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Sane, Human Health Care In Canada

By Victor Fletcher
Toronto Street News

Hi Jeff ... In Canada we have a health care program -- when I broke my finger I went to the local small town (government)  hospital -- I lost my health card a year ago - they just said I needed my name and address.

 They recognized me as a local Canadian -- did an X-ray, and then put on a cast that molded itself to my hand.

 Before the X-ray one of the hospital staff walking by my chair and said "You have a swollen injury? I'll bring you an ice pack."  I was then referred to a private doctor for follow up examination and scan. Again no charge.

 This did not cost anything. There is no bill in the mail.

 The town citizens leave money to the hospital in their wills and local corporations that employ people here donate money as well.

 I have had broken bones before -- same thing. One time I had an intravenous treatment twice for an infection in a tooth that almost took my life a few years ago. The hospital got me a portable pump I wore around my waist to deliver the intravenous into my arm and a nurse came to visit me at home to refill the computerized pump and replace the needle every two or three days.

 Again, no cost. Of course, Canadians don't maintain troops in a hundred countries.

 So, the costs are taken for granted from our moderate taxes and we don't lose our homes for medical treatments.

 On the other hand, two people I know told me about treatment in the U.S. One, who had a pinched nerve from swimming in Florida was told she had to take a week of tests at the hospital for a bad heart! She was not allowed to get on a plane so she had to bus it back to Canada. The real reason for the week of tests was because the looked at her Ontario health card which would pay ad finitum for tests -- better than any U.S. health insurance plan.

 She told me the costs for an x-ray and one day in the hospital which included a dried out processed meat sandwich would costs $6,000+. Another person told me the same story -- $5,000 for an X-ray.

 I tell my fellow Canadians -- "Let's make some real money -- we'll go to the U.S. and start up a hospital". In the hospital they even counted the number of tissues you used to wipe your brow!! Unreal.

 On the weather -- we have had crazy weather for years. The family farm received drought insurance one year followed by record rainfall the next year. Last year I never saw crops planted so late in the year in all my life 68. This summer we are getting frost several nights in a row right up into the last week in May -- tonight it's going down to nearly freezing -- it's 39 Fahrenheit and its still going down.

 I could send you an article about our crackhead Toronto mayor -- my street people tell me the brother was indeed selling hashish in the 1980s, the oldest sister in the family was a heroin addict, her ex-biker drug dealer husband shot her  boy friend in the head (fatal) and she had to go to hospital because she was shot in the face from the blast, the oldest brother runs the family business in Chicago where billionaire Adilman came to visit the mayor. Some of this was printed in Canada's national Globe & Mail paper but I have more info.

 An mutual acquaintance who knew the paper always needs money offered me money to report favourably on Ford's mayoralty campaign. I wasn't about to give up the integrity of the paper that easy!

 The problem is -- Toronto had a choice of crackheads for mayor! The other candidate who I refer to as "Slitherman" (Smitherman) was an admitted former crackhead, who just got married to his "husband" and they adopted a little boy.

 zionist lawyers threatened me when I printed that he was sharing his office with Bob Rae-Cohen, interim leader of the Liberal Party who had tried to sell Ontario's Hydro One system to Enron criminals and who we reported as having helped Maurice Strong and local Maoists to smuggle Chinese communist spies into Canada.

 I'll stop here -- I could go on and on. This will be on my upcoming front page.

 Take care. Best wishes.

 -- Victor  
 Toronto Street News





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