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Societies of Secrecy and Schooling Thereof
Producing End Times Predictably

Stephen Martin

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings...Our way of life is under attack..


Most People are to my limited understanding 'benign'; that is to say they want to 'live and let live 'and wish no harm to others. Most People are capable of Love as an expression of Eros as demands a relationship with Truth. Most People see others as they see themselves, and so treat others in the manner as they themselves would wish to be treated? Most People can have 'empathy'?

The impact of 'transhumanism ' upon such an assertion of Human Nature as moral as opposed to immoral and as to lack of empathy remains part of the unknown; being as much part of the 'great reset' as much as of the 'great experiment' as gene therapy represents 'secrecy'?.

It is however a tragic fact remnant as regardless that to 'live' as an incarnate psychophysical parallel as an epiphenomenon so construed is to have material need, and that accordant there exists what can be described/circumscribed as a 'friction of the finitude' as an inescapable existential paradigm of essence?

Such friction of the finitude means material need is a divisive phenomenon; if there is a pie on a table at which two people dine under material need, such the finitude, then the more of that pie one diner takes the less is left for the other, such the friction. One man's gain is almost invariably another man's pain. Expropriation by 'self' as a failure to share a finitude equitably leads to sufferance of 'other' such the wedge of apperception existent, alas as is capable of rationalisation form of manifold excuses for evil?

The capability under such friction of finitude as expressive of material need limitation is where 'Thanatos' enters quietly as surreptitiously into the equation ontological as much as such friction construed as a dialectic of opposition being as to some knowledge/practition of good and evil - as indeed temptation constitutes the rationale of Life as incarnate metapolitically construed?

As much as light entails darkness, such the finitude as expressive a constraint such the 'classroom' as of a centrifuge material spinning which further differentiates as hierarchically divides between self and other as would be unabridged/untranscended?

It is not the aim this small article to further explicate upon the ontology of mind ; rather it is to look at the moral ontology of how the 21st C. has come to express a memento mori not so much of individual Life but all Life on Earth such the 'Ecocide' looming , such the 'victory' of Thanatos over Eros by way of destruction.

Wedekind puts it succinct, apropos:

It looms on high that black block
We judge heartily but pierce
Blood red heart, blood red frock
Our fun is always fierce.
Any enemy of the time
Will bloodily executed be.
Whoever is a friend of death,
Adorn with song and sound will we.

Whilst the acceptance of memento mori is common as ubiquitous in sense of the acceptance the ephemerality of individual life; it is as yet controversial to extrapolate upon same ephemerality in context of 'End Times' for all Life as to become an enemy of the time bloodily executed?

Milton as a sublime metapolitician explicated the meaning of Thanatos as evil; it remained for Lobaczewski to place such in a ponerological as scientific/empirical context such the psychopathology of everyday life as become expressive early 21st C. of a final mass formation of Thanatos as a rage by secret friends of death against Life as God given?

The times we 'live' in contemporaneous are truly of a shocking and awful nature which cannot be understood without reference to the moral concepts of 'Good' and 'Evil' and a recognition of the limitations of the objectivity of Empiricism as a religion of Thanatos, essentially a Trojan Horse liberating 'technology of fierce fun facilitated' in a war waged upon Nature by forces of evil?

The proposition of the spin of a centrifuge as much as to a divide et impera construed within a metapolitical context is not something mundane as some corollary or aspect of 'the greatest trick the devil ever pulled' – the whole point of satanism is to constrain as destroy 'Nature' thru the embrace of illusion and denial of Truth as propagated under the tragedy of material need finding ramiffication?

Hence the phrase :'needs must when the devil drives'?

Anyway so much for the Prolegomena.

The abuse as nurture of societies of secrecy has become the favoured means of satanic indoctrination and ensuring a contingency of corruptive distribution of wealth and power as a form of deadly nepotism. That this has become particularly virulent as to a metastasis in the last 3 Centuries is something discernible as much as hitherto unprecedented concentration of wealth and power existent; that this has originations spanning centuries is as per Robison (1739-1805) in ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy‘  (free pdf available here), more up to date Iain Davis provides a sublimely perspicacious diagram of the power structure in operation as capable of determining policy at a Global level through private i.e secret/public partnership.

We did not arrive at such point of ecocide as imminent as a matter of happenstance; the rot of barrels of apples can be attained but by the selective positioning of but a few rotten apples under secrecy and fierce fun ponerological?

It is a proposition that the majority of members of 'secret societies' are in ignorance of what friendship of death entails; though they may undergo 'rites of initiation' this is apperceived as part of the fun, just a harmless jocularity in face of joining a secret society which has, at the end of the day benign or of philanthropic intentions indeed. But a small minority as lead such secret societies know what they do as trade their Humanity for the immediacy of gain or 'profit' , they are as the rotten apples as under satanic 'felicific calculus' it takes but one to spoil a barrel?

Such the reiteration apperceptional we can look at such as Klaus Schwab as as but figure of fun; as some parody of a Bond villain sans cat as per Enst Stavros Blofeldt not so much as of 'SMERSH' or 'SPECTRE' as of the 'WEF'; we can accept that an election in America was 'between' two members of 'Skull and Bones' as a secret society aka 'The Brotherhood of Death', we can accept satanic spawn as innocent looking indoctrinants of the secret society as of 'Young Global Leaders'; we can suspend our disbelief whilst looking upon demons incarnate as expression of the hegemonic power borne of a resource transfer as a culture of secret societies as much as we thereby accept tyrannically closed 'society' as to permit the control and issue of 'currency' extrapolated upon?

And such the real memento mori as End Times expressed as to predictability?