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The Road Not Taken!

By Jim Kirwan



When speaking to the people of Poland yesterday, USI’s CEO proclaimed the following to be a fact, despite any evidence that has yet to be unearthed.

Here we see the strength of ‘free markets’ and the results of hard reforms. Gleaming skyscrapers soaring above this city and super highways across this country. High tech hubs and living standards that previous generations of Poles could only imagine. This is the new Poland you have built. An economic miracle …”


The world has moved 70 years from where the world was on D-Day in 1944. But the question no one is asking is:

What would the world look like today if we had learned from the Second World War and chosen an entirely different road: From that day to this?

What if we had chosen to embrace ‘Global Free Energy’? What if our innovations and research had gone into providing clean drinking water and healthy food, instead of what we have now, which is a world about to die from thirst and poisoned food on the entire planet?

What if the world had demanded a global Renaissance: Not just in the arts but throughout the war-damaged world, in order to chart an entirely new course for the peoples of this world?

Of course that was blocked, not just by the criminal corporations that were on the verge of achieving their privatized global hegemony: But even the very idea of a prosperous and free humanity was further discouraged by the Vatican and by the other backward leaning religions all over the globe. Most of whom were seeking to keep their tyrannical control over uneducated people who still live in fear of the brutal and jealous gods left over from the eleventh century that resent anything that might challenge their barbaric way of existence; which had worked so well to protect their artificial control over billions of terrified people for thousands of years…

What if the world had chosen to directly profit from creating a more livable world with a decent standard of living for everyone, instead of putting every dime that could be bought, begged or stolen into making more weapons to use in annihilating 95% of the global-population of the earth?

That program would have done away with any thought of the total lie beneath the fake-international security-oriented paranoia that has finally killed any real civilization for the twenty-first century.

If the people of this planet had had the courage to choose to invest in their actual future by now, some seventy years on, we would be exploring outer space, while living in a global garden that still had our rain-forests, our clean and plentiful water supplies and globally nutrious food, along with natural foods, for the peoples of the entire earth?

Of course all of this was prevented immediately after the end of WWII by United States Incorporated, with their establishment of the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements: Along with the UN and later NATO which together isolated every surviving nation into becoming orphan states that were totally dependent on the emerging New World Order for survival.

Anyone who has done even a cursory examination of the facts knows that the people of the world signed their own death warrants, because we failed to Question anything immediately after WWII, when the time was ripe to reward the victors over both Nazism and Bolshevism with a totally new chance to use what we had learned - to alter the course of human history for ourselves.

But of course this would have required that the intelligent people would have to stand up for the freedoms so many died to have, but which instead too many were willing to opt for the massive profits which the criminal-society was offering to anyone willing to sell themselves, along with any future for their offspring, just to grab a larger share in all of those illicit fortunes that were seemingly available: Provided that they disregard the values that had supposedly been defended by that global-victory over the outlaws in world war two?

Once the surviving nations, that emerged from that war, gave up their self-sufficiency, which was a primary requirement to be admitted to the global-cabal, in order to become part of the global chain of enslaved states: Then any chance for any real future for any individual nation, state or people, that did managed to survive until now - was clearly and firmly ended!

This is evident in the current global-war inside the EU!

Of course we cannot go back. History is what it is, and “wishing” will never change the facts. But unless we choose to take a stand now against the blatantly determined criminal-corporations and their supposed rights to their privately-protected illegal corporate-rights to share in everything that humans naturally have; but without any responsibilities for the crimes they commit to steal everything that the corporations have tried to copyright throughout the world: This includes the right to OWN all the land, the food, the water and the air, upon the earth.

TPP now wants to add to that crime and make it “legal” for corporations to own whole nations, without any challenges from any of those slaves which their “ownership” will automatically deed in perpetuity to illegal corporate states that will finally succeed in beginning to end the lives of 95% of the total global population. This is the final axe that will very soon begin to fall unless the global population comes together, to STOP these crimes everywhere that people are being threatened on this planet.

The cornerstone of this war hinges on what happens in the Ukraine of today and tomorrow. This will only stop if enough people demand a different outcome.

In Ukraine now, the fascist state of Kiev has unleashed heavy weapons upon the people in Eastern Ukraine to obliterate any resistance to the Right Sector NAZI’s together with USI and Israel that are demanding that Putin and Russia force the surrender of the Russian speaking resistance inside Eastern Ukraine—to the fascist forces that are claiming legitimacy in a world gone mad with illegitimate power…

This question raised by Moscow, in Ukraine, could also be asked about the USI’s attack upon the civilian population in the US, but that’s not happened yet.

Or more precisely that didn’t happen at the Bundy Ranch, for which the corporate-government has paid no compensation whatsoever for the destruction and the death of the cattle, or the destruction of the water pumps, nor any fines or penalties for targeting US citizens, by their use of snipers and roadblocks to intimidate the public, while transgressing on private property with deadly and illegal force…

The 1949 Geneva Convention law applies to all nations, and especially to the falsely owned private corporation that stole the old USA outright ­ over a hundred years ago!

VIENNA, June 5 (RIA Novosti) - Moscow has raised the issue of Kiev using heavy armaments in its special operations against independence supporters in eastern Ukraine at OSCE session, Russia’s envoy Andrei Kelin said on Wednesday.

The punitive operation led by Ukrainian forces reflects signs of an international human rights violation, in particular, of the Geneva convention of 1949,” Kelin said.

We drew attention to the tragic outcome of an operation in the Donbas [in eastern Ukraine], a barbaric shelling of a building of the Luhansk local administration,” he added.

He referred to reports claiming the Ukrainian military had used exploding bullets, cluster bombs and artillery.

There are reports on the use of inhumane weapons - exploding bullets, cluster bombs ­ and the shelling of civilian targets in Ukraine. If they are confirmed, such acts have to be treated as war crimes. If it is proven that Right Sector killed the wounded in a Krasnyi Lyman hospital, there are no words to justify such an action," Kelin said.

The envoy added that the latest report from the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine confirmed pro-Kiev forces had been using tanks, artillery and aircraft in its special operations.”

The questions concerning how it is possible that the Russian speaking population in Eastern Ukraine has successfully rebuffed the much larger and now better armed fascist heavy forces from Kiev has a simple answer.

The population in East Ukraine was and is armed. They have experience in combat from previous wars. Consequently they have used their skills to fight well and to avoid being “taken” inside barricades that are not defensible against heavy weapons—so the defenders in the East have simply kept moving while taking weapons from the invading forces which they have then used against the NAZI Right-Sector, the American Mercenaries, NATO and UN forces who have joined in the attempt to crush all resistance in the armed Eastern cities.

12,000 civilians have so far fled the Eastern Zone to Russia, but Russia has not directly come to the aid of the resistance with weapons or troops—as that would risk starting WWIII. The other reason that Russia remains apart from the fighting is because the continued resistance to the much heavier armed criminal forces that have invaded Ukraine, is being dealt with by Ukrainians on the ground. A fact which USI just cannot withstand!

EXPERIENCE” can be a brutal teacher, but its lessons tend to leave those who learn them, well prepared for any eventuality.

By far the most obscene demand being made by CEO Obama is that Russia MUST somehow force the resistance in Ukraine to surrender to the NAZI regime that has taken over in Kiev: Or face even more of the insanely counter-productive sanctions that USI continues to apply.

Ironically France is threatening to pull out of the EU and lead an exodus from their failure over this insanity. If that happens, then the US will not be able to pick the European Union clean, nation by nation, for even more illicit profits—yet still the idiot-children in the corporate state-department here are still demanding even more sanctions—believing that not only will the sanctions not backfire against USI and the West—but that if Russia fails to deliver then somehow Amerika will prosper when the exact opposite will obtain.

Russia is not a failing nation. USI on the other hand is a massively failed empire that has no future and its military is nothing but a broken shell of what it once was. When we recently sent 3 B-52 bombers to England, as a show of force: That number would have been 300 B-52 bombers in days gone by. Think about it! CEO Obama also said this yesterday, which gives away his pathetic plan for his global Empire that’s already on the ropes!

Poland will never stand alone. But not just Poland — Estonia will never stand alone. Latvia will never stand alone. Lithuania will never stand alone. Romania will never stand alone.”

Obamanation is making speeches about arming and training many more countries than just those listed above, with new weapons and new training of local forces for what he seems to think is a major war of the worlds. Yet there is no war to defend against, except the one that USI has declared in which the corporations are planning a pre-emptive first-strike nuclear attack on both Russia and China: And that my friends proves his total and complete insanity, far beyond the shadow of any lingering doubt ­ for that alone the traitor ought to be removed with extreme prejudice!


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