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The Scene Is Set

By Dr J S Chiappalone


My Motto - Take It Or Leave it


Have you ever watched an apple decay and disintegrate slowly?

That is exactly the process Earth, and the Sun, our Solar System, and our Galaxy are undergoing.

Of course, we can add that what we see of the Physical Universe is undergoing that too.

I know for a fact ALL Galaxies and the remaining 4% of the Physical Universe are undergoing the exact same process of decay and eventual annihilation.

Why do I say the remaining 4% of the Universe?

It is because the other 96% does not exist any longer. It has been dismantled by the same process we are now undergoing.

I will mention the Mechanisms of Termination as we go along. But for now, let us take a clear look at Earth.

Exposure of Evil is the predominant occurrence.

All else follows from that exposure.

Although it is obvious to those of us with true spiritual vision, it is incredibly amazing how blind the majority of people are regarding:

  • the exposure of all Evil, no matter where it has tried to hide,

  • the ubiquitous corruption in every facet of our existence,

  • the progressive, unstoppable decay,

  • what all these things events mean, and

  • The eventual Finality of this Generation.

More and more alternate media reports are highlighting these very facts variously, but those of the Majority (consisting of truly mindless Morons) are oblivious to the terminating changes upon us.

Even a prolonged examination of the Mainstream Media (MSM) gives no clue to the Greater Reality.

Living on this dying orb, every day is an illusion in which the morons seem to prosper.

The foolish, unaware simpletons are lulled to sleep by the most stupid of programming imaginable.

For the Idiots, the Illusion is of a Wonderful world!

Concurrently, Religious Pornography, supplied by the Churches and the unscrupulous TV evangelists and their appending morons, is making a mockery of what is actually happening.

I have known since a very early age that Earth was to be totally destroyed within my lifetime.

I also know for a fact that ‘Viable’ consciousnesses on and in Earth (the Earth is hollow) will be taken elsewhere.

I have labelled consciousness as either Viable or non-Viable.

Viables in Human, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Classes of Consciousness will be evacuated.

Those that are deemed to be spiritual failures will be destroyed by a process known as Transmutation.

In 1985, aged 41, I publish my first books detailing the End that was to come.

Although I knew that what I wrote was true, there was absolutely no evidence to show the fools that I was correct in what I wrote.

Everyone wanted to ‘hang’ me as a madman, including the Media, my peers, and, of course, the Medical Boards, for I was then a registered, practicing Family Physician.

Thus began my battle against Ignorance.

Knowing what I know, I knew I could not lose this battle against the Evil Fools.

And I knew that in time, those who opposed me would suffer all the more for their idiocy and gross stupidity.

Their denial of Truth, as we can measure today, was a marked sign of their evil, pathological, and fatal stupidity!

I knew I was right for I, the Higher Consciousness, have done this work in the 96% of the Universe that has already been obliterated and is now no more. Parts remain as inert Dark Matter.

I realize that sentence it totally nonsensical to the morons.

Those who have followed my writings over 30 years know that I declared 96% of the Universe was ‘gone’ long before scientists awoke to the fact that 96% of it could not be found!

Of course, the High Priests of Cultivated Ignorance (the scientists with no Nous) will come up with all sorts of looney excuses for the missing 96%.

They simply cannot grasp the concept that it has been eradicated in the Process for the Elimination of Evil which I have described at length in my books.

It is now the time for the elimination of the last 4% of this evil Physical Universe which I have described as a temporary, spurious product of a Celestial Error.

One question I am often asked is this:

Dr. C., do you know who is who in spiritual terms?”

It is time for me to say it is known

       What each Human consciousness is, whether Viable or non-Viable,

       What each Animal consciousness is,

       What each consciousness of the Vegetable Class is and

       What each consciousness of the Mineral Class is too.


I am not going to tell anyone what they are.

But they can tell by their response to my words, my voice, and my energy.


All have had many chances to ‘Turn to the Light’.

But many have failed to do so.

It was their choice.


Demons, a specific Class of artificial Consciousness, had no chance from the beginning for they were, and are, immutably Evil ­ Sons and Daughter of the Ghoul, Jehovah!!


I am not emotionally involved in any way in the process that is now obliterating what remains of the Physical Universe ­ an illicit, temporary and doomed apparatus.



Having written the above, I will now examine aspects of the Prosaic Reality to confirm my predictions for Termination of the Planet.

Below I list the five most important and obvious mechanisms for the termination of Life on Earth.

You will note there is now physical proof.

Such proof was NOT available in 1985 when I announced the Message of Termination!

The Major Mechanisms are the following:

  1. PLANET X.

I have given a good deal of detail in my writings about the effects this Constellation will have on Earth.

I add detail below.



These will ultimately destroy all material things and cause evacuation of consciousness from all physical structures.

This evacuation includes bodies of expression in the Classes of Consciousness I have previously enumerated, as well as planets, satellites, moons, suns, comets, meteors, galaxies and so on.

All of these have consciousnesses. In fact, all matter has consciousness.

When the consciousness is removed, what remains is what we see in 96% of the Universe that has been destroyed spiritually. It remains as Dark Matter until it is liquidated out of existence.



You will hear very little about this agent of death in the MSM, but rest assured, if 2025 does come along, everyone living on this planet ­ from elephants, to humans to plankton will be dead from the poisonous radiation emitted by this purposely created ‘accident’!

Scientific backup for that statement is available.

Dr Helen Caldicott - Fukushima Nuclear Disaster- You won't hear this on the Main Stream News:

What are the goons/demons of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Governments telling us?

They are purposely in denial.

They are lying, as they have done for 60 years, about the existence and terminating effects of Planet X.

They are also lying about the outcomes of the Nuclear War that they are planning against Russia and China, which they think they can win, but which will have no winners!

You don’t believe any of this? Eat Pacific salmon for a month and see how you feel!

BTW, you should investigate what caused Fukushima ­ ‘they’ did it!!

Jim Stone does his homework:



Very little is admitted by the evil bastards who are destroying the Earth, for their own benefit, or so they think.

But the reality is that if there is time (which there will not be) Chemtrails would see the end of all living matter, including humans.

I am appalled at the ignorance of the general populace about this topic of Chemtrails.





You would have to be blind not to see this war coming.

The push is for Hillary Clinton to be the stooge on centre stage for the villainous Neocons who think they can do anything ­ even blow up the world so that they can rule what is left.

They are totally insane, of course.

Look at what they did to Iraq with the false accusations, what they did to Arabs with Spring Cleaning into Hell, and so on.

The essence of these vile, evil bastards has been the same all along.

They have caused much suffering.

They will continue to cause much suffering.

But what is different now is that they will exterminate themselves like the diseased cockroaches that they are.

Hilarious Clinton is their brain-dead puppet.

It is now obvious for all to see.

Winner of Next US Pres. Election: Rothchilds.

FBI Insider: They Have Bought Brain-Diseased Hillary, PSYOP Trump, US Gov´t:

These vile, evil rodents are Masters of Deception.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) is their tool to fool the fools at will.

Don’t Believe the MSM!

The Evidence is clear that the USA IS the Handmaiden of SATAN.

All America’s Wars Begin with False Flags

The Karmic implications for the citizens of the USA and its Allies are now overt.

Their suffering is inevitable.

Without proper understanding of the evil mechanisms and why all this is happening, the citizens will feel entombed in a living Hell until the Final Moment.

Nuclear War is inevitable. These foolish Zionist Neocons think they can win.

No one will win.

Actually a massive Nuclear War with ignition of the atmosphere is quite a painless way to leave the Physical.

It is the best alternative if one thinks about it.

Instant asphyxiation is preferred to the horrors other mechanisms that I have enumerated can cause.

All things considered, this would not be a bad ending

Remember Hiroshima: No Danger of Nuclear War?

The Pentagon’s Plan to Blow up the Planet

And just who runs this evil world?

Just to divert for a moment, I need to mention the fact that many of the Rescuers, who are on Earth to help the Viables in the Endtime, are actually from the future.

If this does not make sense to you, don’t worry about it.

What I want to highlight is this video below, purportedly of a filmed interview of an alien in 1964.

In it, the ‘alien’ states he is a being (a Class 4 Human consciousness) from the future and that Humanity destroyed itself in the next century from the date of the interview (1964) ­ the 21st ­ due to Nuclear War.

If this is accurate, Humanities fate is sealed by ‘The N-Bomb’!

Alien Interview | Project Blue Book

This termination would be a repeat occurrence.

Evil Martians destroyed their atmosphere long ago.

The Demons on Vulcan did likewise. They went further, of course, and blew up the whole planet, leaving it as the asteroid belt.



It is always ‘hit and miss’ in to trying to anticipate time accuracy in these mechanisms.

  • Chemtrails are poisoning humans, animals and vegetation even now. It is a slow but fatal process.

  • Plasma waves are heating up Earth, the Sun and all planets in the Solar System, as well as all other structures in the Milky Way.

Their origin is extra-universal but their function is obvious.

I may write about them in the future that remains.

  • Radioactive poisoning from Fukushima is unrelenting.

But the two most dramatic events will be:

1 Nuclear War

2 The Termination Effects of Planet X.

As a very good friend of mine, Haidakhan Babaji, expressed to me in the 1990s, if there are delays in manifestation of the mechanisms of Destruction of Earth, they will all happen simultaneously in the Endtime.

And I think this is exactly the scenario that is developing.

Look back and see how quickly new presidents of the USA started a war against some unfortunate, impoverished Nation shortly after inauguration.

Such Evil cuts its teeth to show its humungous Ego.

This time, the insane US Neocons will target China and Russia.

But the result will not be what they expected.

If the atmosphere is NOT ignited, killing all of us aerobes, the devastation will be maximal for the USA and it lackeys: NATO and associated Nations.

If ignition of the atmosphere occurs, I’ll be seeing ALL of you on the other side!

And each will tread its destined path!

I expect that they will start Nuclear War just before Planet X causes its devastation.

I anticipate Planet X to do most damage in August-September, 2017.

There has been a minor delay (of approximately 12 months) due to factors of which I am aware but which are not relevant to this essay.

The same delay affected the meteor that was to hit Earth in 2015. It is still in orbit. It’s coming!

Here is what I had published previously:


U S Army families prepared !!! Best Documentary 2016


Astrophysicist whistle-blower: ‘Planet X / Nibiru cataclysm imminent’

Worst and best case scenarios?

Worst: Extinction Level Event. Nothing on the planet will survive. Not even bacteria.

Best: Pole Shift accompanied by rising sea levels across all major bodies of water, volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis washing hundreds of miles inland.

Magnitude 10 earthquakes along all major fault lines, 6-to-8 in many other areas; basically, all the worst parts of the Bible. 40 Volcanoes are Erupting Right Now as the Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable.

It is a well-known fact that major and minor variations in timing occur with any prophetic utterings. Nonetheless, as things stand now, it appears all life of this planet Earth will be terminated no later than 2025.

In 1985, I had been given, by Superior Consciousnesses, the date of 2035 as the last year of the planet. But it is obvious that the mechanisms for Termination have been activated to end Earth well before 2035.

I have been delivering this message of Finality for 31 years now.

Why do the Failures object to this Message so much?

Admittedly in 1985 there was little evidence of Termination. But now, it is abundant.

But they still do not want to hear it.

And so they attack the messenger ­ me!

It is their Fear of Extinction that prevents them from even contemplating this Message, and that is why they rush to hear the half-truths and lies spread by the New Agers and the likes of David Icke.

I think you will appreciate the fact that the prophecy of planetary termination (and of the Sun, the Solar System and Galaxies) is now based totally on eminent physical factors.

Hence, the evidence is palpable. There is no need for Faith or Religious belief or psychic calculations based on ethereal assumptions!

My message has been about

  • The destruction of Earth and the remaining portion of the Physical Universe;

  • The Preparation of Viables to leave this dimension;

  • Telling the failures why there are being eradicated;

  • The Timetable of these events.

We now await the inevitable.

It is the end of Physicality, but by no means the End of Viable Consciousness.



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