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Who is Responsible?

By Jim Kirwan

Part of the massive problems between Americans and their government comes from how we deal with the risks which we all face or take in everyday life. There is a story about ‘health-care’ that came out today which puts everything we do ‘up for grabs’. The headline reads:

122,000 New Diagnostic Codes Your Dr. Will Use To Inform Government About Your Injuries (1)

When I was young, I lived a very individualistic way of life, it was the exact opposite of anything that could have been called “safe”. I lived in rented rooms, in the questionable parts of Oklahoma City.

As a self-employed ‘artist’ I survived every day in a world that virtually had no rules, I loved it.

The subjects for my work were the downtrodden the forgotten and rebels who survived between the cracks of everyday life. To understand the lives these people lived and died-in, I spent time and effort in their world. In that process I began an education that was priceless but I had help along the way.

There was a doctor, a general-practitioner who was very talented, who made this possible.

This was called Individuality in Shoes of Blood. Among other things I was hounded by the Oklahoma City Police. I was routinely slammed against walls, taken for rides with officers for the occasional pistol-whipping, beatings and other small-town treatment that usually left me bloody but alive. My crime was to have a scraggly-beard which during the 60’s marked me as an outlaw to the sensibilities of the thugs in Oklahoma City. The doctor and his staff helped when I needed to be sown back together, or otherwise assisted with injuries I seemed to acquire on a weekly basis.

In one case I was in a rented room that had no lock. Another tenant, a woman, came into the room when I was unconscious and left me with some complications and the clap. It was a severe dose, and I was confined to the mattress for several days ­ during that time I did the 18” x 24” ink drawing above. The doctor’s staff also helped me frequently in these efforts. They found me to be ‘interesting enough’ to laugh with about the stuff that too often forced me to seek help. I had no extra money and could not pay for their services, except with an occasional piece of work. His medical consultations and their assistance consisted of a few minutes in one of his waiting rooms, where we smoked cigarettes and discussed whatever it was that I’d been forced to seek help with. It was the early 1960’s and life in Oklahoma City was a far cry from civilized.

The doctor thought my chosen work might some day become something worth doing, and we talked about how I could stay alive and grow in my profession. This was before I decided to get involved politically when I did the State of the Nation 1966. (2)

The second image was called ‘The Left Hand of God’ a pastel; typical of what I was doing in pastels at that time.

My work was shown in various neighborhood cafes and restaurants, and sold for not-too-much. It was enough to keep my rent paid, with enough left over for the daily needs of both art and everyday life.

In this way I became familiar with the darker sides of life, wherever that conflicted with the society at large. But at no time did I know anyone that thought that it was the government’s ‘job’ to make people “happy.”

Yesterday I was reading John Kaminski’s latest article and was astounded to read this:

The second conversation was with a colleague who suffers from many of the frustrations that I do. After decades of sounding the alarm over an endless series of lies foisted on the public as official government truth, the tireless researcher Dick Eastman and I are both punch drunk over the same unanswerable question:

"What paralyzes so many, John? Or don't they really want to stop the crooks? Is this just a game not be taken seriously? Today, Paul Revere would be considered an entertainer. They would rate his voice. They would critique his riding style. They would peek out their window at the house next door to see if anyone was home."

The third conversation best expressed both the frustration and fear of trusting the system that governs our lives to be of any worthwhile help to us. A friend got a spider bite which she was trying her best to ignore. "Call poison control," I said. She did and was reassured there was nothing to worry about.

It kept getting worse. "Go to the hospital," I said. To which she was responded: what possible help could they be? There's nothing they could do except give me antibiotics, which wouldn't help, plus I would have to recover from the allopathic medicine they gave me after I recover from the spider bite, and then pay the preposterous bill they would send me.

She is recovering. The body is its own best healer.

In each of these cases, there is a right answer that would solve the problem, but it is unattainable due to the conditions that have been set for us by the people who are supposed to be protecting us and caring for our health.”

k) Real Insurance was created to protect the investments of the filthy-rich from actual losses. But “insurance” for the rest of us, once it became mandated by the government, was and is nothing more than the fraud of extortion! Consequently “insurance” is just another racket that almost never honours its contracts, when dealing with ordinary citizens. Whether it’s medical, automotive or fiscal—the entire industry is now just another way to rape the public while pretending to “care” for those that they have forced to buy-into these criminal frauds. No one should ever be surprised that government or the corporations would ever give a damn about what happens to those that want to pretend they are protected by a piece of falsely drawn paper. As the founder of circuses in the US so famously observed, ‘there are suckers born every minute’.

One traumatic atrocity after another has been put in our way, not by accident but by design, to get us to behave in a socially acceptable manner. Whether any of these manipulations are actually good for us is a question that is never really asked, except by the people who have been injured, abused, manipulated, mishandled and above all lied to by the societal systems that are supposed to keep us happy.” (3)

I have never considered the government or any third party to be something that could or should be responsible for ‘keeping any one of us happy”. That, for me, has always been the job of each one of us to provide for ourselves, as part of being free human beings.

After I was able to rise in my own profession, without college, I had begun a career that went on to become internationally published and profitable long before there was an internet: Despite the control of the gallery’s and art-dealers that early on were all controlled by Zionists, even that early.

Eventually “the arts” were ended formally when Bertelsmann bought all the US publishing houses, magazines, newspapers, posters, note-card distributors and virtually everything (American) that could distribute anything not approved of by the new-world-order that killed it all, along with the arts, the world of film and television which forced me back into politics just to stay alive. Subsequently Bertelsmann sold off some of those corporations, but the damage to freedom of speech was done. (4)

Americans need to stop looking to others to do what each one of us must do, if we want to ever free ourselves from this artificial prison that happened when we made ourselves slaves to the people who so arrogantly claim to be the rulers of the entire planet. (5)

I have spent a lifetime being responsible for myself. This causes me to wonder how so many others can so mindlessly choose to enslave themselves, to so many others, without a second glance—yet that is why we are now facing oblivion unless we act on what we know to be the truth. RISK is always present in everything that we do, because at the end of the day it is our individual RESPONSIBILITY for what happens to each and every one of us—that ultimately determines whether we shall live or die. (6)

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