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'Salmon' COV Proves BioWar Origin
Against The Wuhan Military Games - Pt 25

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

News Flash - The sanitation department in the Milan-Lombardy region of Italy recently discovered COV-contaminated samples from some 40 monitoring stations through the sewage systems dating back to early-to-mid December before China announced discovery of the first infection. That's a stunning finding, although not for readers who've kept up with this series.

Here again is further proof of soldier-athletes, this time Italians, becoming infected at the CISM Military Games held in Wuhan during the last two weeks of October, as reported in this series. As described in earlier of these essays, two lakes used for outdoors swimming events, the triathlon and pentathlon, were deliberately contaminated with COV-injected Tilapia in a bio-terrorism attack. So the evidence keeps rolling in, to crush the mainstream media account and the bogus bat distraction campaign. So who organized the attack against the sports venues in Wuhan? The probable suspects are non-CISM countries Britain, Japan and Israel, the three prime suspects along with the British neo-colony Australia. The big fish story is based not on conjecture but comes from knowledge gained during my hard frontier experience raising trout in China's far-western deserts.

The second seafood market to erupt in a coronavirus outbreak, this time around in the Chinese capital Beijing, confirms my basic thesis that the vector for the COV outbreak was fish. GMO Tilapia was released in a bio-terrorism attack against the World Military Games at Wuhan, and the Beijing outbreak is attributed to "salmon". What's the connection between the two species of fish in relation to coronavirus? Not everything is as it seems on first sight.

Part 25 also deals with the limited disclosure at the suspect Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Here, the Ebola shipments to China are discussed and also some consideration is given to the much greater secret being withheld from public disclosure. In this case, I will show the rationale, indeed a very good one from the standpoint of Africans and anyone who is not a bioweapons developer, behind the Chinese temporary director for those EBOV transfers to China, which has the largest medical team in Africa. Since the NML was extensively covered in this series, I will just touch on the highlights of the Ebola shipment.

Human error in the COV crisis

We've arrived at Part 25 of these COVID chronicles far past reasonable expiry date for an epidemic, the duration of which is symptomatic of bureaucratic incompetence, Democrat politicization, sabotage by the biological weapons industry, and delays due to grant bids from the pharmaceutical industry. This pandemic would have been whipped months ago had funding and resources been allocated instead to public hygiene, practical preventive measures and basic care at hospitals for patients. The other reason for the slow pace of this health crisis is the steadfast refusal of health authorities to admit that COVID-19 was synthesized in laboratories in the USA and Britain, with support from Japanese researchers. It's hard to treat symptoms if doctors remain unaware of the actual cause of the disease and the structures of its assembly. In my opinion Tony Fauci should either confess all to make his peace with God and country, or take personal responsibility Japanese-style since good hemp rope is unavailable nowadays.

The shortcomings of health officials and government policy are not entirely at fault given the stir-crazy indiscipline of the out-of-control younger generation crowding the beaches and then rioting and torching the city centers. The disrespectful and lawless tendencies of the youngsters and social irresponsibility of the shameless rich demand legal prosecution to set stern examples with lockdown inside a prison. Due to the permissiveness of politicians and prosecutors, spoiled rotten brats have disgraced this country in the eyes of other nations that have shown courage and social unity against the contagious threat.

The fish that got away

This past week at a Beijing seafood market, the source of a new COVID outbreak was traced back to "imported salmon", which I show here is neither foreign-sourced nor true salmon. Understanding the magic behind transforming a domestic rainbow trout into a faux Norwegian salmon requires a bit of time to explain the ins and outs. The craft of fish-raising is something I know in minute detail from my past experience as an ecological adviser to an aquaculture operation located at the unlikely juncture of the Gobi and Kumtag deserts and the last outcrop of the snow-capped Himalayan uplift called the Altun mountains. The location of the aquaculture project was a desolate dune-swept terrain, south of Dunhuang, the latter being the oasis site of the ancient Buddhist Mogao grottoes on the Silk Road. Have I got fish stories to tell.

Salmon Sushi

Anyone who eats raw fish, or even cold cooked fish nowadays, does not gain my pity or deserve advice, not after repeated warnings for nearly a decade about Fukushima radioactive isotopes and opportunistic pathogens and noxious parasites that infiltrate the weakened immune systems of irradiated fish and then into your body. Sushi is suicide so it's your own folly to blame if strange symptoms erupt over your skin and in the internal organs. Against the host of microorganisms and internal damage from radioactive exposure, wasabi is powerless, and the massive amount of MSG only disrupts your immune responses.

Don't let my words of caution stop you. Go ahead and gobble down the sushi, because it's to die for, as I discovered to my dismay while doing a radioactivity research trip into the Fukushima exclusion zone with Dr. Richard Wilcox. After walking all day through streaming radioactivity past zillions of huge bags of radioactive waste at a processing site that was not supposed to exist, we turned back at dusk to catch the last train back to Ueno Station in Tokyo but still had an hour to kill in the freezing cold when passing by the area's only izakaya, a traditional pub, and so ducked in for warm sake rather foolishly.

Without displaying shock at the sight of a gaijin, a foreigner, in her sacred space, the serving lady brought two life-saving steaming flasks and then slid two grilled fishes on the table as a complimentary. I took it as the way to detect unfriendly anti-nuclear evil-doers from the pro-nuke loyalists, snickering in the corner. The fish test. So I whispered to Richard to eat with smile and praise the flavor to win this traditional Japanese game of nerves in Fugu-shima, fugu being the lethal poisonous puffer fish. Prove that you are a brave fool, that's all that matters here. Ummm, how delicious this local-caught fish, such a rare delight. Nothing lost in translation. Well done gaijin, you're hired for the Suntory whiskey commercial.

"It was netted out of the sea just this morning, and I am so glad you two don't believe those nasty inaccurate rumors about this area." I frowned at Richard, whispering not to take a dosimeter reading. The gawkers turned around, assuming we'd die on the train to Tokyo. He had struggled with the first bite, but after the first flask of sake, gobbled down the rest greedily. "It's delicious" he admitted guiltily. The lady was beaming, and a table of local contractors looked at his delight, smiling broadly. Too bad he's not Japanese because he's make a great kamikaze pilot. I was a bit taken back by hthe new enthusiasm of another anti-nuker won over to atomic fish. Bowing several times over the toxic pile of bones and empty bottles past the sliding door, we made our escape, rushed so as not to be stuck outdoors overnight to be microwaved like a couple of small fry. The train was late and the beer vending machine was power off. It's Fukushima, what'd you expect?

By comparison with other countries or at the Absolut level of veracity at 80 proof, let me state here forthrightly that the Scandinavian salmon cages are not guilty as falsely accused in Beijiing. Norway has one of the world's lowest rates of COV infection in humans and excellent waste-water treatment systems, including aboard their coastal ferries, as I have seen first-hand. The seawater is clear and extremely cold, as I know from cod-fishing in the Barents Sea, a miserable experience but a nice way to spot pristine white Beluga whales plowing the waves. It was so cold in autumn that a Polar survival suit had to be worn while sweating to haul up endless lines of black cod, which were so abundant that my metal sinker could not drop past the school to reach down to the higher-quality white cod lower down on the sonar. No problem for whatsoever's consuming the ocean's bounty raw or slightly boiled.

In other words, the Scandinavian waters are too cold, even in the fjords, for COV to survive. The Beijing fish market's claim about "imported" salmon is therefore supplier disinfo perpetrated on gullible Chinese consumers. Having eaten sushi in China, which is quite tasty and well presented, I can say that real Nordic salmon is served only in the upscale restaurants and not at the cheaper "kaiten" revolving conveyor belts.

A couple of years ago a huge food scandal erupted when upper-crust Chinese diners heard reports from people returning from vacation in Japan that the sashimi salmon in China is nothing like real thing in Osaka or Tokyo. Aside from the clean flavor of Norwegian salmon, texture is all important. The real stuff is soft but firm, enabling one to bite off morsels, whereas the local Chinese product is squishy and a bit slimy. Then someone got wind that "imported salmon" was actually trout grown on a vast fish farm on the landlocked Qinghai Plateau, near Tibet, and worse, that it was infested with parasites.

The rumors about trout substituting for salmon, which had been floating around for years, finally came to a head in 2018 in a consumer revolt. In response, the Fisheries Bureau decided to tighten up regulatory standards and redefine Trout as "Salmon" officially, putting an end to the scandal if not the confusion and distaste.

This is like the half-full or half-empty cup. Salmon and trout belong to the same biological family of Salmonidae, but half-breeds are rare even in the estuaries where the two species co-mingle. The difference is highlighted in the species nomenclature, salmon being Salmo salar meaning a salmon residing in salt water; versus trout's Onchorynchus mykiss, the first word being Greek for "hook mouth" and second the Kamchatka native term for rainbow trout. Since rainbow trout physically resembles salmon, the big differences are in the trout's ability to live in streams cut off from the sea and consequent white flesh, due to a diet deprived of the red-pigment from seagoing crustaceans. Inside an all-natural fish market, therefore, one can readily tell the difference, but not in shop selling aquaculture grown fish.

Therefore anyone eating "salmon" in Beijing has been forewarned and so tough luck about catching COVID from sashimi "salmon". The national aquaculture industry is worth billions of dollars, and is therefore a holy cow, or more apt, a sacred whale. Imported salmon is made in China. While attention is focused on the supposed patient zero, a grandfather who bought fish for his family at the Xinfadi agricultural product market, at this point nobody is seriously pondering how the trout were infected. Who needs forensics when a scapegoat will do, especially one as far away as Norway?

I will get into the trade secrets on how to turn a perfect trout into an awful salmon, and then how it became COV infected, but first you and I need to take a sake break, cold or warm, daiginjo quality or in a glass can (a can made of glass) rolling out of a vending machine, take your pick because that is what eating fish is about in the homeland of sushi and sashimi. Mine preference the all-rice (no grain alcohol) standard of sake called "junmai-shu". On a freezing night, while walking a long distance, a warm glass can keeps your hands from getting frostbite, that is if you don't gulp down the contents in one swill. Sip slowly if you don't want to be an ice cube.

Drink is necessary, food is not

Your average diner in Beijing paid no attention to the fish-branding fuss. The Chinese gorge themselves on any kind of fish, along with just about everything else. It's the garbage chute theory of maximum daily requirements. In Japan excessive, by contrast, appetite is considered not just bad form in Buddhist philosophy and Shinto ethics, but a lack of essential appreciation of the beautiful living creature that died for your dining pleasure. Food is a priceless luxury that is best looked at but not consumed by the stoic. Am I making any sense? Booze, however, is holy communion, bonding with drunkards, and therefore best done without moderation.

Therefore as a conformist, my favorite way of enjoying the treasures of the sea, umi no sachi, was during the long nighttime break between the evening deadline for the Kansai region, sent southeast by truck, and the midnight Tokyo editions of the newspaper where I was an editor. With a couple of expert sake drinkers among the pressmen and one of my reporters, we'd head to a wood-paneled inn to taste 5 types of sake, each with a tiny accompaniment of finest raw fish in perfect match-ups. The skill came to me more naturally than bone-breaking judo, my teen years being spent in Kobe with its Nada sake breweries. So in a blind tasting of cold sake, I was always able from two sips from a tiny cup to distinguish the variety's proximity to a particular sea, the slope of various mountains, the altitude and soil type of the rice paddy, and the source of rain or snowfall, and thereby name the district. Journalism provided the geography lessons, and knowledge of science helps. Forget the tea ceremony and did that frequently too, but nearly lost the use of my legs from the kneeling, so I limit the kneel to God Almighty and nothing less.

Indeed it was under my editorship, after a 10-round session with an eager American sake connoisseur, who saw his first article in print at my press with a front cover of a label-plastered door in Ameyoko-cho (the America Black Market alley). Since then this aspiring taster has shot to world fame as a sake impresario and authority, John Gauntner, who also knows his sashimi. Those were the days of solo refinement as opposed to mass piggery. Buy his book(s) to comprehend the art.

Trout in the Dunes

Now back to the far end of the Gobi desert where it meets the Kumtag dunes, known as the "Sea of Death" where the greatest Chinese explorer died in a sandstorm. Between the two awesome deserts is a narrow salt pan studded with ancient shepherds' caves carved into cliffs overlooking a dry lake-bed. Beyond that flat toward the south is the Himalayan uplift made visible on the snow-capped Altun mountain range. I served as the ecological consultant to a large-scale aquaculture project, which began by erecting a dam to capture the snow-melt, which then channeled cold water through underground crevasses below the dry lake-bed, sand dunes and sandstone cliffs, where you can hear the gurgling of the revived stream but not see any traces of it. After reemerging the stream ran into a catchment, where rainbow trout were grown between concrete channels.

At the time, one of the eco-projects was to raise local algae,the only type that can survive temperature extremes and intense solar UV radiation. The purpose was to cleanse used water draining out of the fish tanks. The concept was to transform fish droppings and dissolved carbon dioxide from their gills into algae, that could be used as fertilizer and possibly an oil source for bio-diesel.

Our team hand-built charcoal kilns for converting old grape-vine trunks into charcoal to house microorganisms in the alkali sandy soil and use the smoke to add more carbon content for the algae tanks. This strenuous physical work to recycle CO2 under a blazing sun and during sandstorms is why I do not appreciate being lectured at by the likes of Greta Thunberg, who knows nothing about her claims. Unless carbon reduction has some economic value in an ecological cycle, it is not sustainable and likely to produce more CO2 that it removes from the atmosphere.

Nature's treasures

Anyway, I was always refreshing after being covered in dust and dried sweat to walk upstream a bit to splash chilly water on one's head and neck, and then look up to see a free-roaming Bactrian camel, the wild ancient breed of Przewalski's horse, a soaring black eagle or yaks left behind more than a thousand years ago by pagan Tibetan raiders who seized the Dunhuang grottoes during the collapse of the Tang Dynasty. There were broken shards of pottery and bits of cast-off jade along a byway of the Southern Silk Road, fire-signal towers from the Han Dynasty and flat green stones that rang like bells from the primordial uplift of what was Gondwanaland, the singular continent.

Adding to these natural treasures was the special rainbow trout from the mountain streams of northern Korea, which had come to China as a gift from Kim Il-Sung, founder of the DPRK North Korean regime, to the first Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China Zhou Enlai. Quite a pleasure, indeed, to be raising these Korean beauties in the Sea of Death. Due to this history, it was out of the question to genetically modify or hybridize these fish but instead the task was to constantly adapt local materials to improve a nature-based environment for the fishes' survival, so it was a privilege for me to be aboard something untarnished and still pure.

One of my tasks was to track down the thieves stealing timber from the wind-break plantation, which I'd do by collecting the felled trunks and leaning them up on an isolated tall tree for all to see from miles away. That send the right message, since none dared go near, like taking a bone from a dog and putting on the fireplace mantle. Another challenge was to measure and photo the footprints of the poachers who stole tons of trout. Tracking down the footsteps, I confronted the gang leader, a young tough, and told him to show up the next morning for a horse ride, just the two of us into the Sea of Death. After he strode away, I joked with the crew that only one of us was coming back. That night he left the village forever. It was the Wild West of the Gobi, Marco Polo country on the Silk Road. I won't mention much about the female artist who arrived to make sand sculptures, since that's a closely held secret and not a gift from Great Leader Kim. Then it all disappeared like a mirage.

So my point is this. Our giant rainbows that grew to 9 pounds over four to five years were all-natural, if only because these were heritage fish with an amazing story of origin, because nobody in that part of the world messes with the two big men. The flesh was pure white, firm and textured, and these were fed beef kibble so their blood stream contained lots of hemoglobin for oxygen consumption. We'd barbecue some by the lake on desert aromatic wood, and the taste was out of this world.

How to Cheat

To cater to a sushi market that does not serve trout due to the raw flesh's strong odor from its high content of Omega-3 oil, certain tricks are required. First, to get a trout to appear to be salmon, the flesh has be colorized with a naturally occurring pigment produced by crimson algae called Astaxanthin, that word derived from Greek, asta meaning "divine powers" and xanthin "orange color". The hues of reddish crustaceans such as krill, lobsters, crabs and crayfish are due to their diet rich in Astaxanthin algae. Since China grows and consumes a vast amount of crayfish, there is a plentiful supply of leftover crawdad shells, which can be added to trout-feed pellets, turning their flesh to the desired orange color.

The next challenge is texture, trout flesh being somewhat dry and firm-muscled whereas salmon tends to be more slippery and supple. This can be partly done by increasing the fat in their diet with lard or beef suet, or simply to cross-breed by adding salmon milt to trout eggs in a rubber bucket. First the ovarian gel has to be diluted with water and its gel dissolved since it's the species barrier that blocks salmon sperm from fertilizing trout eggs.

That is not quite enough yet because the hybrid still needs genetic modification to increase its rate of growth and also to soften up the flesh, so the genes of a sea eel have to be cloned into the eggs for the desired "prefect" salmon imitation. It may sound like a huge effort, but each step is simple enough and done at the hatchery. GMO is not rocket science, and therefore poses a greater threat than a ballistic missile.

Frankenfish on sale

So with these methods, a lying cheating crook can produce a fake salmon of 4-5 pounds in 18 months. A couple of other steps are required, adding salt for brackish water (one-third the salinity of seawater). The fingerlings are raised in refrigerated water over the summer and then releasing into outdoors tanks over the cool autumn, winter and spring outdoors temperatures.

So the time-line shows that the fake salmon in the Beijing market were eggs at the start of 2019 (eggs can be stored for a limited time), fingerlings by that late spring, one-pounders by late summer, and by autumn released from artificially cooled tanks into open-air outdoors tanks around October when the chill sets in along the vast aquaculture ponds in the Yangtze River valley surrounding Wuhan.

Next point, the other type of commonly farmed fish that also requires brackish water is GMO Tilapia that's been gene-modified by the Israelis. Tilapia, as I've suggested in this COV series, were injected with COVID-19 and used as the vector to infect the lakes used for the triathlon and pentathlon outdoors swimming events at the CISM World Military Games held at Wuhan starting mid-October 2019. So bingo that accounts for the many reports of infection that time-frame among Europeans athletes and by the Italian sewage bureau within six weeks of the soldiers' return to Italy. Later in December, the surplus COV-infected Tilapia were sold off at the Huanan fish market across the bridge and 20 miles downstream of the laboratory, which was falsely blamed for the COV release.

Therefore, the COV contaminated brackish water, and probably escaped infected Tilapia, got into the waters of the nearby trout-salmon hybrids, whose immune systems had already been disrupted by gene-modification. The latest estimates on the Beijing outbreak is that the virus appeared in asymptomatic patients this past April. By this month, June, at about 18 months of age, the "imported salmon" was shipped in large quantities to Beijing inside tanks and netted out for customers and cleaned of scales and guts on chopping blocks and cutting boards, infecting the market-goers and whoever handled or ate the sushi.

"Mystery" solved. If you didn't know anything about aquaculture cultivation of fish and its many intricacies and the criminal shortcuts, well, you'd never guess. There's also the element of overkill of people around the world and trillions of dollars in economic damage, to be compensated by the nations involved in these biorwar attacks, both deliberate and as collateral damage, on top of the sneak biowar attack against thousands of military sports contestants from the armies of 100 nations, with the notable exceptions of Britain-Australia, Japan and Israel, which are not CISM members. Recently Chinese relations with those countries has deteriorated. I wonder why.

So why am I not still at that amazing desert location at world's end? Because the fish farm was totally wiped out by an unprecedented flood, among others that hit the arid highlands of Kashmir, Pakistan and Sichuan, the latter being where I had advised a range-management program for cattle and sheep-rearing. Hundreds of people were drowned and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Those extraordinary deluges were caused by super-heated water temperatures in the Indian Ocean, which lifted moisture-bearing clouds to record heights during the monsoon season over the Himalayas. No Greta, the cause was not global warming. The heat source was a hot spot off the coast of Somalia, where the Italian mafia called N'drangheta had dumped old rusty ships from Scandinavia, aka Norway and Sweden, packed to the gills with Italy's radioactive fuel rods and nuclear reactor parts, following the Italian referendum to shut down that nation's nuclear energy program a year after the Chernobyl disaster. The ships were sunk off Somalia, a fact the locals know for certain due to highly radioactive containers swept ashore by the Boxing Day tsunami in December 2004. The Somalian government was stunned by the discovery but could do nothing because immediately thereafter arms dealers in London sent shiploads of automatic weapons to fishermen, whose fish stocks that left for cooler waters, to begin the Somali Pirates surge, which distracted the attention of the European press away from the root cause of nuclear waste dumping.


The Great Flood that hit the Gobi occurred in June 2011, 5 days after I had finished final touches on our cafe and had to return to Fukushima to report on the nuclear disaster. A half million trout were killed by nitrite-contaminated water; our workers hands and turned black from chemical poisoning; and property damage was extensive enough to close down the environmental experimental facility forever. That was all the more reason for me to oppose and publicly criticize the pro-nuke global warming disinformation. Nuclear industry's reckless waste disposal is the major cause of hotter temperatures and the extraordinarily crazy weather phenomena worldwide, as I have reported on extensively and explained in detail.

Amid this radioactivity-caused series of global weather catastrophes, reckless nuclear powers Britain, Japan and Israel, with their paid flunkies in the Deep State cabal from the Clinton-Obama years unleashed the Coronavirus contagion upon us. May a pox be on their houses. So COVID-19, which can cross from fish to humans, is a humdinger of a zoonotic disease made possible by bio-engineering. Another re-emerging tool for gene modification is radioactivity, as tracked in my article about the nuclear-mutant variant of bovine tuberculosis taken from the Soviet nuclear test site to Switzerland, a key component of COVID-19. Researchers are now developing gamma ray splicing tools for gene transfers. The more monsters that are made in the lab, the further humankind will be dispossessed and distanced from what little remains of a natural paradise.

Canadian Bioweapons Lab

The much-maligned Chinese lab director Xiangguo Qiu had strong moral grounds and ethical responsibility to air-ship the dozen or so Ebola variants held at the Canadian Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg, for two reasons summarized here, and mentioned previously in my COV and Ebola article series.

First, the Chinese have stationed the largest foreign medical team in Africa, who unlike their Western counterparts are dedicated to the Hippocratic Oath of combating diseases and healing patients, instead of creating new ills and releasing bio-toxins in fake vaccine campaigns to perpetrate a genocide as done by Western "aid" organizations and pharmaceutical companies. I am not biased, that's just restatement of well-documented facts.

The reason that Chinese microbiologists want to review all so-far isolated and identified EBOV variants is the disturbing pattern of intermittent outbreaks of inexplicable origin across Africa, which cannot be natural occurrences due to incoherence oflocation, time, death rates and other factors. Many, perhaps most viral outbreaks in Africa have occurred soon after vaccination campaigns by Western NGOs, as I documented with the 2017 West African outbreak in Guinea, which traced back to an unscheduled "emergency" vaccination protect sponsored by UNICEF chief Tony Lake, former National Security Adviser to President Bill Clinton and planner of the invasion of Somalia, which ended in the Blackhawk Down disgrace. The Guinea vaccine was staged to coincide with an auction of the world's largest remaining mountain of iron ore, organized by George Soros and his crony Bernard Kouchner, founder of Medicines Sans Frontieres, as documented in my Ebola series of 2017. The Guinean Ebola contagion erupted in an area where the predominant population were mineral miners.

Second, the EBOV shipment was mainly older samples collected by former NML director Heinz Feldman, who was personally present at the Gabon-Congo (Brazzaville) Ebola outbreak of 2001 and sent samples back to Winnipeg, which apparently developed variant (mutant) strains and also created the infamous Z-Mapp cocktail, in a media scam during the Western African affair involving a missionary with Billy Graham's charity Samaritan's Purse, the doctor Kent Brantly who flew back on private jet to the CDC Atlanta after Z-Mapp treatment. The questionable "cure" involved the U.S. military AMRII biowarfare unit's civilian spin off in San Diego. The only effective ingredient in that 3 component drug cocktail was horse serum obtained from the Soviet-era VECTOR laboratory in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Feldman has since relocated to a U.S. federal lab in Montana.

Whatever top secret that Dr. Qiu is under house arrest for, has to do with this deep background and very likely the early development of COVID-19, especially its HIV protein segment and later the bovine TB strand, work on which was transferred by NIH-DHS to the University of Bristol in Gloucestershire.

His successor Frank Plummer infamously died after a lobotomy, while suspicions were building about the NML role in developing COVID-19 in secret partnership with Yoshihiro Kawaoka's veterinary lab at University of Wisconsin. The 2013 imposition of a ban on Gain of Function research that increases toxicity of pathogens forced the entire operation was transferred out of country to the University of Bristol in Gloucestershire, UK, where it was tested in badgers and caused 400,000 deaths in Britain during the "flu" season of 2018-19. The funding came from Jeh Johnson, head of Obama's DHS, and Anthony Fauci at NIH. These are the creators of COVID-19.

The point that I've consistently made in these articles is that, yes, China is capable of horrifying crimes of scientific experimentation but that the Chinese should not be falsely accused for the crimes of other powers, as was done against the bat research at the Wuhan-based National Institute of Virology sponsored by USAID. Investigation must be fact-based and analyzed in historical context for accuracy and to pinpoint the chief culprits and their ultimate objectives. Otherwise scaremongering is a diversionary tactic to keep the spotlight off intelligence services and politicians involved in heinous science, whether microbiology or nuclear weaponry.

Public Health no vaccines

The COVID-19 contagion drags on into summer mainly because of official denial of its origins as a bio-engineered weapon. Keeping doctors in the dark is similar to the ban on surgery in the Dark Age, officially sanctioned non-medicine. The urgent desire not to alarm the public is bureaucratic folly. Installing UV air purifiers may not be the happiest sight inside airports and planes, mass transit stations and trains or buses, but it is effective for the vast majority of passengers, and a warning sign for asthmatics should be posted. Discomfort for 1 person in 500 should not condemn 10 people to death. The priorities are all wrong, infected by a medical version of political correctness and avoidance of tough decisions.

Instead of the wasteful exercise to fund vaccines, public toilets should have been installed in city centers and in larger towns months ago, because the fact is that diarrhea is one of the first symptoms of coronavirus and the consequence of defecation in parking lots and public parks is a super spreader. The federal investment in a vaccine is a total waste of money and resources, because COV has already mutated into at least 9 strains, and those will soon either vanish due to disorders or develop defenses against a vaccine for a predecessor. Common sense approaches to sanitation and waste disposal have not been taken due to the face mask frenzy, which is another diversionary exercise in futility. The bureaucrats should be vetted and those found wanting fired and WHO shut down forever, being a large part of the problem and none of the solution.

All right, time to sign off. Let's hope this ordeal ends soon so we can enjoy some fresh air on the Fourth of July or join a militia to end the reign of rebels without a cause. Too bad there will not be a National Guard parade when it's most needed on our troubled streets rife with jihadist hatred of everything America stands for along with their paid help, the shiftless parasite rioters, the new slaves of foreign paymasters looting the fasion products made by low-paid industrious workers across Asia. Who is the real racist? Quit pointing your fingers and look in the mirror. Be sure to wear a mask to hide your ugly face from the surveillance cameras. Everyone else, hang in there just a bit more and we should soon be over the hump.

Here's something to practice singing during lockdown for our national liberation moment of the Fourth of July, a poem written by an American lawyer held captive aboard a Royal Navy ship in Chesapeake Bay, who witnessed the terrific British bombardment of Fort McHenry over 27 hours September 13-14, 1814. It's guaranteed to make you stronger for the unrelenting battles ahead, Francis Scott Keyes' poem Star Spangled Banner, now under ferocious attack from the pro-British colonialist traitors with Black Lives Don't Matter on bended knee to the British Empire along with their criminal allies among the Antifa Fascists. No quarter given, none taken, this is WAR to defend the Republic. Some strange gods may want to save the Queen but we certainly will not. The poem in entirety is a wake-up call.

"Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

"On the shore dimly seen thro' the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
In full glory reflected, now shines on the stream:
'Tis the star-spangled banner: O, long may it wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

"And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has wash'd out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

"O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand,
Between their lov'd homes and the war's desolation;
Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land
Praise the Pow'r that hath made and preserv'd us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause is just,
And this be our motto: 'In God is our trust'.
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"