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Sabotaging America From The Inside Out


By Jim Kirwan


The Seeker & The Thinker

Deborah C. Tyler, beautifully explains this blatantly obvious twisting of the basis for our traditional explanations in her article of December 28:

Why People Can't Face the Truth about Obama”

In the article she defines how the Obama presidency has religiously deviated ­ across the entire spectrum, from what happened by design, to the nation's political leadership in these few paragraphs.

“If the Obama election were going to reduce the dissonance he would have started his administration thusly: “As I have said, we are one nation, going forward together. Mine will be the first truly color-blind administration in American history. Every appointment I make will be based solely on qualifications and proven competence without reference to race.” Of course, this is the opposite of what Obama did. He fine-combed through America searching for scraps of racism. He strengthened the lie that America is a racist nation as cover for his destruction. Amongst innumerable examples:

Attorney General Holder introduced the Obama administration by implying the white majority are all racists, built a DOJ whose foremost concern is racism, carried forward by Loretta Lynch, who just said a street strewn with American corpses murdered by Jihadi terrorists is a “wonderful” opportunity to fight racism.

America is racist, so illegals can enter unchecked. America is racist, destroy her free markets, send billions to nonwhite people as “warmist” reparations for her ill-gotten success. America is racist, empower and enrich her enemies like Iran. Barack Obama and his ilk experience zero cognitive dissonance regarding the contradictory beliefs 'America is about freedom' and 'America is racist'. They never believed that America or her Constitution are about freedom. They believe the incurably evil and racist America must be eliminated for the good of the world.

Shouldn't we do more for Loretta Lynch

Maybe Loretta and Obama ought to be lynched together?


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