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Response From Australia

By Frosty Wooldridge
Exclusive To

Note - my latest column just received a response from Australia. I’m going to really bear down on this series to expose what’s happening to Western Countries. - Frosty

Hello Frosty,

I am sure you receive a lot of emails from people however I wanted to thank you for the article on the Strange Death of Europe which has a particular relevance to us here in Australia.

Our last Prime Minster, Malcolm Turnbull, who was removed from office by the Liberal Party was an international socialist billionaire.

I had an exchange of correspondence with his senior office advisor on the multicultural experience in Australia and it was interesting in that they defended the idea with much gusto as one that had made Australia great.

How this view correlates with the results we see and have endured in this country and the fact our military works in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere against Muslim terrorism I am not quite sure.

Of course I have written and spoken about the threat of the New World Order for over 40 years – long before it was talked about in the mainstream.

I toured the US in the early 1990’s and was privileged to meet a few of your freedom fighters at the time.

The article I mentioned by yourself is similar to several I have written in my own newsletter material so it is refreshing to see I have things reinforced out there at times.

Thank you for what you do in your neck of the world and be assured there are some out here who are working to add to the exposure so needed to inform those interested.

With kindest regards and wishing you every blessing in your efforts.

Allen Woodham OAM
South Australia