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Rumors Are Killing The Truth

Jim Kirwan

There was a time when credible people always practiced “discrimination”. That was true until “political-correctness’ reversed the meaning of the term. People that lived in reality knew the need to “discriminate’ between points of view and passing fads which always tend to ignore reality: In order to achieve ‘favor’ in any particular passing fad. That tradition was gutted from the inside out by “PC” and we’re all now being forced to live in the ruins which that global-lie created.

To put this in perspective the public must examine how as people they decide to live: What do they cherish, what do they fear, what do people believe versus what do the many decide to act upon: As opposed to what most have chosen to ignore? In this context, the death of the idea of “discrimination” as a practical guide to living becomes a crime against humanity. Any thoughtful person usually tries to discriminate between outright savagery and intelligent choices based upon lives-being-lived in any settled society. That was the reason behind individual “states” or “nations”.

Like minded people early-on learned to live together under terms they understood. ‘Nations’ that could further life and the future each country once had the right to pursue became a goal. In effect most people chose to discriminate between the choices that they faced, regarding the pillars of their own societies, in language and habits.


However once “discrimination” became a crime instead of an asset: What had been publicly known to be true and lawful was used to break down every society, into a new set of “rights” granted to foreign minorities, which had to overthrow the same states that had been invaded by “others” from outside those nations. This farce rapidly began to replace the old norms, which still tried to maintain the way of life that most once spent their lives trying to achieve.

Critics say that it’s not that simple. ‘The migration of people today from desperately poor nations are migrating into the same states that forced their new poverty on them, just to survive. That is clearly true in most cases. It’s this inherent conflict at the root of every “right” which is responsible for the blatant conflicts throughout both the old and the supposedly “new” order of life on this planet today.

What is less clear is that people no longer have any actual representation, or rights, in any of the wars which the illegally declared criminal-colonialism has been practicing upon whole regions in the world today. This is what’s forcing the unending wars upon this imprisoned planet.

In America this has been clearly going on for 101 years, since Americans indirectly allowed their money to be stolen and their nation to be taken over by an illegally constructed private corporation called United States Incorporated (USI).

This happened largely because people no longer have the right to ‘discriminate’ between how they want to live and how they are being told they MUST live: In the Old World Order which was renamed the New World Order in 1913.

Within just the last ten days ‘Amerika’ has been undergoing a massive new shock. Of course none of it is really new: Because it’s been going on 24-7 now for the last fourteen years. What’s changed is that suddenly the somnambulant public has detected a small piece of an actual threat they’ve been silently rejecting since 911 was forced upon them. “Amerika” has gone from total disregard of any and all news, to a near total absorption with every possible rumor that manages to get most of the air time on the boob tube.

This makes it clear that Amerikans, as a prospective collective population are actually dumber than a box of rocks. As such we deserve exactly what we’re creating each and every day now ­ because we missed that exact moment when we went from total denial to total absorbsion of every freaked-out rumor that might in some way threaten what most still call ‘their pathetic lives’.

Think about this!

Where were you on 911? What did you think about Katrina and the police-state in actions here, ever since? Did you believe BP in the aftermath of their murder of the Gulf of Mexico that still goes on today—not to mention the nearly total changes to the Gulf Stream that’s taking the BP Corexit all the way to Europe?

Did you even notice the use of Stuxnet in Japan that led to Fukushima, which led directly to the death of life in the Pacific Ocean? And fluttering around these major events there was the Bird Flue Epidemic that was also supposed to kill the human race?

What about the global creation of HAARP and Chemtrails, that have been slaughtering the skies, the water and the earth now for decades—totally altering the viability of the entire planet? Did any of these things along with the burning of the rainforests (The literal lungs of the planet) raise any alarms among the self-centered Amerrykins?

Closer to home what about the total loss of the Bill of Rights, all the Freedoms that Bush the Decider was promising to bring to Iraq? What about ‘Democracy’ that bastardized form of government that simply licensees mob rule over the civility of the Republic that the USA was once believed we were? Any comment from this public? Hell NO! We were far too busy being consumed by all our little busyness that has always outweighed everything that has been threatening this place for the last 14 years!

How many are consumed with the fake rise and fall of stock-markets, the disposition of the fake US dollar that because we are in debt to the tune of $220 trillion, is beyond worthless—so of course we haven’t bothered to pay attention to any of the permanent damages we’ve collaborated in inflicting upon the whole earth. Clearly Amerikans are beneath being a shallow people to the core.

GMO’s like Monsanto are finally taking some real hits in their stocks that will begin to bring down this massively criminal corporation; which just happens to share the patent for Ebola with the US government that “found it” then developed it with Monsanto, before they tested it to insure that it could be effective as an airborne pandemic?

How many of us have come together “to end anything” which this government and others around the world have created? NONE of us have come together to do that: Those who form these BS groups have adopted the idea that “we need to fight” whatever it is. This stance assumes that what we are opposed to cannot be totally eliminated. Yet the global public must come together:

To end the criminally created crimes against humanity worldwide” If there is to be a world by the end of this year! If we had the guts, then hundreds of thousands of us could descend upon the Federal Reserve and “nationalize” the FED—take back the ownership of our money and seize the gold in their looted-basements which they have stolen from the people of this nation.

The government will never do this because this government is being run by the same troglodytes that created the FED in the first place. The election process has also been stolen by the same outlaws, so the only way to “end” any of these crimes is for the public to take charge of ourselves and end the FED along with this criminal government that is totally owned by Israel.

That will only happen if enough of us give a damn about anything enough to actually put our lives at risk, to change this obscenity and take back our freedoms, which in the end is the only thing that really matters anyhow.

We need to jail Nero and free this country

By the way the onset of the all the sudden deaths from Ebola have somehow begun to cease. Of course the 4,000 US troops are in the area in Africa where Ebola was created to insure that Amerika will get all those 4,000 carriers back here, when their meaningless ‘tour’ is finished. Many believe they’ll be bringing Ebola back with them to do what the criminal government has still not been successful in doing: Which is to infect this nation just enough to justify either forced vaccinations or martial law. All of this is being driven by this government which is desperately trying to get the public to overreact to everything related to Ebola:

Throughout all of this what is clear is that the Amerikan public has not paid any attention to any of the crimes that have been routinely committed throughout the world by USI and Israel—which is what has brought us all to the edge of total oblivion.

This happens because Amerikans have not chosen to differentiate between reality and rumors, or between baselessly created threats and the truth. That position will leave millions at the mercy of this soulless police-state and we shall deserve it—because as a society we have ignored “any and all responsibility” we ever had to protect the least among us” ­ which just happens to define what any real society should look like…

History provides the context for differentiation between truth and blatant lies: But if the public fails to educate themselves as to what has already happened both in and to the world ­ then there is no way to protect anyone against these total re-runs we’re all having to live through now, all over the world.


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