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The Rebellions Begin

By Jim Kirwan

The rains have arrived as promised!

Last month USI and the Corporate State of California began

to compound their total cutoff of all public water, for the entire state, by emptying all its reservoirs.


Yet last month the Bureau of Reclamation drained Folsom and other reservoirs on the American and Stanislaus rivers of more than 70,000 acre feet of water—enough to meet the annual needs of a city of half a million people—for the comfort and convenience of fish.

Government officials who are entrusted with the careful management of our water squandered it in less than three weeks to nudge baby salmon toward the Pacific Ocean (to which they swim anyway) and to keep the river at just the right temperature for the fish by flushing the colder water stored in the reservoirs.

In January pictures of a near-empty Folsom Lake on the American River made national news. Yet on April 21 the Bureau of Reclamation more than tripled water releases from the dams on that river from 500 cubic feet per second to more than 1,500 cubic feet per second for three days—sending more than 7,000 acre feet of water toward the ocean. Elevated releases have continued for "temperature control." On April 14 a 16-day pulse flow drained nearly 63,000 acre feet of water from dams on the Stanislaus River.

Unrealistic laws like the Endangered Species Act administered by ideologically driven officials have now crossed from good intentions to dangerous policy, and the folly cries out for fundamental reforms.” (1)

This is a massive criminal attack upon the public; designed to sentence Californian’s to die of thirst in one of the ugliest crimes of societal destruction imaginable. But there is a potential solution.

The people of California together with their Militia need to take over the state and arrest the officers of the federal-corporation who are pretending to act as the government at both the state and federal levels.

The RICO act was created to be used against organized crime, in order to crush organized criminal activity. When the “law” was created the “government” (Actually nothing more than another private corporation with its own mercenaries), added an illegal provision that RICO laws could not be used to prosecute the government: A neat trick that has worked so far because the public has still not realized that this so-called government is just another criminal organization. It’s called U.S. Inc.

If California acts now: Using the provisions of the RICO Act to strip every member of these private-organizations of all their pretenders in the private for-profit corporations—then we can strip every member of everything they own except the clothes on their backs.

With that done, we can strip all of them of their US Citizenship, which would leave them ‘stateless’: Then we could begin to show the nation how the public can take back this country!

What was done in California by using Politically-Correct causes to strip the public of their rights to their own water, land food and sunlight ­ was only the beginning. That act is what has brought us to this point in the rebellion. This problem has always been about how to enforce real consequences upon the creatures behind every act that has led California into their worst drought ever, which is predicted to last for the next 90 years.

Real Consequences must follow these Crimes!

We have a national problem, to be sure. But so far we have become trapped in the quicksand of bureaucracies and mercenaries that are being used to keep the public from being able to act in our own self-defense.

Many have been trying to do this nationally without success. But if we take back control over what was the Free Republic of California, then a model for the rest of the old United States could be recreated.

In that process we could wipe out Hollywood which would shut down that international psy-op and Silly-Con Valley plus the illegal aspects of Google, Twitter and Facebook along with all the criminally-fake representatives in California; while removing the Zionists and the traitors from every corner of this state. This could set the tone for what needs to be done to U.S. Incorporated and Israel, across what was this nation.

That is what makes recognizing the fact that we are all being run by private, for-profit corporations, instead of by anything even slightly resembling “a government” so important.

Punishments must be carried out for these ancient crimes against humanity worldwide. The place to begin is in the USA.

Everywhere we have sent in US troops, they have created massive crimes against humanity and the world, because every act committed since 911 has been just more tyranny in direct violation of all international laws.

The private corporation paints itself as the United States Government. It is nothing of the kind. It’s a private for-profit corporation that calls itself United States Incorporated and its symbol is the gold-fringed flag of the old USA, which means that this nation is still under martial law left over from 1933.

In fact the fake congress reads this fact into the public record every year in order to keep that treachery in place. USI for all intents and purposes needs to pack up and move to Israel because that is who they have been traitorously serving since AIPAC illegally began in the early 1950’s.

Creating the drought in California was underlined by the last few days during which real rains began to fall where they have been needed.

And the Rains Begin

This unexpected act has underlined what the state and the feds have been doing to insure that California has no water to use—for anything—including just staying alive. Weather warfare was prohibited by the UN in 1947 long before they began to show their true colors. But now HAARP has taken us all to edge of global insanity with their artificial creation of extreme weather of all kinds ­ worldwide!

The creatures that created this drought have to be punished and punished severely. That could begin by using the RICO Act to make our former masters homeless, stateless and without any resources whatsoever.

After that we would not need to spend anything more on them because the homeless and starving will take care of that all by themselves. Their assets can be used to finance the overthrow of the banks and the repeal of all that fake-debt that they have laid upon the planet.

The beginning of such an act would rip the bottom out of U.S. policies that are still being created hourly to drive the world into so many more wars that another world war would become inescapable.

Destabilization at home would force an end to the coming invasion of Venezuela and a number of other nations that we are planning to invade in Africa, as well as the three more nations on the Baltic, that we’re seeking to steal to threaten Russia further.

Say hello to Evil ~ Innocence!

Make no mistake the entire goal of all of Cheney’s endless wars, while it is an end itself, is only the international cover by the banks, designed to masque the end of the United States forever. And since we have become hated the world over, no one outside this country cares whether we live or die, because of all that we have done to the world for most of the 234 years that we’ve been very busy, stripping and colonizing the whole planet.

We have it in our power to end this by taking back California, Texas and any other state that is willing to rip the shadow-government to shreds in order to take back the basic freedoms and responsibilities that were usurped by the global banks, the mercenaries and Israel, The Vatican, the City of London and D.C.

Look deeper into the possibilities which this idea could present to all of us, as we find ourselves being herded to the edge of oblivion by those dark forces that seek nothing less than the end of life as we have known it…

1) California Drains Reservoirs in the Middle of a Drought


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