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Secrets & Lies

By Jim Kirwan


What we have in this place now is a country overrun by Secrets & Lies. This has become an epidemic that has completely overturned the entire world for anyone in need of any kind of security, at all, amid any of the everyday circumstances that any of us might face, each and every day. We need to take a closer look at this.

Over the 230 plus years that this place has existed, many different fail-safe’s have been created to protect ordinary people from some of life’s most unpredictable events. To that end we had police forces whose motto was “To Protect & Serve”. That slogan has been erased as police-agencies across the nation have altered their mission-statements to that of becoming law-enforcers who no longer protect or serve anyone. That’s because cops now serve private-corporations and not the public. The cops refer to us as civilians or “sprawl” (the term comes from Agenda 21 ­ meaning “beings of no consequence”).

Last night I had a dream wherein I was threatened by a clandestine-Mossad agent with death, if I did not do exactly as she said. Her ‘terms’ in the dream went on and on. After I awoke, I thought about the ridiculousness of her intended threats. But after coffee I took this further. What I learned was that there is no longer anyone to “CALL” for help, except for one’s best friends.

Government spent years impressing the importance of “Call 911” into the psyche of the public. But if you call “911” today you are as likely to be arrested, tasered or shot, as you are to actually get any of the help that you wanted to ask for, when you called “911”. In fact it has been suggested that if you want to die, just call 911 today because the rogue cops that will show up will be as likely shoot you, as they would have been willing to help you, in the past.

In the case of the death-threat in my misbegotten dream, there isn’t anyone that I could have called, if the threat had been real. The cops are mercenaries now, only interested in quotas and violent outcomes from every call they respond to.

In this hypothetical case of someone being threatened by a foreign-agent: The FBI is no longer in the business of investigating crimes or protecting human life, they’ve been assigned to Homeland Security as the enforcement-arm of that illegal agency, so they’re no help, hell they might be the one’s making the threats. So who could anyone call today, to ask for help, if the idea is be able to just “Stay Alive”?

The answer is that there is no one. Or at least not anyone in the government or in any of the “enforcement-agencies” because frequently they are part of the same agencies that are threatening people with illegal-arrest, tasering, torture or murder today. This is a stark new fact of everyday-life!

What this means is that ordinary people are “on their own” when it comes to being able to stay alive. Everything about what used to be involved with that effort is no longer on the side of Americans because we are now clearly “Enemies of this State”!

What can we do as individuals?

About fifteen years ago, when life was not quite what is like today, I managed the small apartment building. The owner had rented a small apartment to a single male from a mid-eastern country. Within a few weeks he disappeared and others from the same country began to appear, on occasion, in the halls of the building. Meanwhile the tenants began to complain of noxious orders coming from that apartment. I told the owner about the problem and suggested that the people living there, which had grown to twelve in number, be evicted.

The owner was afraid that there would be trouble because they were not legal and they were foreigners. The owner did not know what could be done, and he was afraid of whatever I might choose to do which might make things worse.

I went down to the apartment and saw the living-conditions that it was in. There was a 55 gallon garbage can in the middle of the kitchen filled with empty beer-cans. There were cockroaches, everywhere and there was evidence of rats. The smell was overpowering. The apartment was meant to hold two people comfortably, but the entire living space was filled with bunk-beds that could hold up to twelve people. I explained that this situation was illegal and they would have to leave—immediately. The man I spoke with muttered something about having to wait for the other shift-workers to come home before they could deal with this. They were all employed below minimum wage at a local hospital.

What triggered the problem, in addition to the odors, was the fact that they were using Toxic-Waste-disposal-bags from the hospital for the garbage that they put in the building’s trash. That set off the garbage collectors who notified me and that sponsored another visit to the apartment.

I picked up a baseball bat and went back to the apartment where I hit the front door loud enough with my fist to shake the building. When the door opened a crack, I explained slowly and with meaning that they had 24 hours to leave or I would return and the results of that visit would not be pleasant. They were gone long before the deadline arrived.

Times today are totally different. Yet much of what we’re actually dealing with, as Americans, is exactly the same as the conditions were in the illegally occupied apartment of so many years ago. You only have to take a look at the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, and see it for the illegally-occupied apartment in San Francisco.

I don’t want to over-simplify this explanation, but it would appear that as Americans we need to begin to do the things that we can do, to bring about the changes that need to be made, if we are ever going to escape from this nightmare…

We don’t need baseball bats; we only need to cut all power to the FEDERAL RESERVE. Just pull access to the power-supply, shut off the water and turn out the lights: It’s as simple as that. This could work if anyone cared enough to force that to be done. Back that up with 10,000 marines and “The Problem” as created by the FED and all their associates could then be addressed by a legal banking system that does not use DEBT money.

If the FED is forced to close, then it can’t be sold to the Chinese, because it would not any longer be a functioning bank. Meanwhile America needs to take control of its own money and this could be the key to doing just that ­ in the flesh and blood world—not in the paper-world of “legal-constructs” that got us into this mess in the first place. (1)

Ergo if we did this the Chinese would have nothing to buy. The right to print our own money was stolen from us in 1913 and if we did this now, then we could physically take back the right to print our own money—right after we imprison all the current illegally-appointed officials who are pretending to administer an American institution under false pretenses. The FED is a foreign-owned alien institution which has illegally used its powers to steal this nation for Israel and for the criminal-banks worldwide; that have been stealing from Americans for over 100 years!

If we did that to the FED, the rats would flee the scene throughout the entire criminal enterprise. If Americans had the will to do what must be done to cripple the operations of the FED, while at the same time arranging for the imprisonment of everyone in that fake-institution: Then the people that have been feeding off the FED and all the corruptions globally that have come directly from this major international-crime would come to an end. (2)

1) China to Purchase the Federal Reserve

2) The system is ungovernable and has already largely imploded



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