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Rolling the Dice in Syria


By Jim Kirwan


We have to completely reverse course in the United States, in order to reflect what our lies have created, before and during 911. 'The public that thinks' has known the truth since 2002 about everything that went down on that dark day: Yet the nation and the world must now catch up with that reality if any of us are going to live to see 'our future'.

We must go back and remove the artificial 'lockdown' into which we've placed everything to do with the international criminal attack on America, on that September day just over fourteen years ago. What we must do is arrest and confine those that have become our jailers for what they have done and are still doing to the public and to all the freedoms they so clearly denied to billions of people from September 11, 2001 until this moment.

That unanswered crime made trillions of dollars for all the conspirators, while it sealed the fate of millions of people around the world, in addition to what it did to the people of the United States. We must respond by burying the post-911 government-criminality so deeply that nothing can ever come close to that event—ever again.

The Price of Prosperity”

Trusting the Americans” globally, is proving to be the worst mistake that “any supposed ally of the West” could ever make, if any of those states are planning to survive as anything other than imprisoned slaves, which the people of the world have been targeted to become. The EU is beginning to pull away, just as other nations are coming to the aid of Syria after Russia's intervention.

What's being fleshed out now by Russia's assistance to Syria, as an independent and self-governing state, is what's bringing home the truth: Not just in Syria but in this entirely conflicted world. Any nation that still listens to either Israel or the dead USSA, is doomed to failure, regardless of how they might choose to frame that 'illegal-involvement' on any future level.

Everything we have done since Israel was created in 1948, was created to destabilize the entire Middle-East and through that criminally-fraught quagmire to finish infecting the entire world according to their ancient plans.

The hideous history of Israel along with the continuously guarded illegal-support of the USSA, is being constantly erased by various factions in the West that want the truth behind all of this to remain 'unknown-forever'.

Israel's attacks upon American Marines in Beirut and on the sailors aboard the USS Liberty, are just a few of the better known examples of the international treachery of Israel. Most are unaware of LBJ and John McCain's father during the 1967 war or of Admiral McCain and his part in the cover-up and the failure to challenge or stop Israel in the middle of Israel's attack on the unarmed USS Liberty. Few people have credited the Rothschild's for their founding part in the 102 year old crime in which the Zionists stole the U.S Treasury along with our money, thanks to Woodrow Wilson the American traitor who signed the illegally-passed legislation that allowed all that to happen.

That crime was called The Federal Reserve, that was never federal: It's always been a privately controlled foreign corporation that we still don't talk about today. But the FED was the imperial moment of the hijacking of this nation, in 1913, which deeded the Rothschild family total financial control over all Americans to this day.

The list of crimes committed by Israel against the United States is way too long and ugly, but it's exceeded by what Israel continues to do to Palestine. American's have lost soldiers, sailors and marines to Israel, along with any respect we might have ever had in the world: Not to mention all the now secret-dead of Amerika's Wars for Israel, which generally began during the 1967 war.

Palestine over the last 68 years has lost over 90% of their land and the lives and history of millions of people in the continuing genocide from the Israeli-occupation: Of course what's planned for the USA, is exactly what can be seen in the Palestine of today.

Yet no one seems to be willing or able to project Israel's crimes of today,

Against the Palestinians,

onto the soon-to-be-future of American-prisoners

That Israel is just dying to create.


Hezbollah and the active resistance against Israel & USSA have been on the front lines in this war since the beginning.

That's not been a surprise to anyone with basic knowledge of the Middle-East. In light of that fact it also comes as no surprise that the West has no policy. This would explain the current impasse. 'We've done what we've done', without a policy because we didn't want any policy to compare our actions to: No-stated-policy equals nothing to violate, at least not publicly: The problem is that no one thought that Russia would do what they've done: Which caught the Israel-USSA criminal-machinery in the Middle East without either a plan or any idea of what to do about “any tomorrow”. That's why what the West has done was not backed by any formal plan, because if there had been a plan, that could have been challenged by the facts on the ground—without a plan, technically, we could not fail because there was never s specified “goal” to fail to reach.

According to the Global Terrorism Database on 'In the NOW' today from 14min 39 sec, to 15min 22 sec. From 2001 through 2014 there have been just over 67,000 terror attacks around the middle east and beyond. The map gives you a better idea of where they supposedly took place... To 'have no plan' would seem insane, unless the whole point was and is to create total global-chaos.

Here's a piece of a current Hollywood production from SHOWTIME that gives you a rough idea of just how screwed up our 'agencies' been for decades and why what we do has been flawed from the beginning ­ yes it's only a film, but there are many overlooked clues in this 51min presentation...

Homeland | Season 5 Premiere | Full Episode

Every Empire has always been murdered from inside, As internal corruptions grow they add massive weight of the farce of 'total-power' which brings them all down ­ so it is that the excesses of every government's criminality are always responsible for ending their own existence; as they are ironically always killed by their own obsessive-actions.


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