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Rothschild’s TNK-BP Intriguers
Drafted The Trump-Russia Report

By Yoichi Shimatsu
 Exclusive To Rense


There’s the irony of a divine comedy in the “fake news” accusation coming full-circle to slam CNN and NBC-Buzzfeed for their release of a false 35-page private-intelligence brief on Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. Instead of facing up to the falsehood, the mainstream media has chosen to ignore the slew of purported contacts and factual errors, for instance, allegations of attorney Michael Cohen’s secret meeting in Prague, when his passport shows that he has never visited the Czech Republic or Russia.
The nonsensical allegations about Donald Trump’s involvement in “sexual perversion” involving a golden shower at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow is a master stroke from a campaign of high-level disinformation, which was immediately disputed in our related Pizzagate series. Despite the attempts of corrupt U.S. intelligence officials to drag red herrings across the trail, numerous threads of evidence have emerged to finger the prime suspects behind the big lie at the Ritz.
A basic understanding of this comical if sinister plot requires at least a quick review of Vladimir Putin’s prosecution of the Yukos-Khordorkovsy attempt to monopolize the Russian-Eurasian energy sector in league with the BP oil company and banker Jacob Rothschild in London. This core group is closely connected with Tony Blair’s New Labour faction now led by David Miliband, along with their retired agents from MI-6 with Orbis Business Intelligence, which was one of the authors of the falsified anti-Trump report.
The figurehead for the Russian disinfo team behind the Ritz scandal is Mikhail Khordorkovsky, the disgraced Yukos CEO who was early-released from a Russian prison in 2013, The tycoon is now based in a luxury villa on Lake Zurich in Rappwerswil-Jona village in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The cabal’s stay-behind chieftains in Moscow, who orchestrated the phony interviews slandering Trump’s team, is Israeli-Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman and his partner Petr Aven, a Yeltsin crony and oligarch formerly with the Foreign Ministry economic bureau.
The Jewish Russo-British cabal’s agent in the U.S. is BP lobbyist Randy Scheunemann of Orion Strategies, who is Senator John McCain's top adviser on national security. Schenemann is a business partner of Mikhail Khordorkovsky in the Corbiere Trust registered in Guernsey island, UK. The Corbiere office funded Khordorkovsky’s legal defense and also his Open Russia foundation, which supports the NED-financed Golos Associates, which “monitors” Russian elections using intimidation against voters. Scheunemann is also affiliated with the Caspian Alliance, an informal group of energy executives founded by Dick Cheney.
Orion Strategies is a lobbyist on the payroll of the George Soros Open Society Institute. (Sarah Palin kicked him out of her campaign after discovering the Soros connection). Scheunemann is longtime consultant to and close associate of David Miliband, a leader of the Rothschild-sponsored globalist New Labour faction in the UK Parliament. Orion is also the spiritual home for writer Michael Goldfarb, the rabid attack dog for John McCain.
The Rothschild-Khordorkovsky-Scheunemann alliance, quietly supported by George Soros, is emerging as the prime suspect in commissioning the Company Intelligence Report drafted by Orbis Business Intelligence and FocusGPS.
Orbis chief Michael Steele is the report “author” of the Company Intelligence Report (CIR), but more specifically the editor and commentator of translated notes from the agents of TNK-BP bosses Petr Aven and Mikhail Fridman. The retired UK diplomat served as an MI-6 officer in Moscow during President Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika period in the early 1990s, when the Soviet Union broke apart. A quarter century is a long time for geopolitical analysts, and his failure to catch all the errors in the anti-Trump report shows that the intelligence agent’s gone to rust.
Fusion GPS in New York is run by former Wall Street Journal reporters:
- Glenn Simpson, who is also posted at the International Assessment & Strategy Center, which is funded by the Defense Department, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the neocon Hudson Institute

- Peter Fritsch, an associate with the Congress-funded Wilson Center
- Thomas Catan, a former reporter for The Times of London and the Financial Times and a graduate of the London School of Economics.
Based on his past reporting on money-laundering by Russian emigres in New York state, Thomas Catan likely wrote CIR sections on supposed transfers of funds from Moscow to ethnic Russians under the guise of pension-fund payments and also the libelous and utterly false section of the report about a “conspiracy of cooperation” between Russian spies and Trump advisers Carter Page and Paul Manafort (detailed below).
What’s needed next is an independent inquiry by a special prosecutor appointed by the incoming Attorney General to subpoena witnesses and experts toward prosecution of this subversive criminal network. Libelous allegations were made in an attempt to depose Trump and his campaign team, including his lawyer Michael Cohen, energy adviser Carter Page, the new National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn, and former campaign manager Paul Manafort, along with several Russian officials named in the report.
The American agents in this bold attempt to undermine the democratic system in violation of the Constitution must face treason charges, while the foreign plotters should be either extradited for trial in a federal court or be appropriately dealt with under the strictest standards in the UK and Russian Federation. Any of the ethnic Jewish perpetrators who attempt to flee to Israel should be brought to stern justice by the Netanyahu government, if for no other reason than future relations with the USA. The religio-ethnic composition of these conspirators makes it all the more important for Israelis to deny them safe harbor, a violation of their most important alliance, which would also tarnish the moral-ethical record of the worldwide Zionist community for eternity for harboring criminals.
At the end of this article, there is a skeletal outline of the “Company Intelligence Report” (abbreviated here as CIR) titled “US Presidential Election: Republican candidate Donald Trump’s activities in Russia and compromising relationship with the Kremlin”.
Energy Focus in the Frame-up
In brief summary, the 35 pages of CIR consists of a series of notes on supposed meetings with Russian  officials in the Putin government and other elite figures. The contents include 16 separate sub-reports, filed by at least four Russian authors/translators summarizing more than a dozen different sources who claimed to have spoken with high-level Kremlin officials. Here, passages and salient points are numbered in order of the report and by their CIR number. (The dates are not always in proper sequence, and a few of the sub-reports are redacted, indicative of surprisingly sloppy procedures.)
A careful examination of the ineptly written report reveals an inordinate emphasis on energy issues targeting Trump’s energy adviser Carter Page and Igor Sechin, CEO of Rosneft Oil, which has just terminated its joint venture with BP in Germany’s Ruhr Oil company.
Sub-report 14, filed on October 18 (CIR 134), claimed that Carter Page met with a surrogate for Sechin, who offered the trade-off of a major shareholding in Rosneft in exchange for Trump lifting the sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis. First of all, industry-respected energy expert Page can readily schedule an in-person meeting with Sechin, so there was no need for an intermediate. The report writer had to admit that the unnamed “associate” of Sechin had failed to convince Page, who remained “non-commital.”
The reluctance described in this fairy tale conflicts with a previous sub-report by an “ethnic Russian associate of Trump” (probably a false reference to Jared Kushner) speaking to a Russian compatriot about a “conspiracy of cooperation” with Putin “managed by Paul Manfort and Carter Page”. In exchange for the alleged Wikileaks hack of the DNC email trove, “Trump has sidelined the Ukraine issue.” (sub-report 3.1 July 19 (CIR 95). No shares in Rosneft were ever transferred despite the alleged cooperation to dump Hillary.
Here, a glance at the time-line of events is key to comprehending the false claim of Carter Page’s “secret meeting”. The July 19 sub-report is dated July 19, whereas DNC computer staffer Seth Rich was murdered on the night of July 10. Craig Murray, former UK envoy to Uzbekistan, is on the press record in a Daily Mail interview stating that he personally received the Wikileaks files in a park near American University in Washington D.C. from a DNC insider who was “disgusted at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the tilting of the primary election field against Bernie Sanders.” The DNC emails were delivered to Wikileaks before the alleged “secret meeting” with Page, which probably never even happened. This was obviously an attempt to link the DNC emails to the fiction of a Russian hack.
Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was framed with another utterly false claim (No.8 October 20 CIR 136) that he flew to Prague for a “secret meeting” with Konstantine Kosachev, head of the Duma (parliament) foreign relations committee under the auspices of Russotrudonichestvo, the Russian outreach group to the CIS states. Presumably the oil reserves of the Caspian Basin, most of them inside Kazakhstan, were being offered as yet another prize in exchange for an end to sanctions over Ukraine. Originally planned for Moscow, the meeting was instead moved to the “soft EU nation” to avoid attention, even though Prague is host to a major CIA station in Eastern Europe. The torpedo hole in this ludicrous story is that Cohen was in Los Angeles at that very moment, and his passport shows that he’s never been to the Czech Republic or Russia.
One super-gaffe in the CIR report is the claim that Cohen was personally involved as Trump’s operative in Russian hacking and cyber warfare.
“XTV/Webzilla used botnets and porn to plant viruses on DNC computers.” Plus, “computer experts Aleksei Gubarov and Seva Kapsugovich involve in hacking operation.” The writer claimed that  in Prague Cohen agreed to protect the Russian hacking operation against the DNC with contingency plans, and that Cohen and his Russian masters agreed to pull out ‘Romanian hackers’ into a bolt hole in Bulgaria.
Pardon this interjection, but Cohen was in Los Angeles at that time and never set foot in Prague. Those are staggering lies crafted with criminal intent.
Faking It in New York and London

The false report on lawyer Cohen required some commentary from the retired British spies with Orbis Business Intelligence in London, working on contract with Focus BPS, a strategic research firm in New York. “Company comment: based on October 19 report (missing from this collection)” claimed that - Cohen had met clandestinely in a European country with the Presidential Authority Legal Department, with the purpose of “cleaning up the mess” from Paul Manafort’s relationship with deposed Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych.
In the first week of January 2017, according to Japanese television news, a representative of the government of Ukraine apologized for meddling against Donald Trump’s electoral campaign and pledged improved relations with his upcoming presidency. That admission explodes the false charges against Paul Manafort and Carter Page on the Ukraine issue laid by the liars with the Yukos-BP cabal.
We could go on with picking apart the catalog of falsehoods in the Company Intelligence Report, for example, the claim of a rift between Foreign Ministry heavyweights Sergei Kyslyak, the ambassador to the U.S., against the SVR foreign intelligence agency and Presidential Authority chief Sergei Ivanov, who was fired in August, supposedly for botching the anti-Hillary propaganda. Nothing substantial in this report can be confirmed other than as a pack of lies.
RT Ratings Insufficient to Swing the Vote
The most outrageous deception from the Soros-Hillary-CIA nexus is that a disinformation campaign by Vladimir Putin’s team stole the presidential election for Trump. The best evidence against this baseless claim comes from the pro-Democrat Daily Beast in its article “Putin’s propaganda TV lies about its popularity” by Katie Zavadski and Michael Weiss released in September 2015.
“RT is not present in Nielsen ratings for the U.S. for 2012, which start with channels with an audience of 18 million households. Nor does it (RT) make cable news channels rankings, meaning that, according to documents, ‘the average daily viewership of RT programs in the US does not reach 30,000 people.’ As of 2015, RT is still largely absent from cable news rankings.”
The tiny viewership in America cannot possibly have had a decisive impact on national election or even local poll outcomes. By contrast, home-grown American news channels boast massive prime-time viewership levels as shown in the 2015 ratings: Fox at 2.4 million, CNN at 1.3 million, MSNBC at 1.1 million. In total programming including entertainment, CBS led the pack with 8.8 million daily viewers, NBC with 8.4 million, and ABC at 6.3 million. Since the coverage of Trump by CNN, NBC and CBS was largely negative, and ABC neutral at best, the combined ratings show that Hillary easily had twice the positive media exposure as Trump. RT was a flyspeck as compared with these elephants.
This sort of ratings analysis on elections and major controversies is supposed to be done by journalism schools, for example, at Columbia, UC Berkeley, U Missouri or Duke, or by institutes like Pew or Poynter. All of these establishment “limousine liberals” deserve a grade of “F” for political bias and dereliction of ethical duty. No excuses are acceptable when the credibility of a president-elect and his upcoming administration is on the line, whatever his political viewpoints or economic policies may be.
Telltale Timelines
In the Pizzagate series, I’ve repeatedly emphasized the importance of timeline, or the sequence of events, in determining the veracity of claims. In the Ritz affair, a Russian Foreign Ministry official listed as Source A said that Trump staged the Ritz bed-wetting in 2013 because he “hated Michelle Obama”. The press record shows, however, that the Donald-Michelle dispute originated in October 2016 when the First Lady blasted Trump during a speech in New Hampshire. Trump’s dislike of Michelle Obama arose three-years after the bed-wetting incident, which supposedly occurred in 2013, and therefore could not have been the motive. At that visit to Moscow, Trump was preoccupied with the Miss Universe contest in Moscow, had no interest in political office, was still a friend of the Clintons, and expressed no hostility toward the Obama administration. The Ritz story collapses on itself.
As for rumors from “Russian associates” that Trump came to Saint Petersburg and Moscow to amuse himself with prostitutes rather than to conduct business (No.12. September 14 CIR 133), the erroneous perceptions were probably based on his accompanying Miss Universe contestants to publicity events and charity galas. Russians weren’t familiar with beauty contests but certainly had gotten used to seeing their own tycoons with shady ladies. As for bed-wetting, Mr. Trump could have suffered from incontinence, but that medical disorder is highly unlikely given his active lifestyle and otherwise good health. The female housekeeper at the hotel “recalled” hearing of something, perhaps only the fact that Trump was a guest, but made no mention of cleaning a smelly room or replacing a king-size mattress.
Therefore the strong possibility that the bed-wetting incident is a deliberate act of character assassination raised the question: Who commissioned the intelligence report from Focus GPS and Orbis? Time-line was toward tracking down the guilty individuals named at the start of this article.
The Stench of Rotten Red Herrings
In a process of elimination, one has to plow through disinformation. As stated at VR blog: “4chan Idiots Claim They Invented the Trump Piss Report. Four posts within that archived thread, all using the same user ID, were from a 4chan user claiming he or she had leaked false information to Rick Wilson, a GOP political strategist. The posts make no mention of any details specific to pissgate.” Fake News.
From Heavy website: “The accused Republican media strategist Rick Wilson, has made it clear that he does not support Trump and worked for Evan McMullin during the election, refutes these claims. ‘If you believe the Russian/4chan spin that this information came from them, you can’t use a calendar, or common sense. This information on Trump’s various personal and business dealings in Russia was being pursued by major campaigns and by major media to my knowledge as early as late July of 2015, and the Ritz Carlton information was out in the summer of 2016. The allegations I took the memo to the CIA (or caused others to do the same) are utterly, entirely, and profoundly false and risible.’”
Risible means laughable. A spokeswoman for Jeb Bush likewise rebutted a similar accusation posted at Breitbart. With their lame attempts to shuck the blame for the false CIR scandal, the Jewish energy cabal has alienated their erstwhile conservative allies. Now, that the culprits stand naked in the light of truth, it’s all so risible. To put their current predicament and future prospects in Yiddish: “Fercockt!” (Translation: FUBAR or SNAFU)
Yoichi Shimatsu is an investigative journalism and former lecturer at three journalism schools.
Outline of Company Intelligence Report
“US Presidential Election: Republican candidate Donald Trump’s activities in Russia and compromising relationship with the Kremlin”.
1. June 20: Ritz Carlton affair CIR 080:
“Speaking to a trusted compatriot of . . . (the sources, indicated by letters)
A Foreign Ministry official
B. Former intelligence agent
Sources of the Trump “sexual perversion” at the Ritz Carlton due to hatred of Michelle Obama
In contact with Trump for 5 years (2011); feeding him information on political opponents for years
C. Senior Financial official
D. “close associate” who organized and managed Trump’s trips to Russia
E. Ritz male staffer
F. Ritz female staffer recalled the Trump visit to 2013
G. Senior Kremlin official - claims Putin’s press spokesman Dmitry Peskov has the Hillary Clinton dossier
2. July 26: Russian Cyber crime (by Catan, former WSJ, FT?) CIR 086:
- former senior FSB intel officer
- other sources from his past work
Telegram cipher program
15 crime groups involved in cyber crime, Anunak, Buktel, Metel
3.1 July 19 (date on a blank page, out of sequence) CIR 95:
Speaking to a compatriot, Source E: ethnic Russian associate of Trump
“Conspiracy of cooperation” managed by Paul Manafort and Carter Page
Russia behind the DNC email releases by Wikileaks
In exchange, Trump has sidelined the Ukraine issue
Against Clinton campaign, the Trump-Russia cooperation
Planted agents inside the Democratic Party structure
Emigre and offensive cyber operatives (through Russ pension system)
State-sponsored cyber operatives in Russia
Trump team spying on Russian oligarchs in US, sending info to Moscow
Trump pursuing prostitutes in Moscow instead of business investments
3.2 Attachment(?) on different subject
Focused on Carter Page:
- associate of Sechin:
meeting with Igor Sechin on lifting sanctions over Ukraine (Page non-committal)
- official close to S. Ivanov; on meeting of Divyekin, internal political dept. of Presidential Authority (PA) who offers kompromat dossier on Clinton
4. July 30 CIR 097:
- Trusted associate of a Russian emigre close to Trump
Russians want plausible deniability
Intel exchange between Trump team and Russia has lasted for 8 years
5. August 5 CIR 100:
- 2 well-placed Kremlin sources”
Sergei Ivanov, PA head, angry at Dmitriy Peskov for black PR
- Source close to Dmitry Medvedev
Refused to cover up for Peskov in Trump operation
6. August 10: (1st report on this date) CIR 101:
Close colleague of Sergei Ivanov, head of the Presidential Authority,
- on targeting “educated youth” with pro-Trump propaganda
- satisfaction with the anti-Clinton campaign, sufficient to have a drink with Putin
Kremlin official involved with U.S. relations had meetings in early August in Russia with
     Delegation from the Larouche organization
Jill Stein, presidential candidate of the Green Party
Carter Page, Trump adviser on foreign policy
Michael Flynn, former chief of Defense Intelligence
7. August 10 (2nd report on that date) CIR 102:
Ethnic Russian associate of Trump:
- leaking of DNC emails to Wikileaks aimed at Sanders supporters
- Trump underestimated the risk of liberal reaction to Russian interference
- Republican resentment toward Putin
8. October 20 (date is out of sequence) CIR 136:
Kremlin insider:
- Lawyer Michael Cohen secret meeting in Prague in August
- Russotrudonichestvo used a cover for the meeting
- Konstantine Kosachev, head of Duma ForRelations Comm, organized meeting
Company comment: (probably Orbis) based on October 19 report (missing from this collection)
- Lawyer Michael Cohen met secretly in a European country with PA Legal Dept. Clandestinely
- Purpose was to “clean up mess” from Manafort’s relationship with Yanukovych in Ukraine
- Cohen meeting originally scheduled for Moscow but moved to a “soft” EU country
9. August 22  CIR 105:
Well-placed Russian figure:
- secret meeting of Putin and Yanukovych - 15 August near Volvograd
- Yanukovych said he paid kickbacks to Paul Manafort but left no paper trail
- Putin responds with skepticism over effectiveness of the cover-up
American political figure associated with Trump
- Manafort’s ouster partly due to Ukraine scandal but main reason is Lewandowski’s opposition
10. September 14 (first report on this day) CIR 111:
Trusted compatriot of PA official (mid-Sept):
- Putin reaction to fallout of US revelations of Russian influence on elections
- Putin received advice from 3(?) groups
Sergei Kyslyak, Russ ambassador to US, ex-amb. Yuri Ushakov, ForMin urge caution
Sergei Ivanov, former PA chief (fired in Aug), and SVR foreign intel agency promised no blowback
- the exposure of Russ influence caused Putin to fire Ivanov, who was replaced by Anton Vaino
- Dmitriy Peskov appointed to head anti-Clinton project, with more kompromat, only if needed
- Shift in objective, regardless of winner, to move Hillary away from Obama foreign policy positions
- Finance ministry removed Mikhail Kulagin from US embassy for veterans pension ruse
11. September 14 (2nd report on this date) CIR 112
Trusted associate of top-level official
- Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, German Khan of Alfa group advising Putin on US
- dialogue was “mediated” by “bagman” Oleg Govorun, Cooperation with CIS, former Alfa Group
[stop, Alarm Bell: Alfa Group Consortium is owned by Israeli-Russ Fridman. The group includes TNK-BP oil, which was major shareholder in Yukos and linked to Jacob Rothschild, thus linking this report to BP consultant Scheuenmann and Orbis UK)
12. September 14 (3rd report on this date) CIR 133
Trusted compatriot meeting with business elite person and tourism person in St. Petersburg
- Trump participated in sex parties but all witnesses were bribed into silence
- both say Azeri associate of Trump named Araz Agalarov knows details
13. October 12 CIR 130:
Trusted compatriot of 2 officials (separately) in leadership and other in ForMin
- Putin circle disappointed by results of attempt to discredit Hillary
- hacked Clinton material “injected” into Wikileaks and other outlets
- Putin angry at subordinates “overpromising” on Trump chances and reliability, Lavrov next to go.
- Motive was to upset liberal international order on sanctions over Ukraine
14. October 18 (Names and entire clauses are redacted) CIR 134
Close associate of Rosneft (oil) president Igor Sechin who met with Carter Page in July
- proposed trade-off of large stake in Rosneft for lifting of Ukraine sanctions
- lawyer Michael Cohen’s key role, as wife is ethnic Russian, her father a Moscow property developer
- Carter Page did not explicitly agree to Sechin’s proposal
15. October 19: CIR 135
Kremlin insider:
- lawyer Cohen engaged with Russians to cover Manafort scandal and Page exposure
- dialogue ‘farmed out” to the Institute of Law and Jurisprudence
Company Comment: “The Kremlin insider was unsure of the PA officials Cohen met secretly in August and were unsure of the date and location of the meeting.”
16. December 13 (no source) CIR 166
Repetition of previous reports on Cohen’s secret meeting in Prague with 3 colleagues
On Russian side Oleg Solodukhin under cover of Rossotrudnichestivo
XTV/Webzilla used botnets and porn to plant viruses on DNC computers
Computer experts Aleksei Gubarov and Seva Kapsugovich involve in hacking operation
Cohen in Prague agreed to protect the hacking operation with contingency plans
Cohen and Russians agreed to pull out “Romanian hackers” into a bolt hole in Bulgaria.



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