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Rebalancing the DWO


By Jim Kirwan


The Dying Empire is trying desperately to 'stop time'

in order to maintain something that was never achieved:

Thanks in large part to both Russia & China.

The hegemonic rule of the collapsing 'Dying World Order', the DWO has become an international fact,.because the 'Old American-Age' is historically finished, as the dying US will not adapt to the new realities which can no longer be ignored.

There are many reasons for what is now sweeping the planet, but these changes, that are now evident everywhere, must be faced and resolved if a global balance is ever again to be returned to sanity or to any future for the peoples' of the world that will all be victims; unless sanity prevails over the hubris and hypocrisy that's become so evident in the global-deceptions that have ruled this planet since 1913 and the resulting rise of the Khazarian-Rothschild-mentality that has been seeking total domination over the world since just before the onset of their plans for WWI, WWII & WWIII.

The last ten minutes of the video below contains the terms for the 'unspoken special-status' of Israel, that mega-lie that was created at least a hundred years ago, which the entire world is still paying for in global rape, torture and murder.

Real Truth: WW1, WW2, WW3, Zionist NWO Agenda & Palestine Conflict Exposed : One hour, 19min, 05sec VIDEO

On Crosstalk today, the substance beneath the currently hostile and potentially dangerous situation, with China, is discussed, along with an unspoken reference to the continued bombing of ISIS inside Syria. Both of these potentially global flash-points must find real solutions that do not reach the types of 'solutions' which the United States has become accustomed to doling out, over most of the last century.

The Chinese position on the 'disputed islands' and the history is very instructive.

Chinese Wave

Especially given American's 'panicked military demonstration' yesterday

in the night-time waters off L.A.


What the world has been forced to 'share-in' has become a very public series of challenges that have been artificially drawn around various hot-spots surrounding both the Middle-East and China. And while this has been the subject of thousands of stories and very little substance for the last five years of illegal war-activities: This attempted con-job has done little to bring the world any closer to any resolution. This has been the point of 'America's un-thought-out supposed foreign policies and their 800 bases everywhere on this planet.

Yet with each passing day, these fake-chess-moves, upon a chess-board that never existed, amounts to a series of 'infra-red' RED LINES that can be used to set policies which remain almost invisible to the global populations that are dependent upon the outcome of posturing and saber-rattling globally, in a world that has 'moved-on' from twentieth-century wars.

The most evident places where these outdated 'policies'

have become routine are in Russia and China.

This continues to be the US Inc. choice for foreign-policy and military decisions for almost all of the last five years: In every nation where the Empire is feeling threatened. This is why the Empire keeps changing polices every week in the face of their totally failed polices, everywhere that the US used to be considered 'a leader'.

Today even Britain decided to pull out of the illegal-bombing of Syria, because it's clear that the viability of this policy is about to fall apart. This amounts to having “the wings of their illegal-coalition clipped” - it's in the first story on RT today:

RT News - November 09, 2015 (17:00 MSK)

This continues to happen because of America's warped and overarching bullying and its militarily aggressive 'Empire': But it's a broken Empire that will not admit failures or accept real world changes in the current global-military-reality, or the fiscal collapse on-the-ground, in the actual new world of 2015.

The Irony of ironies is that this “motto” of Israel's (above) has never been challenged whether we're talking about Germany before the Second World War or afterward in Palestine; which Netanyahu claims 'never existed as a state'. Until the world arrests and tries the leaders of the Jewish State for its Crimes Against Humanity worldwide, there will never be any kind of global settlement in the world, because we have all been targeted by the RKM for total destruction...

Still there is no place in the world today for the Dying World Order!

The challenge for the planet is to come up with global-policies that can defeat the tendencies of the West to fall-back into barbarity, or into some other flimsy excuse to solve something that must involve real diplomacy around the planet: In order to defang the continuing confrontations with both Russia and China, so there can again be a world in which to hold any discussions at all, any longer...



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