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Russian Source Details Pay
To Ukraine 'Protesters'

From 'Alex'


This message comes from “Alex” a contact inside of Russia.  From the very start of Euromaydan each team leader of the "neo-Nazi" Right Wing Sector, RWS, receives a cash reward (for each active fighter for $ 200 per day and an additional $ 500 if the group is over 10 people; group coordinators - from U.S. $ 2,000 per day of riots, provided that controlled group performs direct offensive action against law enforcement officials and representatives of public authorities ) .

The cash for RWS flows from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev [through diplomatic channels] to the central offices of the "neo-Nazi" Freedom Party [leader - Tyagnibok-Frotman, half-Jew] and "Fatherland" party [leaders - Jewess Julia Kapitelman-"Timoshenko", Jew Arseniy Jacenyuk, from the family of Rabbis]: about $ 20 million per week; PRIVATBANK of the Jewish tycoon Igor Kolomoisky is the main part of this financial backing [Kolomoisky is the main financial backer of Frotman` Freedom party and Bandera-Stetzko-Shukhevich` Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists]. In turn, these funds are distributed for the support of Euromaydan/RWS - for daily payments to active fighters, for bribes, drugs, weapons, Molotov cocktails etc. RWS leaders receive money by bank transfers on their personal accounts in Kolomoisky` Jewish PRIVATBANK. It is confirmed also, main financial backer of RWS is another Jewish tycoon Poroshenko; some assume, RWS is simply Poroshenko` private army. Interestingly, in 2006 already the future militants of RWS were taught special forces` and guerrilla` warfare in Estonia by NATO military instructors.

The main political backer of Euromaydan in the USA is the Jewess Victoria Nuland.

Btw - here: Jewish MP from the Fatherland Party Sergey Pashinsky with a sniper rifle in his car: presumably he shoots both at Berkut Riot police` guys [REAL ARYAN HEROES!] and RWS "rebels" - typically Jewish false flag` mode of operations.

However, it was confirmed, Ukrainian "far-Right" leaders, at their request, received firm guarantees from the USA and EU for an emergency evacuation from the territory of Ukraine, and the provision of accommodation and facilities in any EU country [a vivid examples are the Avtomaydan` leader Sergey Koba, who escaped to Germany, and Spilna sprava` chief Aleksandr Danylyuk, who lives in London already].

Yes, RWS` rank-and-file` militants are presumably Jew-haters - likewise, Libyan and Syrian Western-Wahhabi-Israeli backed "rebels". At any rate, generally the Ukrainian war is in the same pattern as the wars in Libya and Syria. NB: RWS` heroes are Syrian "rebels", RWS hoists Free Syria` flag together with Bandera` one. As the American blockhead John Friend writes in the recent issue of American Free Press, "Nationalism is on the rise in Ukraine". Aha. And this naive idiot is the staff writer now for AFP, although Michael Collins Piper was sacked recently.

John Friend` Ukrainian favorites have NO allies among the Slavonic Nationalists, but collaborate closely with Meir Kahane` types

As my buddy Manuel Ochsenreiter tells during our Victory Hour podcast - after Ukraine next frontlines for THEM will be Byelorussia and Russia. Jewish\American-backed "far Rightists" are ready, already

All the best from Evil Empire,  


Note - We cannot certify the veracity of this email but it fits numerous similar reports.



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