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Why Do Idiots Keep Calling
Savages 'Syrian Refugees'?


By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - Why does everyone keep saying the savages are Syrian refugees??   Even Donald Trump said - 'Syrian refugees are going back.'  

The TRUTH is that they are mostly ISIS and ISIS sympathizers and a majority are black savage Somalians From Sub-Saharan Africa!  There are ISIS Muslim savages from North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and a good amount of savages from the Horn of Africa i.e. Somalia and Sudan, etc.  

Europe is even taking Muslims from Albania and Serbia. Why from other parts of Europe is a mystery. One has to think if Serbs and Albanians and Muslims from Soviet Georgia, etc, are joining the pack of Muslim savages then they have a reason to be there.  And that reason is evil.

We are NOT dealing with just Syrians.   Therefore, ALL MUSLIMS MUST BE DEPORTED.  The most ruthless and hateful are the raptist, killer primitive black savages from Somalia.  

We must send all Muslims back to their respective countries.

There are towns in northern Michigan and Minnesota that have entire communities or towns of black Somali Muslim savages.  One town in Michigan was working class people of Polish decent.  Funny how all of the Polish immigrants disappeared and the town emptied out for the Muslims.  Maybe the Polish were among the illegals deported last Summer. (right).

  The Muslims seem to want to be near the Canadian border.  Why, the climate is cold?  So that tells me they may plan terrorism and then can bring terrorists over the border to take part or help with an attack. It also gives them time to find a way over the border after an attack.

These Muslim savage towns in America, like the one in Michigan, does not allow police or Americans to enter!  They make it clear that Americans are not welcome.  In the formerly Polish town, the call to prayer can be heard in loud speakers all over town. Where did the Polish families go that Muslims took over an entire town? This is a disgrace in America.  

I do not blame the people of Montana who do not want the invaders in their state. Here, again, Montana borders with Canada. Same for North Dakota.   

I hope above all that Trump gets in and we get these savages OUT.  He was the FIRST to make this a major issue and it's sickening to watch the losers behind him try to make parts of his message their own.  Donald Trump will be one of the greatest Presidents…of, by and FOR the people…in American history.



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