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To The Self-Annointed

By Jim Kirwan

Puppets One And All

In the last few days an extremely ugly chapter has arisen in relations between some individuals on the web. This is and was totally unnecessary, but it happened nonetheless. It requires an answer.

The flashpoint came with an article by Jim Stone, posted on “The REBEL ­ Home of the Resistance”. The article was titled:

I got booted off the air by Jeff Rense”.


I responded to World Changer & Jim Stone with this comment:

k- This is a case of classic misdirection. The article written by Jim Stone today, about what happened to him on rense-radio yesterday, should have led with the final paragraph in this link:

"Immediately after getting booted off the air, the internet connection was also cut and my cell modem has since been prevented from accessing the system, even at multiple different locations. It took me a little over two hours to find a Wifi hotspot where I was not banned. I know Rense would not have done that, someone else did. So hitting the Rense audience is obviously strictly forbidden by the powers that be. When I looked over what Mike Harris normally covers, he is obviously on our side. If you are as well Rense, you need to grow a pair - this silly divide is downright ridiculous and ultimately counterproductive.
Jim Stone"

k -You World Changer - and Jim Stone seem to be fixated on "growing a pair" on any topic that comes across your radar. However in this instance Stone chose to lead with a title that is not only misleading according to the final paragraph, but insulting as well.

When you defame anyone, World Changer, you have a responsibility to support that claim with facts, something that both you and Stone seem to be having a lot of difficulty with, of late.

Stone is proud of his EX-STATUS as an NSA agent. His appearance on the web is very recent, at least for me. But the volume of what he writes daily would seem to be done by an entire agency, rather than just one person. It also seems that Jim wants to be the go-to-guy on every subject lately.

The final tag-line for the last portion of the story:

"This little tiff is counter productive"

needs to taken to heart by you and Stone, because it would appear that his statements about the break with his on-air-program yesterday had nothing to do with the title of STONE'S public DECLARATION...

"I got booted off the air mid program by Jeff Rense"

Jim Stone, 7/9/2013

Many people of late seem to be fixated on the need for those of us in the crosshairs to “grow a pair”. That’s a fascinating statement coming from World Changer who refuses to divulge his name because he’s afraid the Jews might come after him. And in Stone’s case, ‘The self-professed ex-NSA agent’: There is no evidence that he has ever attempted to do anything that might have endangered him or his new career at The Home of the Resistance, which was only very recently created.

Jeff Rense and his site seem to keep being overlooked. The site belongs to Jeff. He decides who and what is published. Rense has been at this for over 20 years. He’s made an effort to publish a wide spectrum of opinion over the years, not based on his personal likes or dislikes alone, but based upon the issues. Jeff believes that a wider spectrum of ideas is healthier to maintain: Rather than just another rote publication of preaccepted party line. This happened over the years to dozens of competing and now failed websites.

The particular sin that Jeff Rense is accused of now is that he refuses to classify all Jews as the blood enemies of all the rest of us. Jeff of course has already spoken for himself in 2007 on this topic. His words fell on deaf ears this time. (1)

From my own experience regarding the opinions of many on the same topic, such as, World Changer and John Kaminski: I’ve come to the conclusion that these people have only one subject with which to address the problems facing the entire world at the moment. That subject is that “Everything is the fault of the Jews”- as if Jews are all of the same stripe.

Arron Russo was a Jew who made the film “From Freedom to Fascism” and was murdered for giving that film to the wider-world. His film exposed the farce and the illegality of the IRS and the FED. There are dozens of other privately active Jews, just in my knowledge alone, who have also contributed to freeing the American people and working for the downfall of USI, as well as Israel. Their existence proves the fallacy of the Jew-Haters, as limited creatures without the ability to observe the differences between individuals, or between Jews, Zionists and others when it counts.

I’ve put my life on the line a number of times. In 1964 I incurred the wrath of the White House over the 66-part illustrated “State of the Nation 1966”. I was tracked, taped, recorded, followed and shot at on and off for 14 months, by among others the FBI. I had some help from two Ex-NSIA Agents who were friends of mine who decided to keep me alive. That’s why I escaped that episode in one piece. That was long before the internet, or any real awareness by the public of the evil which this nation was drowning in. even then! (2)

The animus that I feel about the things that Stone and World Changer wrote about is not limited to the above. Take this excerpt from a recent article by Stone: It sounds very much like something any good foreign-agent might absolutely recommend to cowardly Amerikans.

It's too late If you think Americans can change this situation with a 300 million eyed monster observing everyone's every move, you are off in fantasy land somewhere. It is GAME OVER. You cannot beat this monster with a cute little encryption trick performed on a compromised operating system with a compromised processor tapped into via a compromised internet. I see all of the new stupid pet trick type encryption fantasies some people are parading on the web now to "secure" themselves against the NSA as some sort of useless bubble gum fad, IF YOU WORKED FOR THEM AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU WOULD REALIZE SUCH EFFORTS ARE AS LAUGHABLE AS TRYING TO FIX A SEMI WITH A PLASTIC BARBIE TOOL SET. And if you are even able to HAVE that Barbie tool set and try to use it, you are already flagged for elimination anyway. You should be focusing your efforts on other subjects like GETTING THE HELL OUT.

And they know who you are. They know you know. They know if you have guns. They know you are not pleased with Obama, Bush, and false flag terror. They know you probably know the truth about the "holocaust", the truth about vaccines, GMO, and any other number of your particular pet topics that make them itch. They know where you are going to bug out to, and they know what you bought for it. If your car is 2005 or newer, they will watch you go to your bug out place and nail you there. Ditto if you are stupid enough to bring your cell, or bring anyone elses for that matter.

Your only option is to get to Iceland, Venezuela, Ecuador or any other country that proved itself with Snowden before the axe falls. Unlike the illegal immigrant "problem" America has, a large scale influx of Americans into nations such as Ecuador would intellectually launch any country that accepted them 30 years into the future because it won't be the idiots fleeing America, it will be the cream of the crop - those smart enough to see the asteroid coming. And if for any of the 500 reasons America now revokes passports from complete non criminals you are one of the 50 million that does not have one, GO INTO THE FOREIGN EMBASSIES AND START REQUESTING ASYLUM NOW.(3)

His tirade above is one part of this problem; but not the whole picture by a long shot. On the other hand Stone and his friends ought to RUN for their lives: because no respectable rebel could ever trust any of them not to turn the rebels in when the time comes, just to save their own skins. The words in the excerpt above are the mark of true cowards.

This note ends my association with The Home of the Resistance ­ & the REBEL. This exchange would have been better off unsaid, but this came my way because too many questions went unanswered. For those of us that actually will continue to resist there is real work left to do, until that is no longer possible

1) A Personal Message from Jeff Rense

2) Politics Oklahoma -The State of the Nation 1966

3) The Main Core What the NASA Hacking Really Means



Lies and disinformation seem to flow from Stone like water from a tap.  If one was listening, the Mike Harris show had JUST begun and was no more that 4 or 5 minutes into its 2 hour run.  Here's 'Stone's' opening lie -  "I got booted off the air mid program by Jeff Rense".  Maybe 'Stone' doesn't understand where the mid-point of a two hour program is.  Rense owns the network and has standards that 'Stone' doesn't measure up to.  Here are more samplings of the 'journalism' of 'Jim Stone'.   YOU decide...


These are some quotes from the 'Jim Stone' article regarding the tragic murder of (a real) journalist, Michael Hastings...

"It seems to me that Hastings may have been dead, his car parked there, and then blown up with him in it."

(Right, they towed the car into position, put the body in it and then blew it up.  This kind of puke should expose this sob for what he is)

"they obviously used a bomb to blow the gas tank as evidenced by the fact that the rear portion of the car is blown open and shredded with the rest of the car nicely intact."   

(look at the car...the front end has major impact damage and the rear end is relatively unscathed....)

"Here is where it starts to get REALLY damning - LOOK AT THE FRONT PASSENGER DOOR. The paint is PERFECT yet the entire car is ablaze. This means that whoever photographed this was on scene right away, with a camera ready to film this in the wee hours of the morning,"

(yes, there was someone on the scene right away - a freelance overnight journalist out to do just this - listen to the police scanners and get to an accident scene within minutes)

"Unlike what the so called single "eyewitness" report says about a high speed crash, the car did not impact a tree. The car did not impact ANYTHING. Look at where the car stopped. The car went off the road at a few miles an hour and missed the tree as it rolled to a stop."    

(UNBELIEVABLE.  Two eyewitnesses saw a car at high speed collide with a tree and then burst into flames. In the video footage, you can clearly see the front end almost literally wrapped around the tree...)  How could Jim Stone POSSIBLY ASSERT that the car was only going a FEW MILES AN HOUR - WHEN HE WAS NOT EVEN THERE?  Because it is his JOB to do so...

"5. There is no damage to the front of the car, it has no frontal impact damage AT ALL, it is damaged in the back and not crunched in from the front. "

(Utterly ridiculous and the opposite of what the video clearly shows)


(So, now there are TWO LOCATIONS !!  This guy is a BAD JOKE)





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