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By Jim Kirwan

In a little over twelve hours from now I’ll be talking with Jeff, from 9 to 10 PST tonight. It’s the third Tuesday of the month, and that’s when we get together on Rense-Radio for an hour to compare notes on what the hell has been happening since the last time we spoke.

With regard to; RESPONSIBILITY, or as I found it from someone on the net “Response-Ability” ­ I think people tend to concentrate almost exclusively on the “SPEAK” portion of this isolated thought form above. Yet if we are to individually profit from any real opportunity we must first LISTEN, with more than just our ears alone.

Really listening involves the frequencies in the rhythms of life, as well as the texture of the fabric of the sounds that we tend to pay attention to—so this experience becomes far more than just listening to a bunch of words. Often we must find the heartbeat within the ideas being discussed and use that context to interpret what needs to be said at any given moment?

For instance, here’s part of an exchange I had with one reader this morning:

Reader: “I just read your article over at called "Reducing This Society to Rubble", and wanted to thank you for being one of the few that propagates the truth these days. I am American who emigrated to Germany about 20 years ago, and I see the affects of Zionism in both countries. Not only is America being systematically destroyed, but my country Germany was almost totally destroyed by them - and is ongoingly being destroyed by them thru the Holohoax Industry. I have been to Dachau and Auschwitz and collected the evidence MYSELF, PERSONALLY, and I can state unequivocally that no Jews were gassed in German concentration camps. It is just the same old Jewish lies that are now destroying your country.”

k) Absolutely Jonathan, that's why they put it together in the way they have done it all - right up to this minute!

Reader: “Anyway, I wanted to ask: "What can we do?" The situation looks so hopeless, they own the media, wall street, Hollywood, Washington, the fed - everything of value, influence and control in the US. In Germany they have even fooled the government enough to create a law FORBIDDING even QUESTIONing the Holohoax. And in the US, if you even question Israel, you are labeled an anti-Semite (not that they are even Semites!).

k) Actually a number of their foremost allies are beginning to turn against them - finally but only because they are beginning to feel the hot-breath of outrage that's beginning to form among the same mass of individuals which they have always been able to "take-for-granted", up until now. That has begun to happen because so many of us have begun to arm ourselves with (metaphorical) sledge-hammers instead of just polite-protests - and this change is not going unnoticed any longer...

Reader: “Any ideas? Also, when are you guys going to get off of your bums and start the REVOLUTION! :)

k) There are a few recent articles at the top of my site, at the moment, that have begun to cut into what was once safe-territory for the true Enemies of the United States. (1)

Of course we are far from creating what needs to happen - but with every brick we continue to throw at them, their walls are weakening substantially - we just have to stay at it 28 hours a day 8 days a week!

But, we are definitely aware that "they" want us to start a revolution, so that they can "respond to that" and thereby appear to be rightfully emboldened. Consequently we need to be particularly aware of our "Response-Ability" to both shoulder what we must; while smashing what must be destroyed - so that life can continue, again!

Thanks for writing,

It was this exchange that made me think how unusual it might be if everyone could have just a few minutes to speak to others about whatever matters the most to each of us as we assemble ourselves around the rim of the caldera, where oblivion is about to erupt, unless we can find a real way to defang the vipers and calm the inherent-violence that so many are trying to pour upon so many other places in the world today. So, assuming that many people have actually been LISTENING at least lately, what about this question just below?

What would you say ­?

If you had just a few minutes to say something to the world?

Ironically, just seriously thinking about this issue

Could do wonders

Toward ending this continuing global-quagmire.

Here’s what the women of the day did during the Spanish War against the French Army in Francisco Goya’s time.

Many feel this might be coming

To a city near them in the very near future.

And I’d agree, if we don’t start using our personal-determination

Instead of giving in to demands for Unconditional Surrender!

I’ve always thought that ‘if people could just get past all the built-in conflictions, we could come together: It’s the lack of our ability to work voluntarily-together which is seemingly keeping far too many of us apart from all the rest of us. That total darkness which surrounds us now is terrified of ‘us’. They always were afraid of us. But now they’re beginning to panic in every global-theater where they can and will start yet another global-conflict—unless we come together and stop them everywhere now. That’s ‘Response-Ability’!

Every thing they’re doing now is directly geared toward intensification of their ability to terrify the public. But throughout the many, many years of my youth nothing that’s going on now could have ever happened because these creatures would have immediately confronted all of them and ended this before any of this could have even begun. But those people that had the nerve and would have spontaneously reacted to protect this society are mostly gone.

Now it’s up to the current generations that tend to have very little real experience in dealing with life or death issues almost every month. Yet all the instincts and intuition are there in each and every one of us; to react whenever each of us is threatened with immediate serious harm or death—we just need to let that survival mode begin to breathe again—so that we can put an end to the current wave of criminality and Treason on every front, right now…


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