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The Resurgent Fourth Reich

By Jim Kirwan


Question: Is the resurgence of the Nazi Fourth Reich behind the 25,000 supposed police officers who traveled to New York City to demonstrate their outrage against holding officers accountable for the brutality of their Nazi enforcing policies against anyone who they have deemed as just human chattel?

What else can explain the blatant disregard for their victims, where cops now leave their victims to die in the streets for hours on end: While their commander’s fabricate their fake facts about actually happened in case after case in the recent racial instances throughout what was this nation?

Those twenty-five thousand “cops” need to be suspended, while thorough background checks are carried out to determine just how many of those creatures are actually Americans that have taken an oath to protect and defend the public from all enemies both Foreign and domestic?

Listen please to this discussion and ask yourself how was it possible that so many of the principles inherent within Nazi values made it into the American and Canadian police associations, not to mention the resurgence of Nazi values throughout Europe?

Whatever else happens those twenty-five thousand “U.S. cops” must face questions and probably should be the first ‘officers’ to be demilitarized and many of them should probably be fired, once the facts of their individual backgrounds become known far and wide…


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