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Are Savages Now Just 'Foreign Tourists'
When It Comes To Gang Rape In Sweden?

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff...Just saw the article you posted regarding the gang rape of a European tourist in Sweden by FOUR MEN.   The investigation into the rape in a Swedish hotel room is quite mute when it comes to the rapists.  NO mention of the country of origin of the rapists has been made public.  We only have the description of them as 'foreign tourists'.  

Throughout Europe and other western countries there is no description of rapists when they are muslim migrant savages.  Most of them have been Black African...specifically Somalis.

I have to ask, is the new description of muslim gang rapists now 'foreign tourists' ?

i am sure if the rapists were non-Muslim tourists from Germany or Norway they would have been described as such.  However, because the police and media are so secretive about the description of the gang rapists, the conclusion as to who they are is painfully clear.  We know that rape, specifically gang rape, is a Muslim and Somali recreational pastime.

The US will be like Sweden very soon if We, The People allow Dump Trump to occupy the White House much longer.  Time for the people to rise up and demand Dump Trump aka Disaster Trump step down.  We now know he is bringing these rapists and killers into America even faster than Obama did.

If he keeps the flow of Muslims and African savages coming to the US like this, we will be where Sweden is very soon.  We need a 'Dump Trump' movement NOW.   But what will that give us?  President Pence?  

Trump seems to be threatening wars around the globe to take our eyes off of the fact that Trump has not fulfilled any of his key promises…except dumping the TPP in the first part of his presidency.  What happened to America First? What happened to the 'PEACE President'?  I'm sure Steve Bannon could tell us.   What happened to immigration reform, deportation of criminal illegals, tax reform? Financial reform and the Federal Reserve? What about real factory jobs not a few jobs that will be using mostly robots and illegals as workers?

Is Trump going to continue to throw aging tomahawk cruise missiles at a cost of 1.5 MILLION per missile?  Only 23 of the 59 missiles even hit the air base…which was back in operation the next DAY! Trump is turning into a John McCain clone FAST.  What a joke this man is.   We have been terribly, tragically betrayed.

Dump Trump