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Regime Change Now!

By JIm Kirwan

The artificially created Drought Map

Of the World’s Longest Losing Nation in the World of today.

No nation in the history of the planet has ever had such a losing track record for so many wars; Wars that were being fought continuously, as the USSA has since the end of WWII.

This Stazi-State has squandered its riches, its once proud reputation and any possibility for any future by backing every losing political and military cause in the world today. The USSA fought for 15 years in Vietnam and lost. USI fought in Iraq for 20 continuous years, only to lose it all in the end. The War on Afghanistan for the last thirteen years has brought us no victories there either, only more regime changes that never work out.

Never before in history has any nation practiced what we are doing today and survived to conquer anything. “Loser Takes All” is simply not a viable way to succeed at anything: Yet that is exactly what this failed place is chasing each and every day that we allow this to continue!

In every place that USI-Israel has demanded “Regime-Change”: All that is “accomplished” is the total destruction of the society who has to live in the ruins we create, while mercenaries torture and murder the people. The Stazi-States then rape and pillage all the natural resources, while stripping the people of their homes and lives: Only to end in the total reversal of their economics, and criminal-politics that in the end always end up needing to have our puppets replaced with even worse tyrants, every time.

There will never be an end to these crimes against humanity, until the people of the world force “Regime Change” upon USrael and end their shadow government over the planet.

All of this is paid for, every step of the way by working people in the US who cannot survive any longer on the crumbs that the filthy-rich let drop: While private corporate officers take home roughly 800 times as much money in an hour as the slaves make in a single year.

The world needs “REGIME CHANGE NOW!”

Classic case in point: Obama is still demanding Regime Change in Syria, despite over three years of failed war against the legitimately elected government in Syria. President Assad with Russian support has beaten back all efforts of the global-outlaws that have been launched against his nation. Yet Obama invites the same mercenaries that DHS was created to keep out of this country, to the White House: So that together these outlaw-mercenary ‘powers’ can again plan on how to overthrow the legally elected government of Syria—despite the very clear fact that Israhell and USI have lost every time against Assad in Syria, to date. Why would this time be any different?

What’s at issue in Syria is not political or military control over that nation. What the Stazi State is demanding is the total destruction of the state of Syria so that it can never again be used to deliver oil or gas to Iran or anyone else.

Basically the global bankers thru NATO, the UN and the EU want to erase Syria from the map of the world. In that process these stateless barbarians want to take out Hamas, Hezbollah, Lebanon and Iran: The goal being to finish dominating the entire planet by pretending they want regime-change, when what they really seek is Total System Dominance over the planet, regardless of the cost.

The same is true of Ukraine, with a planned criminal purging of that nation before the Barbarians decide to starve the people into total submission. The first step in this is the IMF, WB and BIS application of austerity measures. After that’s accomplished, then the other ‘independent states” bordering Russia will also be targeted in exactly the same way… None of this has anything to do with winning wars. This is about stealing resources and crippling competition anywhere in the world, where these outlaws chose to call for ‘Regime Change’.

It should be noted that ‘Regime Change” can never be ordered from outside any nation: That’s why this article is being written!

The term is of course illegal on its face, but then since it was made up by the moron who called himself “the Decider” it looks he wants us to live with this as a fact, when it’s just another one of his lies.

The people calling for Regime Change anywhere must be residents within the nation that is being targeted. Because when any outside nation or group of forces “demands regime change” that’s always just another way to declare WAR upon any nation that refuses to surrender to foreign forces.

But when and if Americans demand “Regime Change” in this Stazi Fascist State, we have the right to demand that change: Because we are the ones most directly affected by these unindicted war-criminals who live from the profits they have been stealing thru Crimes Against Humanity, for decades!

What boggles the mind is the number of times these criminal acts are put forward as if they are legitimate policy choices in the wider world.

How can the leadership of this ruin, continue to give press conferences and make public appearances where they are NEVER questioned about any of the polices they routinely state! In fact why do we bother having press conferences at all? We no longer have reporters that will ever ask anything that might challenge whatever is said to the public. So why do we bother with these co-conspirators in the theft of this nation?

These creatures are unindicted war-criminals, at a bare minimum. We need to start treating them all, including the fake-reporters, for what they clearly are: The true Enemies of the People of the United States and the world.

These trogledians are and have always been total failures at everything they’ve ever committed this country to. They cannot balance a checkbook nor do they know anything about military actions, anywhere in the world. They have lied to the public about everything they supposedly came into office to provide. Yet no one with a microphone or a camera does anything to them.

They repeatedly speak to the congress and the public, about the things they lie about, yet neither the congress the courts or the public ever charge anyone with lying on any subject. This is something they do each and every time they make a speech or are called to testify? Since everything else that the people have tried to do within the system has failed: We need to stop using the wrecked political system entirely and begin to act outside the false paper-world of garbled legalisms and move to direct action to end the careers of every lying bastard that has sold this country out to Israel and to every other power-player in this global game of “LOSERS TAKE ALL”.

Holding a legitimate Referendum vote on the performance of every member of this government is one way to go about it.

The War of Lies

Demanding Regime Change in America is another!

What do you think about that?


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