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Secrets Or Lies?

By Jim Kirwan


The Milky Way from Earth?

There are two stories out there today. One is “reporting” the success of the unmanned Chinese-mission to the Moon.

The other is the wonder of the Night Sky as seen from Hawaii?

Hawaii Night Sky Revealed in Stunning New Video

I followed the story of the ‘original-manned’ American Moon Landing

That had many, many inconsistencies throughout in

The information presented by NASA

At the time.

The reason for making this comparison, at this time, has to do with something that always bothered me from the American mission forward. The same inconsistency appears in the Chinese effort, at the first link above.

In the mid seventies I lived for a year and a half in Tiburon, California.

The night sky there was affected by the lights from San Francisco, but still a great many more stars were visible from my decks, on the side of Mt. Tiburon than could be seen from the City of San Francisco. In today’s world due to pollution and nighttime Chemtrails only a handful of stars are still visible, today.

There is no atmosphere around the moon which is the reason for the space-suits. No atmosphere means no pollution to block the view of the night skies from the moon: The view of the Earth would have to be spectacular and then some…

This brings me to the question which both the American and the Chinese supposed-efforts to “land on the moon” contain. In both the NASA footage and the Chinese footage there are no stars in the night sky as seen from the moon ­ the skies shown are totally black, except for the earth. If anyone had gone there the pictures would have shown the world exactly how the night-sky looked from the moon, with the stars that surround both the Earth and the moon.

Inside some of the rooms in ancient Egypt there are star-maps on the ceilings that show where the planet was located at the time the murals were painted. Similarly, if pictures of the night sky had been taken then, either in the 1960’s or as recently as few days ago then that alone would have been proof-positive that whoever took shots of the Night-Sky from the Moon, (with the earth on the horizon), would have clear proof that they had actually either been there or sent an unmanned vehicle to photograph the landings.

I’m not a scientist or an astronomy expert in any way ­ I just observe the world and marvel at the wonders that can still sometimes

be observed from here,

What is astounding, to me, is that both of these supposedly high-tech nations overlooked the one thing that could not have been “absent” if either country had ever gone to the Moon in the first place: The Night-Sky, or so it would seem to me?

No doubt readers will tell me if I’m dead-wrong. But if I’m not, then what does that tell the world about these supposed “missions” to the Moon?



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