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Regime Change in America


By Jim Kirwan


America has a built-in Regime Change in this country.

We call this “National Elections”.

It’s legal and it was supposed to actually be

The civilized way to improve life in the United States.

The problem is that we have dynasties like the Bush Clan that go back to before World War Two with Prescott Bush at Union Bank, in New York, who was found guilty of Trading with the Enemy ­ but did not go to jail.

Through the descendants of Prescott Bush, America has been cursed from the 1930’s all the way to 2016 with his misbegotten offspring and others like the Clinton Conspiracy that have never been blocked or removed from the presidential-superbowl of fraudulent and murderous administrations. In the end the entire concept of “Regime Change in America” has been continuously blocked by self-appointed warlords and resurrected Robber-Barons tyrants in league with the same evils that have always been behind the death of the USA, for hundreds of years.

Consequently America desperately needs REGIME-CHANGE in America.

Since everyone can now see that this change cannot come from the totally corrupted ballot box, then the public must create the conditions necessary for people to supplant the farce of “American political life” with public demands for public involvement in the supposedly closed process of the fraudulent elections.

The reason we can’t change the process is because the Outlaws own the ballot selection process ­ and the public has no voice in that.

Without the voice of the common people and there is no opportunity for that public-voice to be heard: Because since1964 the people have been completely shut out of the election process. Therefore the “FREE SPEECH ZONES” in America, created by LBJ must be outlawed. The American public must be allowed to publicly question any candidate for public office. Without this change in ‘the rules’ there can be no authenticity to the election process in this country. That’s a fact that has existed in all elections for higher office, in America, for the last fifty-one years ­

Hey! It’s way past time to resurrect public participation in all elections held in this imprisoned police-state.

If the public is forcefully shut out again,

Then the ground will have been prepared

For Regime Change to happen

With or without the approval of the Outlaw corporation

Known as U.S. Incorporated, which incidentally only owns ten square miles in Washington D.C.

The rest of this nation belongs to the people and the states!

In the farce called the Republican Debate which recently disgraced itself on ‘television’ ­ without allowing any opposition to appear in the hand-picked televised audience ­ the ‘candidates’ all applauded themselves for all the jobs the they’ve supposedly created, in their totally screwed up states to this point in time.

Yesterday the numbers were announced about the actual number of the unemployed in this nation of 330 to 350 million people, in total. The population numbers include everyone from the aged and the infirm to children and those unqualified to work at all.

Here are the numbers released last Friday from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the total numbers of the Unemployed:

The BLS reported that 93,770,000 people (16 and older) were neither employed last month nor had made specific efforts to find work the prior four weeks. The number of people outside the workforce in July increased 144,000 over the previous record. That would beat June’s record of 93,626,000. June eclipsed the previous record. That would be May’s record when 93,194,000 were not in the workforce. Get the picture? Things are going in the wrong direction.”

While everyone was distracted by Megyn and Donald, Obama was quietly doing THIS

So given the actual numbers: Where are all those “jobs” that the pretenders say they’ve been creating during the free-fall of the nation that they want to change by having the public put them in the much disgraced “oval orifice”?

It’s crystal clear that these creatures are all liars, pretenders seeking to do nothing but continue all the policies that brought us to the end of the Republic and quite possibly to the end of ‘TIME’ itself…

What happened to all the disasters that have brought us to this impossible ‘crossroads’? Where have all the investigations of all the crimes committed by the same government that wants to enslave every person in Amerika, to the global-fraud they call the New World Order?

Why are any of the people currently “in-charge” not all in prison or dead because they have been tried for their crimes that include Treason in a time of war, not to mention crimes against humanity, genocide and fostering over seventy wars in just the time since 911 that they’ve been criminally ruling the planet ­ but instead ­ they’re still here, still the featured speakers around this nation: Still speaking for exorbitant fees, as if they were honorable and important figures in American Life?

That has been the price that all of us have paid for the continued silence we’ve embraced, whenever anything ‘political’ is raised, anywhere in this country.

Americans must Demand: Regime Change in America

Before the next farce can be held

To end everything that matters in America now.

Take back your voice and your nation, one election at a time…


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