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Aspartame & Restaurants - Finding A Safe Place To Eat

 By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.

 After I supplied them with aspartame information they removed it.  Then started removing other bad things.  I also gave them information on "Just Like Sugar", which is the safe sweetener  -   Let's give them a standing ovation and let them know they are appreciated.  They now have a consulting firm to train other restaurants to have clean menu's.,

 It always helps to give information to every restaurant:  Here is one I use: " Waiter please remove this neurotoxin from our table,"  I probably need to bring it up-to-date:  Since Don Harkins died we no longer have the Artificially Sweetened Times mentioned and the web site is now on  because industry hacked it.

 Every restaurant within ten miles of my house I have given aspartame information to.  Many times it makes a difference.  When my husband and I visited Ponte Vedra in Florida  years ago we ate out at restaurants nearby.  I gave them so much information on aspartame. We came back a year later and noticed every single restaurant we had visited the year before had removed aspartame.  Nothing ventured nothing gained. You never know what grows when you sow seeds.

 Also be sure to pass on the  imminent health hazard  petition

 We want to saturate the world to prevent the FDA from shoving it again under the rug again.    The original was filed by certified mail in 2002.  They didn't answer it for 12 years and when they did I had to find out from reading the National Law Review.  The  imminent health hazard filed in 2007 has never been answered. They simply sent a note of it being received.  They only have a short time to answer it by law, 7 to 10 days. With an imminent health hazard petition operations are to cease.  We want to prevent the FDA from ignoring it again.

 Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
 Mission Possible World Health Intl,,, - search aspartame,  files now on