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Satanic Deep State Behind Sri Lanka Easter
Bombings, Notre Dame Blaze, NZ False Flag

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

As worldwide peace on Easter, a celebration of redemption and rebirth (regardless of one's religion), is shattered by mass-murder bombings, the moral cause of peace and justice demands that we face this worldwide threat with courage and determination against the Satanic power of the Globalist Deep State. Today (Asia time zone) it is the Catholic faithful who are being targeted, tomorrow it will surely be Protestants, Buddhists and, yes, righteous Muslims to be crushed under diabolical slavery. Everyone and everything that is good is being put to the ultimate test: Stand now or lose your dignity, your children's future and what little is left of your pitiable life.

On Easter Sunday, the organized forces of evil on this planet in their boundless pride completed their Unholy Trinity: the Christchurch false flag drama, to gather their ISIS minions for the assault; then the blasphemous arson of La Notre Dame de Paris; and just now six bomb blasts that killed 140 and wounded 600 faithful at churches and hotels in the capital of Sri Lanka.

Triangle of Terror

These three heinous crimes enable us to triangulate the details to begin to comprehend the larger criminal design and its purpose. At this early stage of the Satanic counter-offensive against the populist movement, the strategic planners and movers are the same as in the "Pizzagate" affair, which is still quite unfamiliar to many people outside of the USA. Simply put, that online-news scandal exposed Obama loyalists as being directly involved in war crimes in the Mideast, the European refugee crisis, human-trafficking for child sex crimes and related organ trade, and widespread blackmail of politicians and bureaucrats, in other words all the pleasurable crimes of the Satanic set.

Soon thereafter the untrustworthy major media fabricated the "Trump dossier", a catalog of lies, which did however bring the Deep State's international connections in Europe into focus. As a deception under a phony "progressive" label, online investigation of the Pizzagate and Dossier showed that these Satanic plots are just the latest legacy of the P-2 Lodge (Propaganda Due, headquartered in Milan) of an earlier postwar era dominated by Operation Gladio, a program of state-sponsored terrorism against the public. We are dealing with the same Deep State, however, it may morph and guise itself.

Pattern of Deception

Thus, the Easter-Paris-Christchurch events fit a known pattern, enabling investigate journalism to discern key players and their strategic moves:

Planning and Logistics: The presence of Pizzagate chief suspect John Podesta, Obama-Hillary ally and founder of the Center for American Progress (CAP), in New Zealand in the week just before a made-for-media fake gun attack was staged at mosques affiliated with ISIS. The only individuals killed were a handful of informants planted by moderate governments. The MI-6 and CIA used Christchurch to provide cover for hundreds of ISIS terrorists to safe-keep their identities off European and Interpol terrorist lists. Up to 100 ISIS hitmen were extracted by Podesta to Melbourne, Australia, for secret assignment against future targets like the Paris cathedral and the churches in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The funding for Podesta's extraction operation came from the Soros-Rothshild Socialist International, whose secularist leaders include NZ Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern, Podesta brothers, and UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez.

Operations Coordination: As recently noted by Julian Assange of Wikileaks, Tony Podesta has completely disappeared since resigning from his DC lobbying firm, vanished into thin air. One clue to Tony P's whereabouts is the FB post from Jimmy Alefantes, Ping Pong Pizza owner and secret head of Obama's pedophile "transporters" network funded by the OMB. Alefantes has been trekking the Swiss Alps, less than a half-day train ride from Paris. Prior to establishing his pedophile-contact center in Washington DC and running safe-houses in Virginia, Alefantes based his first ping-pong gay-boy pick-up cafe near the Turkish quarters in Berlin, and so was a Euro-operator for Teams Obama and Hillary. Presumably, the Christchurch ISIS terrorists assigned for European ops are being quartered in these low-end safe-houses in gay districts in major cities of France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Observation for Confirmation: At the exact hour of the Notre Dame blaze (6:30 pm), former First Lady Michelle Obama and her entourage were on a private cruise boat on the Seine River sipping wine as they watched the progress of the terrorist attack. Over her mobile phone, she called hubbie Barack enjoying the televised scenes in The Black House in Kalorama to describe first-hand the destruction of the cathedral, obviously to his great satisfaction. Instead of trying to participate in any rescue work on the Ile de la Cite, she and her guests sat down to a multi-course dinner prepared by celebrity chef Alain Ducasse.

After a leisurely dinner, Michelle appeared at a book-signing event at the HotelAccor Arena with moderator CNN International London-educated anchorwoman Isay Sessay of Sierra Leone descent, formerly with BBC and Sky TV. The CIA and MI-6 were stylishly represented by "I Say, She Says" in Paris. During the five days prior to her Paris appearance, Michelle was in London where her one-evening show was moderated by another dodgy character, Stephen Colbert. Her autobiography "Becoming" was published by Crown, a subdivision of Random House, Pegasus-Penguin, and Bertelsmann; Random being a legacy of CIA agents Bennett Cerf and Robert Berstein; Pegasus infamously run by MI-6/Mossad spy Robert Maxwell, and Bertelsmann, a wartime German pro-Nazi press taken over by Jewish-Zionist financial interests. Here again, the globalist cabal.

Voodoo-based Human Sacrifice

Sri Lanka is a predominantly Theravada Buddhist society with Tamil-Hindu and Muslim minorities, the latter having no major conflicts with the small Christian community. Colombo and two smaller cities, therefore, are among the unlikeliest places in Asia for a terror attack against two Catholic churches and an evangelical Protestant center (under the pretext of revenge for the fake Christchurch mosque "massacres"). At the time of writing, the human toll has mounted to nearly 200 killed and 600 injuries by bomb explosions at the three Christian churches and three major hotels, including the Shangri-la, the latter where a few Americans, Britons and other foreigners were killed.

Interesting fact: The three hotels are located a less than 2 km area along the Colombo waterfront. The Cinnamon Grand Hotel, which locally-owned and not by a multinational group, is located in the urban district called Wekanda (pronounced Wakanda). Is that a clue as to the planners of this outrage? If anyone recalls from the comic book, the sole religion in Wakanda is the "primal indigenous religion", informally known as the Black Panther Cult, a branch of Voodoo, which in the Western world is a form of devil worship, loosely linked to Satanism.

For timeliness, this part of the ongoing tracking of the Satanic Deep State assault on populism and major religions of the world will continue as more details emerge from the rubble of the bombed churches and whatever acts of cowardly terrorism might be unleashed next. This is the end of the beginning, and we are still have far to go before the beginning of the end for the Deep State. One last point now to recall is that Australia, where John Podesta landed with his ISIS thugs directly faces Sri Lanka across just half the width of the Indian Ocean. The two big islands are neighbors, so very convenient as situation for a covert op.