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Sandy Hoax - Halbig's Latest Blast At Newtown Police
CT Freedom Of Information Request…Which Is In Your Files...

From Wolfgang Halbig



Under the CT FOIA laws I am requesting the immediate complete copy of the investigative case file on Lt George Sinko who on Dec 14, 2012 Breached his official police duties by failing to respond to the worst Elementary School Shooting in US History. It is called the Sandy Hook School Shooting Massacre.

I am requesting a complete copy of the investigative file on Officer Figol for Breach of Duty at her Off-Duty worksite in failing to respond to shots fired at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012.

The call again went out at 9:36 am Dec 14, 2012.

When children and school staff are at risk of being shot and killed or seriously injured and Police officers of the Newtown Police Department fail to protect those innocent children and teachers we have Police Officer outright negligence.

He and she were working at an OFF-DUTY Construction site.

The Newtown Police Dispatcher informed units at 9:36 am on Dec 14, 2012 that shots are being fired inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School and Lt Sinko failed to immediately leave his off duty job site and respond to the Elementary School which is in the Newtown Police manual for off duty work and when to leave that work especially when there is a threat to lives such as Sandy Hook.

He remained at his Off-Duty job for over three hours along with Officer Figol who also failed to immediately respond as directed by the Newtown Police Policy and Procedure Manual when working an OFF Duty Job.

The Manual and its procedures are crystal clear.  You leave when lives are in imminent danger.

Also provide a copy of the 2012-2013 Newtown Police Policy and Procedures for working an Off Duty Detail for Double pay.

Below explains that their was a complete investigation done by Capt Rios and so please again provide me with bot Sinko and Figol full investigation reports.

I will pay for copying and mailing.


Wolfgang W Halbig
25526 Hawks Run Lane
Sorento, Florida 32776

NEWTOWN -- A Newtown police lieutenant who continued to direct traffic at a construction site while other officers raced to the Sandy Hook Elementary School has received a written reprimand from the chief.

Some rank-and-file officers are upset with what they view as lenient treatment of the lieutenant and are discussing a vote of no confidence in Chief Michael Kehoe, department sources said.

Lt. George Sinko, a 24-year veteran, was off-duty and working a side job on Route 25 on the morning of Dec. 14. He remained their long after scores of other law enforcement personnel from across the area had responded to one of the deadliest school shootings in the nation's history, said sources familiar with the department's investigation into the incident. Sinko arrived approximately two hours later, but his failure to respond immediately to the school where 20 first-grades and six staff members were killed did not result in any additional casualties, Kehoe said.

"He was not going to be a first responder. He was not on duty at that moment," Kehoe said. "When he did arrive, he was immediately given responsibilities that would have overwhelmed most officers, and he performed admirably."

Sinko was disciplined for "failure to carry his radio and failure to keep it on," Kehoe said. But department sources said officers believe the disciplinary action would have been more severe were Sinko not friends with the chief and Capt. Joseph Rios, who conducted the internal affairs investigation.




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