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It Appears The Savages Are Winning

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff…

Some thoughts and observations...

It does now look like the savages are winning.   Big Jewish money is behind the corruption and overthrow of the US government.   Trump is nothing more than a kosher puppet now.  He has to appease the Jews and Blacks and Muslims.  There is no one left to stand up for whites.   If they do, they get trumped.   The jew son-in-law, Kushner (likely mossad) owns Trump's ear.  He turned Trump's daughter into a jew right after their October 2009 marriage, and then bang, bang, bang further cemented his control in the family by giving The Donald three jewish grandchildren.  Not enough?  Trump's son, Eric, married a Jewish 'tv producer' in 2014...  

 (From the Jewish Daily Forward, Nov 8, 2014)  -- Eric Trump, Donald’s 30-year-old son, married Jewish TV producer Lara Yunaska on Saturday in front of 450 people at the Trump resort of Mar-a-Lago.  Ivanka Trump, who married New York Observer’s Jewish publisher, Jared Kushner, posted pictures of the ceremony to Instagram.  Kushner, who OFFICIATED the ceremony, reportedly told (the bride) Yunaska: “You are not just gaining a family you are getting 6 million Twitter followers.”   (Gee, there's that '6 Million' schtick, again!)

  It is said that Trump wants to be liked, so he dumped on his caucasian America support base with his immigration plan - Dreamers get to stay and no mention of Anchor Babies! - and is now leaning toward blacks and Muslims…

He should be already closing every Mosque in the US as a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.  Muslims will kill us anyway and Trump's life is in danger no matter what he does.  Trump better watch when he takes trips to England.  England has as very large and very hostile Muslim population  They hate white Christians and would make an attempt to stop Trump if possible.

Trump forgot who voted him in and WHY we voted for him.  Now he turns around and is ready to take all of the Muslims in after they are 'extremely-vetted, of course (a virtual impossibility).    All Trump has to do is obey the EXISTING public health laws   We can legally keep out most of the savages as they are infected with diseases like Leprosy, Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis, AIDS and TB.  

Not one savage has been kept out because they are TB infected.  They let them in and now TB is spreading among Americans and our schools are turning up with active TB cases in muslims.   So, how about those Public Health laws, Mr. Trump?  They are a simple and legal way to keep these savages out of the US.  They should also add STDs (including AIDS) because the savages have as much as admitted they will continue to rape Americans, Europeans and anything they can get their hands on.  Any one who comes down with an STD after being raped by a refugee or illegal has a dam good law suit against the US government and the refugee relocating organization.  I hope they sue for every nickle dime and penny they can get.

Someone MUST be advising Trump to not use public health laws to keep the savages out.

America has been hijacked.  Trump was too inexperienced for taking on the blacks and Muslims.  Frankly, he is over his head and listening to the wrong people.   Count the number of MAJOR POLICY REVERSALS he has made since the campaign.

The jew (Mossad?) boy in the White House needs to go. Trump thought he could run the Presidency like a bigger family business but he cannot.   Now he is pandering to the Muslims treating them like they have a valid 'religion.'   He does not see them for what they ALL are, a murdering death and sex cult that will never assimilate or ever live equally with people of other religions.   

The Muslim is a jihadi, plain and simple.  History has shown that they will never live in peace within a Christian or Hindu country.  Everyone in the world is an infidel and in need of killing.  They live in the 7th century and will never allow occupied countries to live in the 21st Century.  Look at Paris, they love burning cars. Mostly Somali and African black savages and all they like to do is burn down things. You do not see them building anything only burning down everything modern. And let's not forget when muslims invaded India.  Over 800 MILLON
were slaughtered.  That's getting close to one BILLION.

How can we expect to live on par with these savages?  Islam should be banned.  If we continue to allow them to have many wives and procreate, they will down any country they live in.  They need to be sterilized as a condition of being a 'refugee' to the West  We cannot afford to support their burgeoning families.  Sterilization must a rigid rule or they do not get entry into the West.  

You know that no one in government has the strength to include such an order in the requirements for entry.  So, we are lost.  When their numbers seriously outgrow the educated people, we will have utter riots and chaos.  Entire cities will burn and business and the economy will cease.  We could end up back in the stone age with them.  

You cannot take the savages out of the jungle or desert and put a suit and tie on them and expect them to act civilly.   It just isn't going to happen.  They are not going to sit down and read books or newspapers and be able to speak with the population of a Western country. It just won't happen.  We made a big mistake 156 years or so ago.  When slavery end we should have returned the slaves to Africa.  Some did go back and lived in Liberia.  Look at the difference between the US and Liberia. Liberia is a tragic joke.

Now with the latest group of migrants, illegals and refugees, we in the US, citizens of all races and nationalities, are making an even worse mistake.  We are sealing our death.

There are too many muslims and Hispanics in here now and I do not see hope for America.  I think the 21st century could be the century we are dragged back to Third World status.  The smart and educated ones will head out to a new frontier and will populate a new continent and that continent will rise to meet the 21st and 22nd centuries.   Unless Trump makes a dramatic turnaround and keeps his promises about immigration, we are doomed.  Our Culture and Heritage and our very people will be destroyed. If he continues to falter, then we better look to the south…perhaps even to Antarctic.  

Everyone is so dam afraid of the black savages.  Why? Let them riot and shoot them as they do.  I mean shoot to kill which is the only way Europe has a chance.  Read, watch and LEARN.   

I noticed this beginning back in the sixties.  All of a sudden, little code words for 'black' beginning being sown into our media and dispersed into our culture.  Such as black 'COMMUNITY'…remember that one?   Like they all live on the same block or in the same neighborhood.  'Diversity' became just another word for 'black' and/or 'minority.'  

Then came the era of the social trouble-makers like MLK…quite a 'symbol' yes...but, in reality, nothing much more than a loud mouth communist womanizer.  It's all in his FBI file.  Then came African - (hyphen) American.  Once the blacks started getting things for free (via caucasian guilt) by using 'equality' tactics which led to the USELESS 'Affirmative Action' years... then the other minorities started in.  We had all sots of communities and all sorts of hyphenated groups…all of whom played the same game, claiming to have experienced prejudice at the hands of the evil white Americans.  That was the beginning of organized self-shaming of whites. By the end of the 60s, being white had become a bad thing.  

Ever since, decade after decade, the 'diversity' community has been tearing down whites and America...until today when they are now opening advocating KILLING all whites...and forcing everyone left to convert to Islam.   

The US has been slipping and sliding to third world status.  WE are almost there.

I figured it was too late that there are too many Muslims here already...especially blacks of African origin.  They combined with the American blacks and Jews to become a political tool...and they are now a force to be reckoned with.  They have the money, the backing of globalist creeps like Soros and the TIME to 'demonstrate' and protest.  They do not work…they don't need they can be out 'protesting' all of the time. (The pay is outstanding we hear).  Too many black muslims in the US now.  We are on the verge of becoming France and Germany…and then Sweden.  Soon the crime wave will hit and the whites will be hunted down and killed.  Unless THEY organize and prepare to protect themselves with deadly force.  You will not be able to call 911…no one will come.

Time for some thinking whites with cash to figure out where we can go.  Australia, Germany and Europe, the US and Canada...all gone.

If we were allowed to go to Antarctica with enough money, we could go underground.  WE could make it livable in a couple of years and in about a decade, we could have both high rises and underground cities and business centers all across Antarctica.  There are plenty of military bases already.  I believe England and Norway have territory there that might be usable for the now severely endangered European caucasian species of humans.  The US has the lion's share of land down there.  Don't laugh, it is all quite doable with the technology we have right now.

At the rate these savages multiply, within the next 5 years the Somali and other African 'muslims' alone could bypass the white population in many parts of America.  They are ignorant sub-humans and good for nothing except raping and killing.  This FACT is constantly being reported in the Alternative Media from Europe.  Imagine what it will be like 10 years from now…unless Trump remembers his promises and isn't assassinated.  The time to leave the US may be closer than you think.   Keep watching Europe CLOSELY…as Europe goes, so goes America.

If Trump has caved so quickly, you know things must be bad.  Even his weak EOs don't stand up.  The communist-globalist Obama judges are all too ready to strike them down.  We are now at the final crossroads...