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Riots OBVIOUSLY Planned - Politicians Pretend Otherwise

By Gary Holland

Make no mistake, the current race riots are anything but a spontaneous, 'organic' occurrence. They are a finely-tuned and well planned operation.  This is a Mossad-CIA-DIA planned Op using their well-known anarchist assets including ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, MECHA and other Bolshevik groups including FBI COINTELPRO agents and bused-in groups of street thugs.  Had there been one remotely intelligent un-controlled Mayor or Governor, ADS EMF units would have been brought in immediately along with masses of police and guard troops and the rioters would have been immediately quashed. 

In Minneapolis, the police and guard were WITHDRAWN sending a clear signal to the perps that they had complete control of the streets and could carry out their directed plans of looting and burning.   Watch /05/minneapolis-police-and- national-guard.html

I have watched numerous videos with people who are obvious professional agents provocateurs.  There is zero question about this.  Here is a video of one of them in full blackout garb wearing a brand new double-respirator face mask, holding a black umbrella hiding a hammer which he has been using to bash-in windows.  Even the protestors yell at him 'You're a COP!'  Watch v=qv-O4rnUToU

NORTHCOM is no doubt playing a significant role in these race riot Ops.  You can pick from several agencies as to which one is Central Command and Control. Trump is just a morbidly obese bystander drinking his aspartame and eating his junk food while waiting for someone to hand him a script to read when it's time for him to speak. Trump's numerous Twitter excretions are likely out of his control and being overseen by one of the deep state agencies running the show.  And it IS a show.

This Op was more than likely supposed to have gone live around the time of the fake conventions. The zionists may had to push up the 'live' date up due to the blatant disintegration of the transparent lies in the failing fear porn coronavirus narrative.  The COVID schtick is looking more suspicious by the minute.  Millions of Americans aren't buying into the house-arrest-as-cure BS.  The virus will run through society, from one end to the other, no matter how many are put under lockdown.  That's what viruses DO.

Interesting how the Zionist bankster class always has another play on the shelf.  In fact, there are dozens of Ops just waiting to be plugged in to the land of the mind controlled, programmed sheeple.  We are now watching ZOG fully-solidifying its stranglehold on the former Constitutionally-based United States of America.  Communism has always been here, furtively growing and expanding through society and government.  Like the most evil political tumor, it has been allowed - by the brilliantly manipulated dumbed-down ignorance of the masses - to metastasize throughout the Republic.  The war on Whites has now officially turned confrontational and violent.

The Zionist Bolshevik, controlled or actual, Mayors and Governors are allowing and then fanning the flames of minority hatred towards European Christian Whites and the nation they built.  If the professional communist minority and liberal-socialist rioters are directed to go into areas with a solid patriotic White majority, they will be met with severe counter violence which is what the Zionists want and are expecting.  Whites need to be more vigilant than at anytime in the history of the nation.  Whites have a bullseye on their back and need to realize their government has abandoned them a very long time ago. 

Just one of a multitude of examples is Trump's recent complete betrayal and reversal of his vow not to permit DACA invaders to remain.  He has now said he will support and guarantee that all 'dreamers' will be able to stay in the US.  An invader is an invader.  Betrayal is betrayal. The ZOG controllers hate White America, read the Talmud to understand that hatred.  It could not possibly be more clearly stated.   The communists are using their thoroughly expendable, paid foot soldiers in the push to ethnically cleanse Whites from the land.   White America is a LOT closer than many think to being in a situation very similar to that of South Africa.  Think about it.

Gary Holland