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The Second Forgotten 911 Anniversary

By Jim Kirwan


In New York, early this morning, at almost the same time as 911 began on 911, 2001 - Hillary Clinton collapsed as she was trying to leave the ceremony early.


Hillary Clinton ‘overheated,’ leaves 9/11 memorial event in NYC (VIDEO)

Today is the Four Year Anniversary of the Benghazi Attack that killed four American's including the US Ambassador ­ for which Hillary Clinton was responsible. Apparently ­ four years ago Hillary was also having medical problems while the Ambassador and his guards were trying to get help, some have said that she was sleeping when they were about to die.

American's have to date, largely ignored the first 911, and few have remembered the four year anniversary of the Benghazi attack which is at the center of Hillary's colossal failure as U.S. Secretary of State. The current investigation is focused on her use and misuse of classified e-mail in her role as Secretary of State. Currently the Clinton's have been under fire by the FBI and to a lesser degree the congress about her ability to remember what she did on 9, 11, 2012. Apparently Hillary's health problems go back quite a long way.

As was mentioned at the close of the video on RT above ­ The American public needs to get a full and comprehensive report on the health of both candidates for president, BEFORE the first debate!

Hillary Clinton Collapses in NYC During 9/11 Memorial


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