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Rise & Fall

By Jim Kirwan


Everything in nature that goes up must come down

The Rise & Fall of the waves in the oceans

Is clear evidence of this fact.

The waves in the oceans will continue the process

Even after the oceans are all dead!

What needs to change is the political-life in the world

That for far too long has tried to hold


In an artificial-RISE that cannot be maintained.

Americans that began their political lives as flower-children became the same people that are trying to sustain their current hammer-lock on global-politics today.

Those of us just ahead of the flower-children are from The Silent Generation. Both movements were wrong at the time and both must recognize their errors and get back to dealing with the ‘rise & fall’ of life. This re-cognition must happen if there is to be a planet or a world worth fighting for!

Brother Nathanael has introduced a Four-Point Plan to take back America from the blood-drenched claws of AIPAC. His message is sound but the fallacy is the same one that effectively stopped “Impeachment” since the death of JFK.

The four-point plan to stop AIPAC: 4min 21sec VIDEO

AIPAC is the only place where U.S. government officials gather in force ­ not to support America’s policies but to support Israel’s plans.

AIPAC is an unregistered-illegal and foreign-organization.

To get in Americans’ must get permission from AIPAC to attend. Of course ‘Americans’ can attend some limited meetings of the U.S. congress but these Congressional sessions are not nearly as well attended as AIPAC strategy-fests. Israel is planning the overthrow of the U.S. Government. They are doing it by bribing the congress to vote for Israeli-policies. Israel is using American taxpayer dollars to bribe American traitors, to vote against American Citizens, time after time after time! Yet Americans continue to treat their own lawmakers as if they are not the filthy-TRAITORS which they clearly are!

This Four-Point Plan, outlined by Brother Nathanael, could do what Impeachment has not been able to do ­ which is to hold the feet of congress & the White House to the fires of both Rage & Outrage which these traitors so justly deserve! (1)

The fallacy-inherent today, is that those responsible for bringing either Impeachment or current-American-loyalty to the forefront now: Is that the guilty have been the same people who protected both the treason and the traitors from any real prosecutions in the first place.

That’s why this country has been suffering thru one traitor after another since Jack Kennedy’s murder. Here’s what frustrated Impeachment in 2003 and which is still blocking us from attaining the real impeachment of any of these traitors to this day.

Through the Hourglass Darkly ­ from 2003

What is needed now is a “tide of public outrage” to welcome the FALL that is so overdue inside the sabotage of the United States, during this continuing and extended “time of criminally-global-war” which has moved the battlefront onto American soil for the first time since 1812. Only this time it’s Israel & the traitors in this government that have declared war and FREE-FIRE-ZONES inside America and against American’s from all walks of life.

Congress is still unwilling to go against the bribes and treachery they have already accepted, to change anything about this war: But the people of this country have still not yet been heard from. Watch the four minute video: and if this does not infuriate you then buy your coffin today ­ because you’re already dead!

What has prevented massive outpourings across the land has been the implied threats coming from Obama’s standing-army in DHS uniforms. That’s not an army that’s just a bunch of thugs with ski-masks, to terrorize the public into staying home.

Yes they have armored vehicles, tanks, drones, and supposedly billions of bullets. But being a soldier is about more than putting on battle-armor and playing with technological toys. Washington D.C. may be formidable and several other cities besides: But this nation is huge and this so-called private army is NOT everywhere, because it cannot be! The reasons behind the show of force in Boston and New York and elsewhere was created to keep everyone intimidated.

Watch that four minute and 21 second video and make up your own mind about who you want to take orders from, if anyone. Will it be from the people you want to see survivor this treason or will you embrace the traitors that have already stolen the congress the courts and the White House?

America is “PAUSED” for the moment while we try and decide whether the current “wave” is going to RISE or FALL? There may never be another chance to make your real emotions felt.

If you fail to act this time against all those that have stolen your life, your savings, your future and the lives and futures of those you love as well ­ then you deserve to live under the inhuman-savagery of Israeli-fascism, just like the Palestinian’s have endured for over 65 years already!

You might want to think about this statement from Chuck Smith that needs to be available to every American at least once a week!

Kill me, I am Legion. Attack me and make me stronger.
Strength and Honour are anathema to you; to us they are the key to salvation here or in the next life.


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