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Regime Change Coming To America

By Jim Kirwan


The problem is that the currently sought candidate, being pushed by the losers of the election to run the new fake-government - might not survive to reach January 20, 2017. Even if she does, this contaminated pedophile, unindicted global-extortionist and global-war-criminal, could never pass a real medical examination, which must be passed, before anyone can actually become the next president of this ruined place.

It seems only fitting that this creature who has been behind so much of the criminality over the whole of her “supposedly productive years”, is about to be denied one more time; despite the fact that this one thing is what she's always hungered for ­ for the entirety of her totally criminal-existence.

Both Hillary & her “husband” have appointments to keep

with the hangman - that've been denied for far too long already.

Hang the Clintons

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Clinton Cash

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Philip Giraldi: “Well you're absolutely right the key to this story is the fact that there is no key in this story. They have produced no evidence whatsoever. This is all speculation in so far as we can tell, its basically a

narrative that certain people are supporting, because they think it's plausible. But the fact is that if you're accusing the head of state of an important nation of being specifically and directly involved in what would be considered an unconscionable act, like interfering in someone else's election ­ you have to produce the evidence and they haven't done so.

The other thing I would mention is that the way this story is being framed is it's the CIA against Trump and against Putin; when in fact it's not the CIA really ­ it's John Brennan, who is thee head of the CIA and who is very very close to president Barack Obama, (k - as both Obama & Brennen are Muslims) I would expect that this is political agenda that's unfolding. The CIA doesn't go around and do these kinds of reports. This type of report would have logically gone to the NSA, and so this was something they were 'instructed' to do, ordered to do by the White House. The CIA works for the White House. Brennan works for the White House.”

Ray McGovern: “'s a red-herring in every sense of that word. We in Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, have the honor and the privilege of having at our disposal retired officials with expertise that won't quit. And among those officials is Bill Biny and Kurt Webby from the NSA ~ so we asked Bill, how about the technical part of this and is it possible? Is it possible that someone could have hacked ­ anyone, Russian's or anybody - could have hacked into these servers and not be detected by the NSA? And Bill said: “ Okay I'll tell you about that” And he adduced all these graphics, all these slides from Ed Snowden, showing that every e-mail originated, and at the end these things can be traced. And so if it was a hack NSA (National Security Agency) would know about it. And if they knew about it there's no reason in the world why they wouldn't divulge what messages or emails they have ­ it's not sensitive technology ­ you can buy it in Starbucks..” documented at ''

James Jatras: “I think the most disturbing thing we have here is if you look at in the big picture, the politics of it , what we're looking at is essentially what looks to me like a conspiracy to subvert the constitutional order. I mean you some elements of the intelligence community, perhaps including CIA Director Brennan himself: Colluding with the mainstream media,, namely the Washington Post the New York Times and then they're picked up by the rest of the media - in order to do what?

Not only to deligitimate the Trump-presidency - they need to poison the well for any kind of rapprochement with Moscow ­ but to specifically,, to subvert the 'electors' from casting their votes on December 19th ­ the way they were instructed by the voters in their states. I mean this is the equivalent legally of jury tampering or witness tampering ­ except with far more, far-reaching consequences ­ to try to nullify the results of an election, by what I consider to be an unconstitutional-means.”

Peter Lavelle: “If there's any meddling in America, it's the CIA, and members of the Media and who knows who else here. The same practices that are being used around the world (k- by USI) are being used inside the US itself.

Philip:“It's basically been caused by the two corrupt parties that have been in power. But the hypocrisy issue is a big issue here too. I was a CIA officer operating in Europe and the Middle East. I know first hand the extent to which the United States was operating itself in the elections throughout the world, basically starting in the 1950's ­ and we have regime change ­ we have all kind of things and this is not even been alluded to,,, in the stories that are appearing in the mainstream media. And the fact that the US is the master at doing this kind of thing: And now we're accusing the Russians without any evidence whereas there are tons of evidence in terms of what the United States was up to for over 60 years.

Ray: “Well they (we) are thinking about doing something for this egregious

attempt to affect our election. The only problem I have with citing what we did in Europe and elsewhere is that there's a false equivalency there. There's lots of evidence that we did that ­ but there's no evidence that the Russians have done this, as they've been accused...

there's a big difference between a leak and a hack. A leak is done physically, that's what Chelse Manning did, that's what Ed Snowden did ­ that's a leak. Now to hack ­ there's an electronic signal that is produced, that NSA, our experts say inevitably will be able to be traced ­ tens of thousands of trace-mechanisms through the system ­ it traces who sent it and who received it. So what we've got here is the situation where the physical manifestations of this don't bear out.

Now the other thing is this: ...Craig Murray , former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan is a very good friend of mine. He's one of the awardees of the Sam Adams Award for integrity in intelligence: He claims that he met the source. He claims that the talked to the source and I can substantiate that claim.”

Peter: “James, what kind of legacy is the CIA going to have here if it doesn't produce any evidence?... There's much more at the link below

Russia Card RT

k - I agree with the concluding observation, in the discussion above that went something like this: Trump tends to relish a good fight ­ and we should not forget that Trump crushed all 16 of the official candidates that the Retarded Republican party threw at him ­ then he went on to smash the Democratic Party and The Clinton Cash Machine to a pulp (note the 95% off sticker above)

Now the cry-babies and the creatures that know absolutely nothing about anything ­ have issued their own pouting and obscene vows - to stop Trump no matter the cost ­ as if they ever knew what it is to actually fight for anything in their pathetic lives.

I'm not completely sold and won't be until Trump actually delivers on what he promised ­ but in the meantime ­ let's not count him out just because the odds have supposedly gotten larger against him. Don't forget the fact that the risks have all increased - might just as well increase his chances for success ­ after all he loves to fight, and these are Trumps' kind of odds, it will no doubt still be a very long time until we can get past January 20th in 2017 and don't forget that the goal is to take back the Republic, and not just to frustrate another chapter in this end of the world scenario ­ that's on global-life-support already.