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San Francisco Is Gone!

By Jim Kirwan


I've been incognito since New Year's Eve dealing with the end result of an accident that a friend of mine had. Suffice it to say that this was life threatening and she's still not out of the woods..

One consequence of this was two operations, done at two completely different times, on two different areas of her body. The last surgery was two days ago. So I've been absent from the site for awhile.

In the course of going back and forth across the city from the knees of Nob Hill to Zuckerberg San Francisco General in South Beach - I've been forced to see this city as I've never seen it before. So I thought I'd try to tell the rest of the world about how much this city, as just one of our major cities, has changed.

My camera is shot so you'll have to take my word for what I saw but what

I saw was and still is EVERYWHERE here...

None of the hundreds of billboards, wall-posters or bus stop shelter signs have any white people on them. All the clothing, shopping or other advertising only contain mixed couples, Asians, Latino's, Chinese, Laotian, blacks, mixed blood from all over the planet but NO WHITES and almost no one older than 25 or 30.

On the buses and in the streets there are so many languages it's hard to even count them all. Tagalog, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Danish, all the central and South American languages same thing with restaurants, shops of all kinds and virtually all of them from somewhere else the days of American boutiques, shops of stores is long gone.

On the streets the intermixed races are almost all that's visible only once or twice within a mile long path will you ever see a white male with a white female it's so rare that people sometimes stare. Meanwhile the crossover freaks are everywhere escorted by every kind of mixed blood unions some just playing but most are intensely enjoying the shock value. The billboards are now almost all in Spanish, or some other language the number of culturally integrated events are about all there is to be seen on ads wherever anything is advertised.

The streets of San Francisco are more like open sewers than the streets of a major US city. The stench is unbelievable and the walking wounded are everywhere with face-masks and bandages everywhere canes, walkers and one in every seven people are constantly-coughing, spitting or vomiting in the streets. The 'children' are like the street urchins from hundreds of years ago in London or Paris. Pitched battles occur on the buses and in the streets where shopping carts, fight for space with walkers, the infirm, the nearly blind and the forgotten or the drunks that sleep in the middle of the sidewalks on most downtown streets. The city buses have become just transportation for the crippled, the sick and the very elderly it takes the buses more than 4 minutes to move on block in the congestion and the overwrought construction zones that are everywhere now.

This place has been reduced to looking like a war zone littered with the damaged and the homeless literally everywhere. In empty storefronts the homeless ply their black-market wares in hurried transactions that most of the rest never notice until they run out of something that they must have and then they seek out these shadowy vendors.

The entire city is just about five to ten minutes from outright chaos,

if anything real falls apart but as the City of San Francisco,

this place is no longer recognizable.

Personally I miss the days when these streets were filled with Americans and not with this shit on two legs that spend their days braying like beasts of burden that are drunk with pain and protest that most don't know what to do with.

In that trek across the city on overcrowded buses and through the heavy traffic I could count the number of white people I saw on less than ten fingers for the whole trip of nearly two hours one way. Everywhere blacks & whites, browns and yellows in almost every version of personal preferences which they display like monkeys on parade in this zoo.

And as far as those who are still employed here too - there are almost no whites to be seen at all. I used to love the mix of people's from the world over that were here once now they make me physically sick the very sight of them is disgusting.

I look at these thieves as cockroaches that have stolen our jobs, our food, our benefits, our language and our way of life and then they bitch about the way we threat them how little they realize what will be coming their way oh so very SOON...


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