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Regime Change


By Jim Kirwan


The Universal Solution for Everything

The answer to all our problems has been out there all along: brought to us by the end of this place that no one wants to deal with any longer…

The solution to every societal problem that’s running through this universe has been waiting not-so-quietly to be publicly recognized ­ inside every person, every society and every endeavor in the universe.

All that has been missing, for centuries, is for individuals to be able to finally and completely declare “Regime-Change” any time, inside any problem that always makes an inconvenient appearance, in any situation that could threaten our lives. If ‘nations’ can do this, whenever they want, SO CAN INDIVIDUALS. That’s the massive secret to all our problems that’s been waiting here for billions of people to discover ­ at least since we first left the caves.

Are there problems in your marriage? Declare “Regime Change” and just move-on. Are you unhappy with the way that politics or any of the global-wars are going? Declare “REGIME CHANGE” and just move on: There’s no longer any need to find reasons, or to bother to engage in any real problems anywhere on this earth: “Regime Change” is the ANSWER to EVERY SITUATION, global, national, societal, social, financial, sexual, religious or personal: Now anyone and everyone can simply declare “Regime Change” whenever they find themselves involved in any uncomfortable situation ­ anywhere on earth.

Why Not?

The global outlaws have been doing this for years: All the global oversight authorities have used this total cop-out in every country where “NO-FLY” Zones have been created; just before they implement their version of REGIME CHANGE that slaughters all inconvenient resistance to the same Barbarians who seek to own the planet.

This is what happens when these dying-dinosaurs, all our politicians with their crippled-mindsets’, that’ve only reached the age of seven mentally - decide to play Monopoly with the world’s money supply: MONOPOLY MONEY is the perfect example - BECAUSE NONE OF IT IS BASED OR BACKED BY ANYTHING AT ALL, and everybody knows that that’s the truth about the global money supply right now!

Instead of bothering to buy Monopoly-owned property and develop those ‘fake- properties’ in order to progress on the Monopoly Board of life: They simply want to change the value of their Monopoly-money and steal whatever they want to “own”, with zero consequences and massive profits for themselves. In effect these creatures are quietly declaring ‘Regime Change’ in the monetary world, without bothering to make the statement clear.

Meanwhile the people who thought this world was real and that their assets still have value are now just “worn-out-antiques” that’ve obviously become ‘dead-weight’ and must be replaced immediately: This is the real magic inherent in “REGIME CHANGE”.

How else could these mental-seven-year-old ancient-savages just take whatever they want, everywhere ­ simply by creating ‘Regime Change’. When those currently ‘in power” like Assad or Putin refuse to be “replaced” then these dying thieves, like John Cohen, otherwise known as John Kerry - routinely try to upend the actual goals of the entire political, fiscal and military playing boards - while personally and politically threatening to burn down their global-house of cards, with Israel’s help: If any nation dares resist.

Afterall ­ Isn’t it their right to do whenever they choose to do to anyone else on the planet? And to hell with anyone that dares reject their “justified call” for Regime Change anywhere in the fake-Monopoly-world of today…

This is just so simple,

That it almost brings tears to the eyes of the war-weary

Because once we see the truth

All we need to do is remove these psychopathic children

From the Halls of Temporal Power Worldwide.

We need to think about this seriously because in reality this is the only real solution to every problem, and it’s virtually instantaneously available.

Are you tired of all the academic BS and all the lies and fake excuses? Then just demand “REGIME CHANGE” and forget about any need for proofs of any kind. For that matter forget about formal education, religion, or indeed any kind of authority in any field of endeavor whatsoever.

Are you sick of all the hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of illegal laws; or of police brutality and the police-state policies globally ­ not a problem, just demand “REGIME CHANGE” and upend all that global-banditry in one fell swoop?

Angry with your parents, then just demand Regime Change in your family, immediately. Unhappy with your religion, the IRS or the Politically Correct Agenda in your town or state? “REGIME CHANGE” is the one size fits all problems, large or small and all anyone has to do is start screaming those two about to be infamous words “REGIME-CHANGE!”

And since it’s good enough for so many politicians, let’s just use it on the politicians and their bogus political parties - worldwide? Anything and everything actually qualifies for “REGIME CHANGE”, depending on how you frame it exactly.

Think of it - no more need to “PROVE” any argument or allegation, just demand “REGIME CHANGE” and put an end to any difficulty, without needing to bother getting involved with the underlying facts behind whatever is being done anywhere in the world today.

Some CHANGES are planetary wide, (a solar eclipse) while others are CATACLYSMIC and they can affect entire star systems. Which do you think REGIME-CHANGE will really end-up becoming?

Of course there’s a huge downside to REGIME CHANGE ­ because as it succeeds there will be ever greater requirements to Regime Change everything that’s in the global, national or local spotlights of the world right now: And this raises the fundamental flaw in the wonders of ‘regime change’.

For automatic Regime Change to become a fact of everyday life, all current laws about everything we do in life, must be outlawed now.

How long will it be before there is no more need for “contracts” because ‘regime change’ can and will do away with any corporate requirements once they are faced with CORPORATE REGIME CHANGE? The same will be true for government terms of office, or formal education at any and all levels: Until finally the only thing that will actually exist and need to be paid attention to - will be the tsunami of the Regime Changes themselves, as the single greatest destroyer of the entire global-community in the world.


As “CHANGES” move with increasing speed throughout the planet, soon nothing will be safe from the constant global demand for “REGIME CHANGE UNENDING” ­ and since no argument will be allowed to have “any standing” any more than any of the soon to be defunct courts or governments: What will end this worldwide pandemic that will be known as GLOBAL-REGIME-CHANGE incarnate ­ once there are no longer any distinctions on the planet between rulers or policies, never mind which policies can or will remain on top or for how long, once anyone and everyone can each demand the total reversal of any policy or viewpoint at the drop of a hat?

This is how far we’ve fallen today and apparently this is where Political Correctness has decided that we should all end up: What the PC crowd along with their pathologically destructive deviates have overlooked is that they too can be “Regime-Changed” out of existence, just like all the rest of us?

This is a rather unique solution to an abominable and criminally inspired global policy, but one which the planet must put an end to unless we want to commit ourselves to permanent and frequent “REGIME-CHANGE” that apparently will have no end in sight: At least not - once it’s able to dig it’s misshapened claws directly into the backs of the entire global society ­ Think about it and please respond accordingly…



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