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The Middle-East Re-Run
Of the Vietnam War

By Jim Kirwan


A huge number of Americans know almost nothing at all about Vietnam or the 15 year long war we fought and lost there, in 1975, followed by our total-military-withdrawal.

The wars in Vietnam began in 1945, while the French were there. Americans did not become involved directly until 1959 when we lost two men in a Guerilla Raid. The history is contained in the full time line. (1)

What makes that entire experience so relevant to the current situation in the Middle-East and beyond is what has become the classically American way that we have chosen to fight in every conflict since WWII. It is a hideous story, but one that America has refused to learn from—right up to this moment in our blood-soaked past.


America has always been long on verbiage and short on real military-strategy. We claim a high ground which we neither honor nor apply to our citizens. Yet we have continued to follow these contorted-lies throughout our military escapades, wherever we have gone in the world today. Our ‘generals’ are public jokes, and our bumper-sticker philosophies are just jingo-patriotism that upon closer-examination has no depth at all. All of that folly was fully displayed to the world throughout the Vietnam War.

At the conclusion of Vietnam

The corporate Warmongers simply bought American Media

To prevent what happened in Vietnam from ever

Being repeated.

If the media had been privatized in Vietnam

The public would not have been

Able to see what was

Really going on.

But since they knew, they demanded an end of that war!

Some of today’s character’s, still more than active in today’s discussions about the Middle-East, are some of the unresolved left-overs from that fifteen year long lie that was the Vietnam War. It might be useful to point out some of the facts from Vietnam that have only become more serious with the passage of time—because of the falsely classified SECRETS that are still secret today.

John McCain was a combat pilot in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam. His father Admiral McCain was the Commander of the Pacific Forces in the region during the war. John McCain was a graduate from Annapolis Academy, the Navy’s version of West Point, except that the only reason that bad-boy-John graduated was because of his father’s prestige, on the assumption that he would see the light and grow up once he went on active duty. That did not happen.

John McCain spent just 33 days on combat duty, throughout his so-called career. He also managed to crash five aircraft during his time in the Military. The last one he was piloting was on a bombing mission over Hanoi. He was shot-down and captured by the North Vietnamese. Shortly after his capture John began to cooperate with his captors in exchange for special privileges, good food, possibly-women, and comfort in a hotel in Hanoi. After the War the Communist leadership of Vietnam put up a statue of John McCain in Hanoi—yet McCain has refused to release his military records to the public, even when he was running for president of the United States.

His father set a fine example for John, because Admiral McCain was the commander of the Fleet in the Mediterranean when the USS Liberty was attacked. It was Admiral McCain who helped LBJ cover-up the treason committed against the United States when Israel tried to sink that unarmed US spy-Ship. It was LBJ who refused to allow any aircraft to go to the aid of the USS Liberty while, or even after; she had been attacked during the 1967 War by Israel fighter-planes, torpedo-boats and gun ships. All of that was kept SECRET for over twenty-five years, and in John McCain’s case we still don’t know the depth, officially, of his betrayal of his own nation, during the Vietnam War…

McCain’s crimes against this nation are just as serious

As Israel’s crimes during the 1967 War

How was that possible?

A few days ago Obama appeared on the Jay Leno show and spoke about his relationship with McCain, in Part Five of his interview with Leno.

Leno: “And let ask you about something I’m seeing. Is it me, or do I see kind of bromance with you and John McCain? I remember you two had that lover’s quarrel for awhile. And, oh, now, you’re, oh ­ well, you’re best friends.

The President: Well, you know that’s how ­

Leno: “What happened?”

The President: “That’s how a classic romantic comedy goes, right? Initially you’re not getting along, and then you keep on bumping into each other.

Leno: “Yes, but what’s ­ I mean what changed? Who saw the light?”

The President: John McCain and I have a number of philosophical differences, but he is a person of integrity. He is willing to say things regardless of the politics. The fact that he worked hard with a group of democratic and republican senators on immigration reform; they passed a bill in the senate that will make sure that folks who are here illegally have to pay back-taxes and pay a penalty and get to the back of the line, but over time have a pathway to citizenship, and make sure that we’re strengthening our borders. He went ahead and passed that even though there are some questions in his own party. So I think that he deserves credit for being somebody who is willing who is willing to go against the grain of his own party sometimes. It’s probably not good for me to compliment him on television.” (2)

kirwan: Apparently McCain the American traitor and Obama the presidential-imposter have a lot more in-common than most Amerikans realize. Vietnam may be ancient history but Treason is Treason and there is no statute of limitations on those who commit Treason especially during a time of war! Why has this never officially even come up ­ In the case of either of these traitors to the USA!

The reason that these traitors are still operating as if they are real and “loyal-Amerikans” is because they were never investigated by any real investigations that were willing to open classified and hidden documents that could give the public the truth about both the Traitor McCain and the imposter Obama who is a war-criminal and a dictator without constitutional standing. Ye he holds the office he has illegally occupied since the day he was supposedly selected…and his entire term has been “during a time of war”.

Both McCain & Obama need to be arrested and executed for their crimes against the United States!

1) A Vietnam War Timeline

2) President Barack Obama Part Five The Jay Leno Show



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