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The Return of the American Republic?

By Jim Kirwan


Let Us Reason Together”

The Welfare State, Our Heritage & Domestic Monarchy

Were never topics that were open to discussion in “America”

After the Murder of Kennedy, LBJ took over the nation and began to murder the Republic. It was about this time that the term “DEMOCRACY” began to be to be used in common language along with 'Freedom” as a substitute for the 'Republic' ­ which began to die at that time. By 1968 - freedom of Speech was physically assassinated at the convention and in the streets of Chicago, at the Democratic Convention, and since then ­ Americans have never again been politically free as Americans...

Americans really knew very little about the term: 'Democracy' except that most thought this nation was based on 'Democracy' which was a lie.

Democracy' has always stood for “Mob Rule” in Greece, where it began; but it only actually applied to small places, like a city-state, where people for the most part could know each other ­ small places in the world that were not run by political parties, but by individuals that interacted with the public. “The West” changed all that after the first World War.

In the United States: The early years were also based on knowing each other, or at least the leaders were directly accessible to the public of those earlier times. “Political Parties in the .U.S. have never had anything to do with the Constitution or the Republic, because the parties are all about twisting and limiting the Constitution. America needs to return to a life without political parties, given the track record of the parties that lie-all-the-time, about everything with no RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHATEVER THEY SAY when they're running for office, or “ruling' the state—as their on-going position's are radically distinguished from what the candidates do with our money and our lives after they're supposedly “elected”.

Mah Fallow Ammarrikans”

Was the way LBJ opened every press conference

Where he attempted to explained how he was looted the treasury.

The face that LBJ tried to put on his theft of not just the nation, but the Constitution & the Republic was what sponsored his absolute glee with with the way he was able to totally change and steal everything in the United States, without awakening the public to his real plans as shown in his callous and day-to-day mumbling.

The public under LBJ's whip, had already been reduced to bound and gagged skeletons, in the Great Society Express that was being driven by LBJ, the Congressional jackass and the wigged monkey of the Supreme Court; So that between the 535 club & LBJ, the dying United States was firmly launched on the road back to The Dark Ages by 1966: Just two years after the murder of Jack Kennedy.

LBJ ended his stint in government (from 68 to Nixon in1974)

With an unspoken 'LEGACY” in the shadows: That was left to us all

from LBJ ­ which summed up all his ILLIGETIMATE & evil legacy, for history to ponder.

Americans need to go back to the original Constitution and to our belief in ourselves ­ everything else needs to be destroyed, including the FED and USI this year. Americans need to know the same breath of FREEDOM that those in the EU began to breathe in yesterday ­ all that is preventing that is the fake-fear, manufactured 24-7 by the illegal USI that's been in effect since 1913.

Americans today caved in to Israel and to all those special agencies that have stolen our national-sovereignty our Republic our Constitution and all our freedoms in the name of global greed and international lawlessness.

If we are to revitalize the Republic and take back our freedoms as individuals in a world beset by the crimes created by the foreign parasites that have almost killed the host that was once the most vibrant and successful nation on the planet ­ until we took those wonders for granted and failed to protect ourselves or nature from the SAVAGES THAT ARE FLOODING INTO THIS COUNTRY BY THE HOUR...

The American Republic is “What's Next”

If we have the guts to throw off the chains the fear

and the slovenly dictates of the fascist communist state



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