice Department complaint).” Note: Anyone who has an inkling about the Magnitsky case are aware of the Moscow police habit of doing a cover-up by silencing innocent victims in prison.
 - “The allegations originated from Russian mobster Demetri Baranovsky, who was jailed for running a shakedown operation in which he posed as an anti-corruption campaigner for the purpose of extorting money from people by accusing of some kind of corrupt activities. . . . We were able to ascertain that Mr. Baranovsky was, in fact, associated with Russia’s biggest organized crime family, the Solntsevo Brotherhood, the dominant mafia clan in Moscow. . . . We found some indications that Baranovsky was a lieutenant of this organized crime family . . . Baumgartner helped with that . . . . because of his ability to interface with the court system in Russia.” So Fusion GPS runs with the Kremlin fantasy that there was never any heist.
 This is the view from a parallel universe. (I have nothing personal against Vladimir Putin, especially his resistance to foreign aggression, but his stance on this obvious fraud is disappointing to say the least, especially when honesty would serve him better.) If the Simpson / “Baumgartner” / Velenitskaya version of Magnitsky is accepted: then the Russian police and tax inspectors never raided Hermitage Capital offices in Moscow, confiscated company seals and documents, for assaulted staffers, absconding with more than $30 million in assets. That would mean his consulting auditor Sergey Magnitsky cooked the book to make false allegations of bribery demands and tolerance of corrupt business practices of Putin cronies. Therefore British-(American) fund-manager William Browder concocted the biggest hoax in financial history. This absurd scenario avoids the obvious question: Why would he destroy his own company, his grub stake in a country idolized by this paternal family?
 The View through Rose-tinted Glasses
 Or, possibly, Simpson’s view through cracked rose-tinted glasses might be out of sync with real field work. His perspective of the larger world, self-admittedly, is through newspaper archives and the microfiche viewer instead of experience from the rigors of humint. His knowledge, or ignorance, of the terrain was disclosed when he claimed that the Republic of Kalmykia, where Browder registered his businesses inside Russia, borders on Mongolia, implying that it is an outlaw haven.
 The Kalmyk homeland is located in Europe on the western bank of the Volga, south of Volvograd-Stalingrad, on the northern shore of the Caspian, along the steppe north of the Caucasus region. Kalmykia is famous because its former president Kirsan Ilyumzhino was head of the FIDE world chess association, its ethnic community in New Jersey descended from the pro-Nazi Kalmyk Kavalier Korps (KKK), and because Vladimir Lenin’s maternal family were of Kalmyk-Buddhist descent. The Kalmyks were descended from Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde, which is their Mongol connection. As for biz registration, Kirsan enforced strict anti-corruption rules, transforming the nation of shepherds and ranchers into a model of ethical propriety and legal compliance, which was what attracted Browder to the region. His problems arose in Moscow not on the pleasant pastures of Kalmykia.
 The Brotherhood
 Simpson was correct to point out that Dmitro Baranovsky was found guilty of extortion related to Prevezon by the Basmanny District Court in central Moscow in 2012 for an alleged $22.5 million extortion demand on Prevezon’s Denis Katsyv, Moscow region transport minister Pyotor Katsyv (father of Denis) and their co-conspirators Alexander Altuna of Sberbank and stock-market director Vladimir Katasin. Baranovsky was sentenced to an 8-year sentence in a Siberian prison colony.
 As deputy director of the anti-corruption group “Combat the Brotherhood”, it is irrelevant as to whether Baranovsky was a legitimate reformer or a con artist, because in either of those two scenarios he squeezed Prevezon for the sole reason that it was guilty of stealing VAT tax funds along with the assets of Hermitage Capital upwards of $22.5 million dollars, or $30 million according to Browder, whichever.
 Prevezon is a recent addition to the Katsyv properties, a Cyprus-based front ocused on the real estate business, a convenient cover to move millions in laundered money to foreign shores. The vehicle-and-transport relationship of the Solntsevskaya Brata, run by Semion Mogilevich, to the Katsyv family offers insights into why Prevezon wanted to move out of the reach of the Brotherhood (which has a stronghold in Atlanta, in the U.S. state of Georgia.)
 The Slav nationalist crime group, comprised of Ukrainians and Russians, is based in the Soltsevo district of Moscow along the M-KAT highway from the Black Sea ports of Ukraine and near the Vnukovo Airport, used heavily for air cargo. During the perestroika era, the Slav toughs won a bloody battle with the Chechen mafia for control of that urban area’s lucrative import trade in used cars and stolen vehicles, gaining control of the roadway from Odessa to Moscow.
 The availability of luxury vehicles, vintage or slightly used stolen, enabled a rising official in the metro bureaucracy to became the Moscow region transport minister, Pyotr Katsyv. With first pick of foreign-makes, heestablished a VIP chauffeur service with 600 drivers, as well asthe Moscow Hub transport center, and become vice president of Russian Railways, the nation’s second-largest state-owned company.
 As for the gritty realities of the logistics sector, everywhere around the world, truck hijacking, car-jacking and pilferage of cargo are a universal problem for businesses seeking prompt delivery of intact goods. Tough men are employed as “detectives” or more robust muscle to deter gangsters and assorted lowlife from a career of highway robbery. To deter a young aspirant from hot-wiring another Mercedes, the best insurance policy is to break his legs. Therefore, unlike street-corner thugs, the Brata or Brotherhood is a well-organized disciplined hierarchy that maintains order in the underworld, while using their transport monopoly to ship drugs, prostitutes and stolen goods to customers. Their tattoo is an eight-rayed Black Sun, formed with two superimposed ninja stars.
 Now, if Baranovsky was indeed a Solntsevskaya Brata mobster, why would he bother to raise a public fuss (which is totally ineffective in Putin’s Russia as shown by Soros’s minions) instead of permanently retiring the aged transport minister to encourage the son to paid the agreed-upon sum owed? A demand of $22 is sufficient to engrave a headstone for an obsolete bureaucrat.
 How could Prevezon get past The Brotherhood to move an alleged $220 million out of Russia as part of a massive VAT skimming operation involving top taxation department officials? The supposed sum of $22 million, or one-tenth of the offshore transfer, is just too convenient, meaning Baranovsky was probably framed by dirty prosecutors in on the heist. Again, the mob would not organize a protest when it could simply put a gun to the heads of the father, son and their wives, and stuff them into the truck of a used Lada for a vacation by the city landfill. Denis Katsyv would surely crack.
 Into the Black Hole
 The logic of crime, law and corruption results in the implosion of the Simpson-Prevezon alt-universe into a black hole, sucking in everything including light.  Faced with the undeniable reality of the Hermitage Capital case in the context of Magnitsky’s investigation into the tax fraud, Obama’s DOJ had no choice but to accept Browder’s complaint by the New York Southern district prosecutors and the Manhattan federal court. The problem was, however, the Kremlin’s leverage on Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch for their green light on the Uranium One deal.
 Operation Eldorado, which nabbed the Prevezon money in New York, was part of an international police investigation into the inter-bank routing of that $22 million stolen from the Russian taxation agency along with the loot from Hermitage Capital through a labyrinth of foreign banks, including the streams that passed through Cyprus where Prevezon is registered. Katsyv was then forced to dump his luxury apartments near Wall Street.
 The Manhattan court case was filed by assistant U.S. attorney Preet Bharara, an Obama-Holder political appointee, who famously engaged in tweet storms with with the incoming President Trump. His firing, however, was due to his refusal to accept the order from Attorney General Jeff Sessions for with remaining district-level federal attorneys to resign as part of a much-overdue house-cleaning and reshuffle.
 Two days after his resignation, Bharara’s successor Joon Kim rammed through a $5.9 million settlement, on the day before the trial was scheduled to begin. The DOJ hailed this rotten deal as a win-win outcome. The fact is that Veselitskaya had won hands-down with her checkmate, another frustration for plaintiff Browder.
 The delighted liberal news media heaped scorn on William Browder, a grudge match that goes back to his paternal grandfather, leader of the pro-Soviet Communist Party (CPUSA) who became a turncoat by cooperating with the FBI during World War II. The left has never forgiven or forgotten their No.1 renegade. His mathematician father was derided by both the left and the right, and Bill Browder himself left the U.S. and relinquished American citizenship due to ostracism, moving to London where he partnered with the controversial private banker Edmond Safra.
 The Untouchables

 Why was Prevezon and the Katsyvs treated like royalty by the DOJ-FBI and the Obama administration? Rumored irregularities in the Uranium One deal, which shipped US.-origin uranium, including plutonium content, without an export license from Canada to Russia. Unreported shipments of higher grade uranium were in addition to the yellow-cake from Russian-owned mines in the U.S. Bill Clinton received a heavily publicized $500,000 speaking fee from the buyer Rosatom.
 A yet-to-be verified report is the removal of high-level nuclear hexafluoride (HEX) in unmarked trucks from the DOE-funded reprocessing facility in Paducah, Kentucky. Plant workers spotted drivers were speaking a foreign language other than Spanish, possibly indicating a clandestine removal operation arranged by transport boss Pyotr Katsyv, who’s since obviously had major leverage on the Obama regime. Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat on the committee that approved the uranium transfer to Russia at the time when Vladimir Putin made no secret about this strategic plan for Russia to become the world’s top nuclear supplier.
 Mr. Kim in Moldova
 More than $220 million was moved in early 2008 through at least 5 major Russian banks, with a minor share laundered through Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland., while another batch flowed into British tax havens. The larger sum was funneled from the Russian Krainy bank, a subsidiary of the Alfa group, to the accounts of dummy companies Bunicon-Impex and Elenast at two banks in Moldova, the transit point. The funds were reportedly for purchases of toilets and sinks, but instead were channeled onward into Cyprus, a haven of preference for Russian crooks. The destination was UBS in Switzerland, into the account of Prevezon, according to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). So try to explain that away, Mr. Simpson and Sen. Feinstein.
 When confronted by revenue agents, Denis Katsyn said the funds held by a Mr. Petrov for real-estate investments in Moldova, where deposited into Bunicon and Elenast, accounts which were opened for a “debt repayment” from a “Mr. Kim.” Kim? Perhaps then Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il, father of the present regime boss?
 There are not many Koreans in Moldova, a small nation of 4.2 Romanian speakers with a common cultural heritage with next-door Romania. Although politically aligned with the EU and NATO, Moldova has a special relationship with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), through a trade relationship based on the export of Moldovan wine to malnourished North Koreans. The only affluent market for this fine alcoholic product in the vicinity of North Korea is Beijing, where nary a drop is available on the massively stocked shops brimming with cheap Australian and Chilean labels.  
 On a map of Eastern Europe, landlocked Moldova resembles a fat grasshopper caught in the open mouth of a large toad, which is Ukraine, to the east. It gets cheesy now because its capital Chisinau is near Odessa, the hub of illegal sales of nuclear materials and missile technology including the Zenit satellite launcher rocket and the Yushnoye-Yushmash-built Cyclone missile.
 Ukraine still supplies missile technology to Russia despite their military conflict, in blatant disregard for territorial integrity over financial gain. In exchange, Russia reprocesses nuclear fuel for the Ukrainian energy industry, a Western concern that prompted Westinghouse to enter the market until declared bankrupt by its owner firm Toshiba. Ukraine remains an open market for Shinzo Abe’s “strategic cooperation” with Kiev on defense technology and cyber-security, to the South Koreans and the Israelis, while its small arms bazaar is a shopper’s paradise for Africans and Arabs.
 To get goods past hijackers and road blocks into Moldova for customer Kim, the key is logistical security along roadways since every shipment to a port, railhead or air-cargo hangar is hauled by truck. Now that’s a job for experienced transporters, preferably Ukrainians and Russians, trained and supervised by the Katsyv family, those hale fellows well met in the Solntsevskaya Bratva aka The Brotherhood.
 By the slightest 3 degrees of separation under the Black Sun, the Obama-Holder-Hillary gang are connected via Prevezon/Bratva to Mr. Kim’s pyrotechnics productions. Hawaiians, in Obama’s home state, have a lot to look forward to on the Fourth of July, if not sooner.
 Keeping up with the Kims and Katsyvs, sadly for their nemesis Bill Browder, is never guaranteed, they being clever tightwads. The $5.9 million court settlement in New York, arranged by Preet Bharara, never came through to Browder, because the Prevezon money is frozen by banking authorities in chocolate-loving corrupt Belgium, the original Pizzagate nation in the headquarters of the EU and NATO. The system is rigged. 
 Different Rules for High Rollers
  The flaunting of local and international laws on money-laundering by the Katsyvs and Velenitskaya vindicate Sergei Magnitsky for his claim of systematic fraud with high-level collusion from within a “reformist” regime. The accountant never realized that self-righteous Western governments were in on the scam. If the Putin regime has been so determined to reform the Russian system with strict new rules, why did the Kremlin abet the flagrant criminality of the Katsyns? As in most countries with a high-profile foreign strategy, there is a two=tier policy on capital flight.
 Ordinary citizens, your average Tom, Dirks and Igors, are discouraged and heavily punished for transferring small sums out of the homeland,  as shown in the Obama Treasury’s FATCA regulations, which makes it nearly impossible for small-timers to open or keep business accounts in non-US banks abroad. Meanwhile, hedge funds and corporations like Apple and Microsoft, with the army of accountants and lawyers, can move money anywhere on the globe without complaint from the Treasury.
 In contrast to the hoi polloi, wealthy insiders and former bureaucrats or intelligence officials who perform those unsavory tasks to advance foreign policy, for example “unofficial aid” to the Mr. Kims and other rogues, their dirty work of character assassination of critics and lobbying to sunset sanctions is not only tolerated but quietly encouraged. After being caught by regulators, a few bank officials receive a slap on the hand for failing to spot the money laundering, but they’re soon hired by another bank with an understanding sympathetic smile.
 Globalism’s Crooked Elite
 For all its efforts to deny the Magnitsky accusations of official complicity in tax theft, Moscow isn’t doing anything about crooks useful to the state that Washington, London or Paris hasn’t done, except on a smaller scale. Money laundering by insiders is a component of “selective globalism”, tolerated whenever useful for politicians and diplomats even those who posture as nationalists, as shown in the Trump administration’s laxity toward those lavish-spending Russian-style sneaks, the Kushners, whereas studious small-time clean-cut American lad Carter Page who aspired to be an international policy player was snuffed and scapegoated as fall guy for the Beltway partners of the Kremlin after their bogus accusations in the Trump-Russia Dossier.
 Lesson: In politics, there’s no such thing as a level playing field, or to paraphrase Napoleon Bonaparte: “Fairness is a word found only in the lexicon of losers.”
 America’s Jewish-owned news media that so eagerly supported the Magnitsky Act then turned around to hail the Kremilin-run Prevezon-Fusion team’s gem called the Trump-Russia Dossier. Thus Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ, Reuters, NBC and others on the Simpson paid planted-story list proved to be as consistent in principle as a Kosher pork chop.
 In this black comedy, the tragic figure of Sergey Magnitsky who died for his belief in personal integrity and fiscal accountability will hopefully someday become the ethical standard for fiscal propriety. Meanwhile, as for William Browder, following his grandfather’s sojourn inside Russia, he should have realized before starting out to make it rich in Russia that the only game for a foreigner, even someone with his background and connections, in the casino called Moscow is Russian roulette. Bang!