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Rescinding Aspartame's FDA Approval
Depends on Maryland's Federal Chief

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.

Rescinding Aspartame's FDA Approval Depends On Maryland's Federal Chief Judge James Bredar articles/Rescinding-Aspartame- s-FDA-by-Stephen-Fox- Aspartame-Causing-Birth- Defects_Associated-Press_Bill- And-Melinda-Gates-Plandemic- Profiteering-In-A_Bill-Gates- Vaccine-Factories-200825-245. html

Victims of Aspartame poisoning should write to Maryland's Chief Federal
Judge, James Bredar, 101 West Lombard Street
Chambers 3D
Baltimore, MD 21201

Their descriptions should be chronological as to the causes and effects, in descriptions that are in fact informal depositions, and if they are referring to a friend or family member who has passed away, that should be clearly noted.

James Bredar is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard University Law School, both of whose mottos are VERITAS, which is Latin for TRUTH.

His jurisdiction of Maryland includes Fort Detrick, the source and origin of the USA's bioweapons research, and this means that Arthur Hull Hayes, M.D., now deceased, is worth discussing in James Bredar's court proceedings, as difficult as that may be for Fort Detrick afficianados to accept, the time has now come to clarify all of these matters in a setting which requires TRUTH.

It may not be necessary to probe the darkest details and thus far hidden secrets of Fort Detrick Maryland, provided that the FDA is cooperative in drafting the most rigorous and thorough possible Administrative Order to Stephen Hahn, FDA Commissioner, because, your readers will no doubt recall, the FDA to its credit, turned down the approval for aspartame for 15 years, from 1966 to 1981, when Donald Rumsfeld forced its approval in the most appalling corporate regulatory usurpation in the history of the current number of 193 Nations.

We seek merely to rescind the approval for aspartame, which is long overdue, thus putting an end to the failures and manipulation that has grown so ordinary at the United States Food and Drug Administration, and of course, to the end of Rumsfeld's Plague and Scourge, which has imperiled the future of so many, and has caused so much abject human suffering, resulting from billions of people unsuspecting and unwittingly consuming formaldehyde in their diet sodas, sugarless gum, table sweeteners.

International consumer protectionists have observed that the USA will likely be the last nation to get rid of aspartame, but that does not have to be so, provided the 24 other Chief Federal Judges to whom I have sent my 25 page brief, also concur and impart their encouragement to Judge Bredar to do this task, for which many generations in the future, as well as many heads of state, will thank him, including the current USA President, who is also a victim of aspartame poisoning.

Without going into the matters of Ronald Reagan and his aspartame laden Jelly Beans, we will press on now with other important concerns for United Nations Santa Fe, a new branch of the New York building, and related offices in Vienna, Nairobi, Geneva, Montreal, and Tokyo.

These including stopping child trafficking, creating a Council of Centenarians, and resolving the matter of the Texas sized plastic island off the coast of Alaska and processing it to make a profit out of discarded plastic so that it does not accumulate in the stomach of whales
that wash up on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

To conclude, I ask the reader to follow through with writing a strong evidence based letter to Maryland's Chief Federal Judge James Bredar, at the address above.

This is sometime perilous work with hackers and others blocking computer screens either out of fear or for their own amusement, whether employed by Coca Cola or various USA agencies, those "nattering nabobs of negativity," as former Governor of Maryland, Spiro Agnew put it. Agnew was forced to resign from the Vice Presidency during the Richard Nixon era, and was replaced by Leslie Lee Lynch Jr. (also like Bredar, born in Omaha, Nebraska) who was also known Gerald Rudolph Ford, whose request to former Governor Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller to become USA's Vice President was reluctantly accepted in order to try to benefit the USA people.

All of the above are long gone, except for Donald Rumsfeld, who, along with William Henry Gates III (AKA Bill Gates), Melinda Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and their recently purchase World Health Organization, are all now in the purview of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, another part of the United Nations system, located in the Hague Netherlands.

With every good wish,

Stephen Fox
Founder, United Nations Santa Fe
Mission Possible New Mexico
New Millennium Fine Art
Santa Fe New Mexico