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Secrets & Lies!
By Jim Kirwan

The Russian Embassy in Kiev is being interfered with by Porky’s fascist mercenaries which violates all international conventions. Imagine how the world would react if Russia were to do anything like this to Kiev’s Embassy in Moscow?

MOSCOW, August 29./ITAR-TASS/. Russia insists on the immediate release of staff members of the Russian embassy in Kiev, detained on August 28, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

According to the ministry, “another revolting action against the Russian embassy security guards, including the personal guard of the ambassador,” was staged in Kiev on August 28. They were detained at the exit of a cafe under an openly manufactured pretext of having grenades, despite the fact that they produced diplomatic passports.

We demand the immediate release of the embassy staff members and prevention of any future violations of international conventions on diplomatic immunity,” the ministry said…

This illegal and arbitrary act comes at a time when Kiev has run out of ways to force Russia to militarily attack Kiev; to attempt to give some credence to the lies that are being used to attempt to buttress the massive-lie that ‘one thousand Russian troops have just invaded Ukraine’.

Meanwhile hundreds of volunteers, as unpaid professional soldiers, have joined the fight against Kiev, from all over Europe to show the world how bankrupt the 28 EU nations are when it comes to what must be done in Ukraine, in order to avoid a wider war over the attack by USRAEL on the people in Ukraine.

United Continent’: European volunteers fighting Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine: 3min 32 sec VIDEO

Meanwhile a Ring of Steel encircles Cardiff, England

Welcome to the NATO Summit!

A “ring of steel” likened to a prison or the Berlin Wall has been erected around the NATO Summit venues in Newport and Cardiff city center ahead of the military alliance’s conference next week.

Ten miles of nine-foot high security fencing has been set up to protect world leaders attending the September 4-5 conference amid fears issued by former foreign office minister Kim Howells of a possible attack by Islamic extremists…

In the biggest policing operation of its kind in UK history, at an estimated cost of £50 million, more than 9,000 officers from across the country have been drafted in to police the summit. Sixty-seven world leaders from the 28-nation military bloc and other countries will meet at the Celtic Manor in Newport.

NATO is planning to lock-down the remaining nations on the planet but their “conference” is being held inside a ring of steel to protect these fascists from the world they seek to own and control. Their fifty million pound “fence” should be electrified and or the power grid shut down to the conference to keep the attendees in, until the public is invited inside, to listen and to challenge everything that is to be discussed?

What an irony this could be, if these self-appointed wardens of the world: 67 people protected by 9,000 troops, were to actually be captured by the public they so fear and held inside their own prison of steel, until some sanity could be agreed to? These people are beyond paranoid. They’re on the downhill side because they’re losing control in every area now. The quicksand is waiting for all of them and no amount of special protection will change any of this.

No doubt some might wish to see this ring of steel as something that could easily become a ring of fire; unless the ground rules for holding these gatherings of global-criminals are revised to include members of the same public that they were created to kill?


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